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Skype Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros


    Honestly, it won’t be wrong to claim that almost all of us have skyped our family, relatives, friends, and colleagues at some point or another. It is more like a verb now that stands as a synonym for video calls.

    Isn’t it?

    Video calls have taken a toll over all these years and getting a platform that allows you to conduct video conferences in the most hassle-free manner is what people need right now. Thankfully, this video conferencing tool has made its place.

    However, there are many other alternatives to the tool too. But the question that I ask is – Why Skype?

    Why should you opt for this tool knowing that there are many alternatives out there aiming to provide the same quick results as most of us have?

    Well, we are here to tell you exactly why skype is better in this review of ours.

    So, if you haven’t already, grab your chair and get seated because this 10-minute read is going to tell everything about this excellent tool that you mustn’t have known till now.

    Skype Review

    What is Skype?

    Skype is a popular communication app that aims to offer one of the best VoIP solutions at the present time. With the help of this tool, users are free to send and receive instant messages.


    Alternatively, people can also host video calls, group chats, and conferences. Files and Documents are easily transferable through Skype and people use this platform for open collaboration. The VoIP feature helps the users to avoid slow rates and high peak stiffs.

    In the most basic architecture of this tool, it is free to use and costs very few details of which you will in the pricing section below.

    At such cheap rates, it becomes flexible for businesses to hold video conferences involving 250 users or more. Integration of this tool with third-party apps also ensures encryption and authentication sorted.


    Features of Skype

    Audio and HD Video Calling

    It lets you have a clear audio and video experience on its platform. You can have one-to-one or even group video sessions.

    Furthermore, the added feature of call reactions makes these calls more interactive.

    Call Recording and Live Subtitles

    Skype calls can help you capture special moments and record them too. You can note down key decisions as well as Live Subtitles to read and understand whatever is being spoken.

    Private Conversations

    With this communication tool, not only communicating is easy but you can also keep your sensitive information private with the best industry standards to maintain end-to-end encryption.

    Screen Sharing

    The flexibility to share your desk, your presentation with the audience, is a great feature to have.

    In addition, you can also share your screen to show holiday images or anything that you could possibly want to share with a bunch of people.


    Benefits of Skype

    The biggest advantage of having this tool is it is completely free to use. So, if you have a business looking to have a free and cheap tool for conversations, It is the one that you can consider for everyone to stay connected.

    Moreover, the features are rich which I am certain, no other tools offer and is not common for others.

    Skype has been around for quite some time now but it still is the most considerable video conferencing software that people use. Therefore, if you consider using this tool over other video conferencing options, then your staff are very likely to find it easy to use.


    Why You Need Skype?

    There are plenty of reasons why there is a need for this conferencing tool especially for businesses, here you go with some of them.

    Forward Calls

    Are you busy? Can’t pick up a call since you are offline? Well, you can simply get these calls forwarded to any phone or network.

    Custom Reactions

    You can send custom reactions over conversations and videos. Make your chats more exciting and fun with your friends and colleagues.

    Skype To Go

    At low calling rates, call out to international numbers at the lowest rates. After all, we know how expensive International calls can get, right?

    Skype Connect

    Calls with Skype Connect with the help of SIP-Enabled PBX make it easy and convenient to make calls.


    Skype Integrations

    Moxie ConciergeGrasshopper
    MS WordMS Outlook
    Cayzu HelpdeskSalesExec
    MendixMS Lync
    1CRMInteractive Intelligence SaaS
    YugmaAgile CRM
    8*8 Virtual Contact CenterMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online
    Lucid MeetingsOnepage CRM

    Skype Pricing Plans

    The pricing plan of this tool is pretty convenient and breaks down to four pricing option.

    1. Subscriptions – These are the monthly calling plans. This is for users who have a lot of calls to make.

    2. Skype Credit – This is pay as you go option wherein you can purchase the credits that you think you are going to use.

    3. Skype Number – For this, a monthly charge is calculated and people can call you directly from their mobile or landline.

    4. Skype To Go – The next pay-as-you-go choice can be considered if you are going to make a call anywhere in the world.


    Skype Alternatives

    1. RingCentral Office

    To allow seamless conversation at once, this tool consolidates all your messages, phone calls, and video right on one platform. This also helps in having conversations without any boundaries especially when you are functional from the same organization.

    2. GoToWebinar

    Every organization has its meetings and GoToWebinar is just the perfect alternative to Skype which allows hosting events on a long scale. The wide array of applications that allows to manage, plan, and analyze these events are also an extraordinary feature.

    Skype Video

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Skype

    Why am I not able to view old messages in a group conversation despite of chat history being enabled?

    This is an issue with this tool and they are currently looking forward to fixing this issue at the earliest.

    Are Video Calls on Skype Free?

    You can use the Video Chat App which allows video calling for more than 100 people completely free. The app is available for download on any device and like your tablet, computer, and so on.

    What is Skype?

    Skype is a VoIP service that lets people make calls and receive calls for free. Not just calls, people can also conduct meetings, video calls, and much more.

    Therefore, it won’t cost you anything if the person you are speaking to is using this tool too to conduct the conversations.

    How long can a free skype meeting go on for?

    Usually, a typical free meeting goes for 40-minute and you could also do a conference call which also lasts for 40 minutes with approximately 100 employees.

    This video conferencing tool is used by many people around the globe for getting in touch with their close ones, for conducting meetings, and to go ahead with utilizing the features of this tool.

    How does Skype charge for calls?

    Skype to Skype calls on this tool are completely free of cost. But if you call on a mobile or a landline through this tool, you will need a Credit or a subscription.

    This credit and price will depend on the country you are making the call to and not the country you are calling from. Calling rates on this video conferencing tool are the same regardless of where you are calling from.

    Wrap up

    Skype is a very convenient, easy to use, and enhanced version of itself which has made progress over the years.

    Its unlimited and extensively rich features make it possible to work around on a high level and make it easy for organizations and businesses to use this tool effectively.

    A business conference can be handled for more than 250 people depending on the enterprise and the number of people working in the specific organization.

    Therefore, the choice is yours. You will find plenty of alternatives to this VoIP service but none of them would be Skype.

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