SignUpGenius Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

SignUpGenius is an online platform for event planning and volunteer management. It helps save time and effort involved in event planning by automating the whole sign-up process.

Whenever an event is planned, a large amount of time is spent distributing the details, getting people to sign up, and then actually make them show up to the event. Just the thought of it can be tiring.

Have you ever planned a school tour and then had to answer each and every parent’s queries?

Have you ever had people sign up to volunteer to clean up the beach but then forgot they ever did?


If you faced all these problems, then SignUpGenius can solve them for you. It completely automates the signup process. It allows the attendees to sign up and then pay or donate. It even lets you send reminders and set countdowns for an event.

Does it intrigue you? Do you want to know more? Then let’s learn about SignUpGenius in detail. Let’s examine its features, pricing, integrations, etc.

What is SignUpGenius?

To empower people to change this world by making group organization easy. That’s their mission. And it’s true too. Big changes were bought by people in small groups.

SignUpGenius has simplified the entire process of group organization by cutting the paper forms and phone calls. It allows attendees to sign up online with ease. Not only that it also allows you to collect payments and donations after the signup. Finally, it sends reminders to the subscribers to attend the event.

It is an easy-to-use tool with simple signup forms, an easy signup process, powerful group messaging, and payment acceptance. It has 900+ sign-up templates for different purposes.


SignUpGenius is used for events like fundraising, family unions, parent-teacher conference, webinars, business schedules, sports events, volunteer signups, online courses, etc.

It has helpful reporting tools that let you know the click-through rates and conversion trackers. It will help you optimize the event in a better way. It also allows you to build a database by exporting sign-up details to excel. These people can be contacted or group messaged to send reminders and updates. Thus it is one of the most affordable and efficient event management tools.

SignUpGenius is one of the top 3 event management tools scoring 93/100 in event management. People are swearing about how SignUpGenius has made their lives easy.

Features of SignUpGenius

Here let us examine the dominant features of SignUpGenius that has led to its success.

Sign up form creation

The SignUpGenius allows us to create easy signup forms that will allow the intended audience to sign up for an event easily. All they have to do is fill-up the form. They have 900+ templates to help you create the form.

Powerful group messaging

The SignUpGenius has a powerful group messaging feature. You can easily send a reminder email or text to all the people who sign up. This will automate the process of the follow-up email, sending a reminder, etc.


SignUpGenius allows you to integrate the forms with your website, social media, and email. Every form has an API that you can embed on your wished medium. With Zapier integration you can even upload signup data into third-party apps. And you can easily export data like transaction history, sign-up details to excel.

Helpful reporting and advanced tools

SignUpGenius has advanced tools to track the success of a campaign. You can display the total number of hours spent in volunteering. It will also give you the report of email sent, click-throughs rates. You can compare the set donation goals to the amount collected.

Easy sign up process

One of the best features of SignUpGenius is that it makes the signup process easy. You can sign up for an event without even registering through a form. You don’t need to create an account. This is useful in cases of volunteering events.

Easy payments and donation

SignUpGenius was built for volunteering and charity events in the first place. So it makes sense that they have excellent payments and donation portals. For example, you can easily donate an amount to a fundraiser even if you can’t attend the events. You can even set goals and track the progress. You can also make payment compulsory or optional. And you can export these transaction histories to Microsoft Excel.

Benefits of SignUpGenius

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of SignUpGenius:

  • Hassle-free event management. From signing up to sending reminders, every process is automated. This way you can truly focus on the event.
  • You can accept payments and donations from all over the world. Your fundraiser need not be limited by location.
  • You can export transaction history, click-through rates, etc to Excel. This is very helpful for bookkeeping.
  • One step sign-up process invites more volunteers. Many people are easily put off by the two-step registration process.
  • You can sell products and accept payments directly using SignUpGenius. This makes the whole process simple.
  • SignUpGenius is very cost-efficient and provides more value than what we pay for.

SignUpGenius Integrations

Microsoft ExcelZapier
Social MediaWebsite

Pricing Plans of SignUpGenius

Let us see about different pricing plans offered by SignUpGenius:

  • Free plan

They have a free for life plan that has all the main features like sign up form creation, payment acceptance and send reminders. Only it comes with advertisements.

  • Silver plan

Their Silver plan costs only $8.99 per month. It supports two admins, 5000 emails, 150 texts, sign up, email support, etc.

  • Gold plan

Their gold plan costs $22.49 per month. It supports 10 admins, 10000 emails, 500 texts, 5 questions for participants, priority email support.

  • Platinum plan

Their platinum plan costs $44.99 per month. It supports 20 admins, 20000 emails, 150 texts, 10 custom questions per user, priority email and phone support.

  • Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan costs $999 per year. It can be customized to suit the requirements of any large organization.

SignUpGenius Alternatives

1. EveryAction

EveryAction is literally a nonprofit CRM. You can schedule events, automate reminders, track progress, and personalize follow-ups. You can segment the volunteers based on their donations, volunteering history, and engagement.

2. Optimy

With Optimy you can easily search, create and rate volunteering events. You can also match the skills required for a particular event. You will have a detailed report of all the volunteer applications for each event. This product is all about giving more to society.

3. VolunteerLocal

Their motto is to provide ‘Happy Volunteering’. That is they provide the easiest way to organize, schedule, manage and communicate with volunteers for volunteer events. And it’s so simple that you don’t even need an account.

SignUpGenius Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SignUpGenius

What is SignUpGenius ?

SignUpGenius is an online tool to help you automate event management. It’s useful to hold conferences, webinars, religious meetings, support groups, etc.

Can you use SignUpGenius for free?

Yes. They have a basic plan that will cost you nothing to create a signup form, send reminders, etc. It does have some limitations compared to the paid plans.

How much time will it take to organize a new event?

You can organize a new event in less than an hour. They have easy to edit templates for sign-up forms, reminder emails, follow-ups, etc. You only have to choose a suitable template and personalize it.

Wrap up

SignUpGenius is one of the best applications to automate event management. It is so much more than just creating a signup form. It’s going all the way through till the guests show up.

If you are so overwhelmed at the thought of managing the users that you cannot concentrate on the event.

If you don’t want to answer every little detail about the event personally. But you still want everyone to know it. Then you can find a solution with SignUpGenius.

You can try SignUpGenius for free. Their free plan has all the features of the paid plan only with some limitations. And you can easily upgrade to their paid plan cause it’s cost-efficient.

So that’s all about SignUpGenius Review.

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