Skillshare Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

What is the most important decision that you had to ever take in your life?

Well, if you and I both are honest, then it is choosing the right career, no? In that case, it is extremely crucial that the decision you make is correct.

Now that the world is changing, so is learning a profession needing an investment.

Moreover, most of us choose a career that takes us to an end where we ultimately decide to end careers or change them.

Evolution is changing everything and ever since that, the whole process and idea become slightly complex. Let’s not forget to thank the knowledge world which is easily available for use on the Internet.

Skillshare Review

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a platform, a very popular one that aims to provide learning solutions and online classes to so many professionals out there to make their life easy.


With a monthly payment, you can get access to approximately 26,000 online classes in various fields such as business, photography, writing, and so much more.

It is one of the finest platforms for online learning if you are looking to build new skills or improve the ones that are already existing in you.

In recent times, the Skillshare platform is seeing quite a growth and there are so many different classes in multiple topics.

However, one thing about Skillshare is, they are not accredited, therefore, you will not get any certificate in the end. It is a value for money shot if you are planning to make one and looking forward to growing your skills.

Every class on this platform has pre-recorded lectures and video lessons where there are instructors guiding you about the dos and don’ts. The length of every class is not more than 30-60 minutes. Every video is broken into 2-3 minutes chunks.

The categories are divided into create, build, and thrive phase.

Therefore, this concludes the motive and how it is geared to help and teach skills, mainly coding and computer skills along with artistic ones.

So, time to explore it for yourself.


Features of Skillshare

Unlimited Learning

The platform lets you choose what you wish to learn and allows you to get rid of the classes in which you are least interested.

So, this clearly means, your commitment towards learning helps you to grow so much in the easiest way.

The next benefit to enrolling up in these unlimited classes is that you can change your course if you don’t like it. No money wasted.

Learning is Community-based

To share tips, tricks and speak of the progress students have made, there is an interactive session once you enroll in the course.

Hence, in addition to learning, you get to be a part of a community where other people can explore the same topics as yours.


Benefits of Skillshare

Diverse Content

To keep everyone on the platform busy, new and diverse content is added on a weekly basis.

You can explore from the tons of available opportunities, which would you actually need to enhance your skillset and add to your resume.

Easy To Use

Creating an account, logging in, browsing, and enrolling in the content you are interested in can all be done in just a few clicks.

That is how easy this platform is in general to use. All thanks to the platform to create a platform that can be navigated through mobile and desktop.

There are many different sections that give the ability to the users to move around. You can choose your favorite teacher, pin skillshare classes to add a personalized and enhanced experience, and the discovery section is also an add-on.

Overall, an easy to use platform.

Why You Need Skillshare?

To give you some reasons why there could be a need of a platform like Skillshare are: –

Free Trial

The free premium trial is one primary reason to consider this platform. Well, it is indeed a plus point to give an advantage to the new enrollers or students to use the platform before actually opting for it.

You can directly get the Free Trial benefit when you visit their website.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps are the need of the hour, don’t you agree?

Well. for a platform like this, having a mobile app plays a huge role. This is primarily because you can use Skillshare whenever you want.

If you are working on your PC and need a break, you can continue the rest on your mobile device.

Moreover, syncing contacts across your mobile devices becomes convenient. You can sync on any device of yours like phone, tablet, etc.

Skillshare Integrations


Skillshare Pricing Plans

Pricing model of Skillshare also is pretty flexible.

The free pricing catalog lets you choose from the available classes.

Once the free trial ends, there are paid plans to consider. You can go for the monthly subscription plan for $15/month and the annual subscription will cost $99/month if the billing is done annually.

Skillshare Alternatives

1. MasterClass

When we talk of an online learning platform, MasterClass is on the list. It is one of the big names that you definitely need to know about. It is a platform that provides correct and required exposure to the Masters.

2. Udemy

Udemy is another platform that offers online learning to students at the easiest and convenient. It helps in providing a hard set of skills to the students to nurture themselves and their key skills on practical grounds.

It is a great alternative to Skillshare and should surely be checked out, especially by students.

Skillshare Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Skillshare

What is the most considered way of using Skillshare?

This software is free to use from multiple platforms like through your browser, mobile application, tablet, TV, and so on.

You can simply start your classes here and then go for a lunch break and watch the rest of it later.

Can Skillshare be bought for someone else?

Yes and No.
There is no way you can buy an individual gift card for someone but, you can get them limited memberships.
For more details, you can always go to Skillshare to get more details.

Is it possible to opt for Free Classes?

Yes, it is possible to opt for free classes. There are more than 2,000 classes for users to take.
Moreover, if you upgrade to the premium version of this application, you get more choices.

Some common problems with the free courses include: –

1. It becomes difficult to be a part of discussion groups.
2. You can easily be a part of workshops.
3. Can’t access more than 90% of classes while on the platform.

Are referral programs available?

If you are a Skillshare Premium Member, then you most certainly can refer it to your friends and colleagues.

As compared to 7, you get 14 days for a whole month. If you ask me, that is not a very bad deal.

Are courses on Skillshare Accredited?

The answer is a hard No.

There is no possible way to accredit skillshare. This is primarily because Skillshare is not an online university.

The platform is an open learning platform that lets you take courses, skills, and even lets you implement those skills in your daily life.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a platform, digital-oriented that is mainly aimed at students and connects them online through creators, experts, and professionals.

Wrap up

The chance that you get to learn through Skillshare is a good enough reason why people should get a chance to use the service.

The hands-on, learning features, connecting abilities, and all of it make it a world-class platform to use.

Therefore, the choice is yours! Go ahead and try for yourself.

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