SocialSnap Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Social Media has a very huge role to play in the online business world. Whether or not you are a blogger, your social media handle is crucial.

Even if you have a brand or a small business, you will need a social setup to be able to interact with the audience and share your content. Well, it gets difficult for bloggers as ignoring social media traffic is almost impossible for them.

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Use WordPress? Then I am certain you are using some plugins to enhance the style and all the working of it.

Let’s figure out all about the platform and how we can make best use of it.

SocialSnap Review

What is SocialSnap?

Socialsnap is an application that is easy to use and is one of the best social media plugins used widely by WordPress users.


There are endless possibilities like adding social buttons for sharing, social tags, and so many other cool features which we speak about in some time.

Social Warfare has been in highlight for quite some time now and until recently, it started causing issues. It became even worse when the website was hacked and millions of websites were then, put at risk.

Therefore, an alternative to Social Warfare was being thoroughly searched and Social Snap came forward as the resolution. It helps in increasing your traffic and then customize the available features from the lot.


Features of SocialSnap

Share Buttons

Through this platform, you can pick and choose all the places where you would want to highlight your share button.

To have the maximum growth in your shares, they can be easily customized and optimized too, depending on the requirement.

Choose Button Colors and Shapes

To be brutally honest here, every website has its own set of plans. They have their style, design, and a lot more.

This is why Social Snap helps you to customize your website. Additionally, you can also share the buttons that go well with how your website is designed.

Therefore, you can now have your website in any particular way you would want it to.

Social Proofing

The rule of social media is known to all of us, right?

The more content you share, the better it is since it keeps the audience hooked. Also, popular content on social media gets the most love.

The individual and share count both are available to the readers and you can share content to your readers directly.

Also, you can set a share count so when it is reached, people know all about it.

Benefits of SocialSnap


The Pro and Agency Plan of Social Snap has tons of useful add-ons to offer. In auto mode, you can let these add-ons drive traffic your way.

The four add-ons are: –

Social Auto-Poster

All your new articles will be directly posted on your social media account. This is a great option for bloggers who have daily posting to do.

Social Content Locker

This add-on will let you lock any important part of your content or blog. This content, however, can be unlocked when the readers either share your article or like your content. Therefore, it works as the best add-on.

Boost Old Blog Posts

Are you a blogger?

Then most certainly you have written a lot of blogs and articles on your website. This add-on will help in posting all your old articles and post over and over again on social media.

Hence, you can quit your worries about sharing old content and articles to get the right kind of regular traffic.

Social Logins

Your blog readers can login directly from the social media site that they use the most.

Social Follower Icons

This feature is very helpful.

You can add a very simple and attractive feature and add a social follower widget. You can add a widget directly on your footer or sidebar.

It looks very attractive and adds great depth to your website. You need to check this out.


Why You Need SocialSnap?

From the list of numerous reasons, here are a few of them.

Fast Loading

Well, social buttons could be the real culprit sometimes and can drain your energy and resources for the website to run slowly.

Therefore, having a plugin that works in the best manner is a need.

Social snap does a brilliant job here by loading in such a manner that the website is not slowed down as a result. Also, you can share the features and update them to magnify accordingly.

Advanced Features

Looking for a lightweight social sharing plugin? Well, then don’t compromise the functionality either.

Social Snap ensures you get the best ways to optimize and use your website. It can change the way your buttons look, the way they appear, and where you want them to appear. You can decide on all of it.


SocialSnap Integrations


SocialSnap Pricing Plans

With a neat pricing plan, it becomes super-efficient to work with the available tools and subjects.

You can go for the plan that works best for you and helps you in providing risk-free options with a money-back guarantee.

There are three plans available for users to choose from and they include: –

  1. Agency
  2. Pro
  3. Plus

The Agency Plan costs $209.30 every year. If you opt for the Pro Plan, you will get it for $69.30. The Plus Plan costs $27.30 per year.


SocialSnap Alternatives

1. Eagle Alpha

Eagle Alpha could be counted as one of the biggest rivals to Social Snap. The reason being, it is a private company and has more than 50 employees to work along with them and can extend the bandwidth.

This is how it manages to be the best out of the lot and be an alternative to SocialSnap.

2. Lexalytics

Lexalytics is one of the biggest rivals of Social Snap. It was back in 2003 when it was founded and is making more revenue than anyone combined.

SocialSnap Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SocialSnap

How can one use Social Snap Shortcodes?

There are different ranges of Social Snap Shortcodes that will help you to add and register all sorts of Social Snap features anywhere on the website or blog.

Here are some of the major Social Snap Shortcodes which can be used and customized to get the desired results.

1. Social Sharing Buttons – [ss_social_share]
2. Social Follow Buttons – [ss_social_follow]
3. Social Login Shortcode – [ss_social_login]
4. Click to Tweet boxes – through blocks.

Is Social Snap SEO Friendly?

Yes, Social Snap is SEO Friendly and is a lightweight program that works effectively with so many customization options available for users.

However, these options have the liberty to add slowness to your website. Alternatively, you can also continue to boost your performance so that the traffic drives in.

What is the pricing structure of Social Snap?

The pricing structure of Social Snap is $39/year on average and there are discounts that you can expect frequently flowing in.

What are some of the advantages of using Socialsnap

Some of the pros of using the tools are: –

1. 30+ Social Networking Websites.
2. Disable buttons.
3. The addon on Socialsnap lets you bring more social media traffic.
4. Customization is available for easy use.
5. Recover all your share counts and data in no time.

Wrap up

When we talk of social media plugins, Social Snap automatically happens to be there since it is by far the best.

It is reliable, fast, customizable, and has a lot of features that you can hardly find in any other social media plugin. It is one of the finest considerations to make if you are looking for something like this.

With the right share of minimalistic features, the trick is just over and beyond.

Let us know which plugin you are using and how is that working out for you.

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