How to Send PDF Files Using Gmail (Google Mail)

You want to know how you can send a PDF document via Gmail, then this short tutorial (how to send PDF files using Gmail) will help you in that.

PDF is one of the most used file formats for sending and receiving documents.

The best thing about a PDF file is that it protects the formatting and deters the receiver of the PDF file from making unwanted changes.

We all know that Gmail is a very popular and free web-based email service provided by Google to us.

Please note that you can’t send PDF attachments having a size of more than 25 MB in one go.

Let’s begin:

How to Send PDF Files Using Gmail

The followings steps will guide you:

Step 1: Put the PDF file in your desktop so that it can be easily located while sending as an attachment.

Step 2: Now open any browser of your choice (Chrome, IE, Firefox) and sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 3: Now click the “Compose” button as shown in the below screenshot from the left side of the window.

Send PDF Files Using Gmail

Step 4: Now you need to enter the recipient’s email address in the “To” section, a subject line, and some text in the body of the email dialog box.


Step 5: Click the paperclip icon link i.e. “Attach a File” as shown in the yellow highlighted circle above.

Step 6: You will now need to give the location of your PDF file that you want to attach in the email. After finding and selecting the PDF, you need to now click “Open” to add that PDF attachment to your email message. Your upload will start immediately.

Step 7: Once you are ready with your email it is now time to click the “Send” button and voila you have sent the PDF file.

Note: If you have a PDF file that is over the 25 MB size limit, then you need to use Google Drive (another service from Google). Gmail makes it easy by automatically adding a G-Drive link in the email when the size of the PDF document is above 25 MB.

So that’s it – this is how you can quickly and easily send any PDF attachment via Gmail email service.

I hope you found this short and quick tutorial helpful and useful for your purpose.

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Learn more at : Google Support

Have a nice day!

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