Sched Review – Pricing, Features, Pros, and Cons

What is the first thing that you look for when you are planning to host an event or are planning to organize a conference?

How about we tell you about the best event management software that is out there which helps users and gives them the flexibility to manage their events in the most organized way. There are tons of features like a sponsor and speaker management, event scheduling, and so on.

What is Sched?

Sched is an all-in-one solution that provides an event management scope to hold with the help of a mobile web application as well as a native application. This works for both i.e. Android and iOS.


One best part about using Sched is the ability that it provides to manage events even on mobile devices. Without an internet connection, you can shift your schedules and adjust the timings here and there.

In addition to the mentioned features, users also get the flexibility and tools to conduct their decisions in the finest way. The analytics of Shred helps to understand more about the kind of audience and the performance of the events.

Features of Sched

Some of the features that Sched offers are: –

Simple Content Management

Branding has a key role to play be it any software that is up for grabs. The same goes for Simple Content Management. You get the authority to publish your own details and customize the same with the kind of branding you like.

Capacity Management

Sched has a great feature that lets you limit the capacity and the audience you are expecting at your event. This not only helps you gain control over the people but also adds extra points and nails a good impression for people to opt for this event management tool.

Benefits of Sched

Sched is known for offering its bouquet of benefits. Some of the primary ones are enlisted below: –

Easy Publish on Web/Mobile

With Sched, you can present an intuitive design and an interactive UI for events and websites that will look great on the mobile app. Furthermore, this can be used on other devices and across multiple channels well.

Check-in and Attendance

It becomes easy to bid adieu to papers and then minimize their usage in the events. Sched allows controlling and limit the requirements of the attendees which is a great way to figure out what they have signed up for.

Constructing Agenda

Increasing engagement with the right kind of audience is extremely crucial. This needs to be maintained before and after any event. Attendees have the flexibility to act accordingly. Therefore, they can either bookmark the sessions they are willing to join or schedule the one that will work out the best for them.

Sched Integrations

EventbriteConstant Contact

Pricing Plans of Sched

Depending on the number of attendees you are expecting for your event, the pricing plans of Sched varies.

Sched also provides a free trial offer, wherein you can use their services for 30 days. In case you don’t like what they are offering, you can easily back out from buying the paid plans.

The three paid pricing plans of Sched are:-

  1. Engage
  2. Reserve
  3. Native

With the Engage Pricing plan, users have to pay $500 and it includes up to 500 attendees. Furthermore, you can provide attendees with custom agendas, feedback, and so on at this pricing.

The Reserve Pricing Plan costs you $1500 and allows including 500 attendees in a total. One great feature that you get out of this plan is managing reservations and the check in of your visitors in the event.

Finally, the Native Pricing Plan which also is the most expensive one costs $2,500 and allows 500 attendees in an event. With this plan, you get the flexibility to endorse your event in a manner you like.

Sched Alternatives

1. Attendify

Attendify is a platform that is a mix of hybrid and virtual and aims to event delivering management. It is engaging and easy-to-use. The turn-key is one effective feature of Attendify which lets the managers turn the required key to manage an experience that goes best for Attendify.

2. vFairs

Speaking of top-class event management platform, vFairs can be counted as the perfect alternative to Sched. It allows organizers to connect well with the target. There is much less hassle involved and organizing events in a platform like vFairs is surely a piece of cake with the least requirement of effective management.

3. Eventzilla

Selling tickets online and managing your attendees online has always been a boon for Eventzilla. It is an integrated application that allows no downloads, no fees on a monthly basis, and even no fees for setting up. That is how Eventzilla spreads its charms and keeps on offering the best every single day.

Sched Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Sched

Do you get a 100% money-back guarantee with Sched?

It is valid for 60-days if you want to go for it. You get your money-back 100% if you do the needful.

Are there any subscription plan?

Well, for organizations and individuals that end up organizing more than one event at once, we do offer subscription plans in such cases. You can contact them directly for any subscription-related queries.

Is there a free-trial for Sched?

With Sched, you get a free trial for 30 days. Within these 30 days, users get the accessibility to explore and dissect the services that Sched has to offer.

Wrap up

So that was the Sched review.

Sched is known to be the most flexible event management builder that helps in organizing your event in the most effective manner. The building, customizing, and managing your schedule in one place becomes very convenient with Sched.

Sched also allows teams to collaborate and share easily while being in the same place which is a great option to engage more and more people.

Alternatively, users can also use the mobile application or native apps to build an experience that works best in the future.

You can use Sched to organize your conferences, festivals, conventions, and so on.

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