SalesRabbit Review – Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Are you looking for an efficient and easy-to-set-up sales management tool to help you with your external on-site sales and door-to-door sales?

Are you looking for a robust management system to help you optimize every aspect of your sales management and sales processes?

So let me introduce you to SalesRabbit that is an all-around external and outside sales management tool to help you save time, is cost-effective, and close the maximum number of deals.

It makes it easy for you to manage your sales team effectively, automate sales processes to avoid inaccuracies, track leads, and more!

So let’s start with the SalesRabbit Review.

What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is an all-in-one external sales management tech to help make life easier for outside sales companies and provide them with a smarter approach to work.


With this tool, you can generate better leads by saving up on time, manage your sales team better, automate and simplify your tasks, crush sales data, collect data, and more.

It is built mainly for outside sales, on-field sales, door-to-door sales, and other external sales representatives and companies.

You can easily track leads, manage you team better, and your other d2d needs.

Features of SalesRabbit

Lead Management

Allows you to track your leads smartly and efficiently and never lets you lose out on a lead again.


With the lead management feature, you will get many amazing underlying features such as stacking your leads at a specific position, route planner to plan your routes when you’re on the field, import and export your leads, create custom fields to collect data and so much more!

Team Management

Managing a team has always been hectic whether your company is fully online or an outside sales company. However, managing a team in an outside sales company is a tad bit more hectic.

Well, SalesRabbit is here to make your life easier with features such as leaderboards to keep track of the progress your sales reps are making, in-app messaging to help keep your team on board with the day-to-day activities of the company, and much more!

SalesRabbit- review

Forms and Contracts

Keeping and maintaining paper contracts and forms not only get messy and confusing, but it also comes heavily on your pockets.

With SalesRabbit contract creator and form builder, you will be able to go fully digital, which will save your time, help you stay organized, and also shed your paper costs.

With this, you will get numerous features such as mobile E-Signatures, create a modern and professional company profile, minimize transactions and streamline your deals.

Presentation and Proposal

You will now be able to make the perfect pitch to close your deals in no time with SalesRabbit by your side!


SalesRabbit has several digital tools that will help you legitimize and digitize your sales pitch.

With features such as a high-quality video player, versatile sketch tools for better illustrations, easy upload of documents and PDF files, SalesRabbit is surely going to help you leave that perfect first impression on your customers and in turn, help seal your deals quicker.

Data Transfer

If you’re in sales you will know how hectic it is to store, maintain, organize and keep track of the tons of data whether it is customer-related data or product-related data, or team members-related data there’s just too much data.

With SalesRabbit’s tons of integrations, you will be able to manage your data in the most efficient and organized way.

With the help of some of the best in-place integrations, you will be able to save your time and money and close deals faster and hence will be able to stay ahead in the game.

Other Features

  • Sales territory mapping.
  • Sales rep tracking.
  • Lead stacking.
  • Lead tracking and dispositioning.
  • File attachments.
  • Lead ownership.
  • Credit checks.
  • Title checks.
  • Custom digital contracts.
  • CRM integration.
  • API integrations.
  • Export as PDF.
  • Canvassing.
  • Contact database.
  • Prospecting tools.
  • Contact import and export.
  • Training management.
  • Proposal management.
  • Content management
  • Document management
  • Meeting management.
  • Goals/quota management.
  • Sales Pipeline management.
  • Performance management.
  • Segmentation.

Benefits of SalesRabbit

  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Easy to use tech to help you research and strategize your outside sales much better.
  • Helps in better content delivery in the form of online digital tools and high-quality video player to make the perfect pitch.
  • You get access to your favorite digital marketing tools with tons of collaborating tools.
  • You can manage, track and organize your teams better and help them keep focused with the help of numerous team management tools.


  • Ability to schedule meetings and appointments with customers and team members.
  • Allows users to keep their teams updated with day-to-day activities with the help of an in-app messaging feature.
  • Mobile E-Signature features to help you get your customer’s signature even when you’re on the field.
  • You can conduct quicker credit checks through various software such as Equifax, TransUnion, and more for a faster lead qualification check.
  • You can manage and keep track of your company’s progress using the goals management tools.
  • Highly responsive customer support.
  • Features such as data extraction, lead nurturing, online forms you will be able to capture your leads better and close deals in no time.
  • Incorporated with game-changing methodology through research by top sales pro in the industry that is going to help you seal the deals and saves your time and at the same time is light on your pocket.

Why You Need SalesRabbit?

  • It has numerous online tools that will help you the most suitable leads in less time and a fraction of the cost.
  • To better organize and track your team’s progress and to keep them focused on the goals.
  • Automate your sales processes by bringing all your sales-related tools and techs under one roof so that you can cut down on your time and just focus on reaching your targets.

SalesRabbit Integrations

Contractors CloudCovve Scan
GorilladeskFacebook lead form
Google TasksTickTick
Jot FormFill quick
Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Teams
BrickFTPSchedule It
Sunlight FinancialHailTrace
One Click ContractorRepcard
Docusign Power FormsEoriginal
Google FormsJobnimbus
MarketsharpOne Stop portal
SecuritytraxImproveit 360
Pest PacSara Plus

Pricing Plans of SalesRabbit

There are 3 pricing plans offered by SalesRabbit:

  1. Team.
  2. Pro.
  3. Enterprise.

For all the three pricing plans, you will also get to add numerous add-ons.


The Team plan starts from $22 per month per user billed annually and $28 with a one-time setup fee of $399 when billed quarterly and gives features such as track leads, upload customer leads, import data, route planners, etc.

Pro Plan starts from $29 per month per user billed annually and $38 when billed quarterly with a one-time setup fee of $399 and gives all the features of the Team plan plus attaching files to leads, creating customer fields, etc.

Enterprise Plan starts from $49 per month per user when billed annually and a one-time setup fee starting from $999 and no quarterly fees. It has all the features of the Team plan and Pro plan plus custom integrations, Enterprise SLA, IP security, geocoding, and more.

Besides the basic plan, you also get to add various add ons such as a Data grid costing $15 per month per user to provide your sales rep the information they’ll need before reaching any destination, Weather costing $19 per user per month to give you the history of the weather of any destination that you and your team might have to go to.

Digital Contracts costing $12 to build custom forms and contracts, Learn costing $12 per month per user to get access to tips and suggestions for all outside sales rep, Movers costing $0.50 feature to get notified of new mover leads in any U.S. area, and the Boost feature costing $2000 per month to help you with digital marketing strategies.

You also get an essential bundle costing $56 per user per month consisting of all the basic features of SalesRabbit along with the Learn and Data grid feature. This pack contains all the essentials you’ll need to build an effective, motivated, and organized team to stay focused and achieve the company goals while being on the field.

SalesRabbit Alternatives


For brands and agencies of all sizes and types, is a visual platform that will handle all the elements of your outside sales process.

With you will be able to track, plan and organize your team’s work under one platform.

You will get the ability to collaborate and work wherever you and your team members are, you will get access to the sales pipeline and CRM all under one room, you can run your IT operations better and more efficiently and so much more!

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a robust and user-friendly CRM platform software that helps you stay organized and focus on the right deals.

Pipedrive allows you to easily manage potential leads and deals, automate all the workload of repetitive administrative tasks, track communications better, give you analytics and reports about your progress, etc.

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a free, unlimited online social enterprise program to help you stay united and will handle all your daily operations and tasks efficiently and seamlessly.

You get features such as free CRM, worktime tracking to manage your team’s contributions, workload management, task and templates automation, and more.

SalesRabbit Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SalesRabbit

What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is an all-around outside sales, external sales, on-field sales, and door-to-door sales management online software platform.

What is SalesRabbit used for?

It is a software tool to help manage outside sales better with the help of better lead tracking, digital tools to make a good pitch, team management tools to better manage your sales rep.

Who are the typical users of SalesRabbit?

The typical customers of this software are:
Small Businesses, Large Enterprises, organizational sales, and all external outside on-field and door-to-door sales company.

How much does SalesRabbit cost?

The pricing plans for SalesRabbit start at $29.00 per user p/m. It has 3 basic pricing plans plus numerous add ons:
1. Team at $22 per month per user billed annually and $28 when billed quarterly.
2. Pro at $29.00 per month per user billed annually and billed quarterly for $38.
3. Enterprise at $49.00 per month per user and no quarterly fees.

What languages does SalesRabbit support?

The language supported is English.

What level of support does SalesRabbit offer?

You will get support in the form of online support, FAQs, Forums, phone support, video tutorials.

Does SalesRabbit offer a free plan?

No, you will get any free plan with SalesRabbit.

Does SalesRabbit support mobile devices?

Yes. It supports Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Does SalesRabbit offer an API?

Yes you will get API (Application Programming Interface) with this tool.

What other apps does SalesRabbit integrate with?

SalesRabbit integrates with the following apps and tools:
Mailchimp, AWeber, Salesforce, JobNimbus, Gorilladesk, Facebook lead forms, Solo, Marketsharp, Agemini, Google Forms.

What are the top alternatives for SalesRabbit?

The top alternatives for SalesRabbit are:
1. Freshsales CRM.
2. Pipedrive.
3. EngageBay.
4. Bitrix24.
5. Salesforce Sales Cloud.

What are the main features of SalesRabbit?

The main features of SalesRabbit are managing your leads, sales territory mapping, route planners, team management, goal management, mobile E-Signatures, online forms and contracts, digital tools to create presentations and proposals for that perfect pitch, numerous CRM integrations, and more.

Which operating system does SalesRabbit support?

The operating system supported by SalesRabbit are Windows and Linux.

What payment method does SalesRabbit support?

You will get Quarterly and Yearly payment methods.

What is the deployment type?

The deployment type of SalesRabbit is SaaS/web/cloud-based.

Wrap up

In conclusion, SalesRabbit is an outstanding outside sales and door-to-door sales management app to help you manage and organize all the sales operations of your company efficiently.

It has many plans to offer that you can use based on your needs.

So that’s all about SalesRabbit review. Hopefully, this article has provided you with many reasons as to why Salesrabbit is going to be an excellent choice for your on-field sales management.

In case you have any questions or queries, then you can ask these in the comments section and I would be more than happy to help you.

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