SugarSync Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

The world is changing and so are our needs. In the present times, there is a constant need for one thing or another and thus, file-sharing services are one such need.

Sometimes, it becomes important to be able to backup all your data and files so that they are accessible on some of your other devices and you have them whenever you need them,

This is where we need a high and end-to-end quality service that is reliable and simple.

Well, to take care of your needs, we present to you SugarSync which is an interactive and collaborative way for taking backups.

There is a lot more to this platform than you can imagine. Let’s find out all about it.

SugarSync Review

What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is an interactive and intuitive cloud storage and backup methodology that can be openly used by all sectors whether businesses or individuals.


It is user-friendly and the solutions that it offers help individuals to backup and sync their files, music, photos, and so on across more than one device.

Moreover, it is also a platform that helps in collaboration so that businesses and organizations can work together to build projects. This not helps in increasing team effectiveness but also helps in providing them the access they need to work on different projects at once.

It is compatible with individuals, big and small teams, and organizations. This is primarily because how the pricing scheme is flexible and helps to meet all software and hardware-related requirements.

Features of SugarSync

Easy Access

The effortless mechanism that SugarSync offers to share, sync, and even backup all your files and folders like music, photos, movies, and so on. You are free to do this across multiple computers and devices,

Online Backup

With the automatic syncing and backup feature, your life becomes the easiest. It goes beyond your imagination how settled it can get.

The online backup process works in the background to keep all your files and folders in sync with one another to enhance productivity.

Benefits of SugarSync

Share Files

Sharing files for easy collaboration is an easy and hassle-free process. Furthermore, you can also share your files online and work in accordance.

The platform lets you share your files with family members, team members, and friends. You can share your files even if you don’t have a SugarSync account.

Sync Devices

Sync one or all of your devices with SugarSync.

As the platform mentions, you can sync unlimited number of devices with one another.

You can sync files across multiple platforms, devices, and so on so that you and the cloud are accessible to one another all the time.

Overall, these are some great benefits that one can expect out of a platform like SugarSync. So, a big thumbs-up here.

Why You Need SugarSync?

There are many reasons but let’s go through a few of them.


Obviously, before opting for a platform and using it, it is important to consider the protection it offers.

You can be in peace when it comes to safety of your files and folders because SugarSync is completely secure. The industry-standard security protocol that it offers.

Mobile App

People need SugarSync primarily because it has its own app. The mobile app also lets users share, sync, and backup data from any of your mobile device.

Using your iOS and Android device, you can easily have your cloud storage with you.


SugarSync Integrations

Google DriveGmail

SugarSync Pricing Plans

There are two pricing standards i.e. Personal and Business.


There are three plans for Personal and they include: –

  1. 100 GB for $7.49/month.
  2. 250 GB for $9.99/month.
  3. 500 GB for $18.95/month.

Whereas the Business Plan has a slight different directive.


The business plan is pretty compact and only offers one plan for 1000 GB which costs $55/month.

Choose one, wisely!

Also, when you consider any of their plans, you get a free trial for 30-days. That is how easy it gets to ultimately choose the plan that you would want.


SugarSync Pricing Plan Personal


SugarSync Pricing Plan Business

SugarSync Alternatives

1. Encyro

Encyro is a multipurpose tool that helps users in email encryption, e-signature collection, and securing file-share options.

If you are paying the taxes, then this platform is going to help you with IRS requirements bases on SMS and knowledge. That is how effective this alternative is.

2. Box

Box is another document and management that works effectively for different solutions and different industries.

It is a secure platform that works efficiently for remote teams and businesses to work along and manage the whole lifecycle of the process. Security measures offered by Box is also top-notch that helps in preventing any kind of unauthorized access,

SugarSync Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SugarSync

What are the different languages supported by SugarSync?

The different languages that get extensive support through SugarSync are: –

1. Chinese
2. Dutch
3. English
4. Spanish
5. Traditional Chinese

What are the limitations users can expect out of the 5 GB Plan?

Here are the limitations set up through the 5 GB Plan.
1. Sync and Backup your data up to a total of 5GB Plan.
2. Through this plan, you are free to sync as many number of devices you want through your 5 B account.
3. Also, your 5GB account will be accessible to you only for 90 days.

How does the ‘Search’ Function work in SugarSync?

The process is pretty flexible and you can easily conduct a search using a file or a folder name. You can search only those files and folders that are synced and stored on your device.

Regardless of which device your upload is, you are free to search.

Does SugarSync provides support to mobile devices? Mention the devices.

SugarSync supports all sorts of mobile devices. Some of the devices where you can use it are: –
1. Android (Mobile)
2. iPhone (Mobile)
3. iPad (Mobile)

What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is an online backup that provides effective solution for cloud and file storage, file sharing, and so on used by businesses and individuals to sync files, photos, and so on.

Wrap up

Are you someone who is interested in syncing all of your devices? If simultaneously, you are interested in having all your data at once, then SugarSync is the plan to consider.

In addition to that, there are tons of other cool features that you can enjoy too. So, yeah, check out the platform to see how it works for you.

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