Surfshark Review – Details, Features, Benefits, and Pricing

Do you want your identity to stay hidden while you are jogging around on the internet? Well, if the answer is yes, then you have landed in the right place.

We are here to provide you one such VPN that will not only be your go-to VPN but also, you will fall in love with its features.

There are many things that you need to look for once you are choosing the VPN for yourself. Therefore, let’s talk about Surfshark which is a great VPN option that will help you to take care of your dire VPN needs.

Surfshark Review

What is Surfshark?

Surfshark has just made a grand entry in the world of Virtual Private Network and ever since it has been popular and in high demand.

It is also an excellent choice for users who are looking for the perfect VPN hoping to get the best experience while surfing.


This newcomer will take care of it all and will serve you a private as well as clean experience.

Questions like, Is the VPN fast enough? Is it secure? Will this VPN work in China? And so many more have always created a buzz. All these answers are a big yes.

Users will not have to undergo any issues related to access since the VPN makes sure to provide instant access to anyone who is using it. In addition to that, users also don’t have to worry about their data because it’s very secure.


Features of Surfshark

Split Tunneling

This a great feature that often other VPNs lack. This feature was best tested when two networks were connected at once and those were private and public. Simultaneously, Surfshark was connected too.

The results were pretty amazing when the VPN gave the needful bandwidth along with access to YouTube. Talk about an amazing feature!

Safe and Private

You get a level of privacy with Surfshark and that is how this VPN stands out from others. The whole process is usual and could be achieved in the most trivial way, a tunnel that is secure, private, and maintains encryption. Further, lets users hide from hawk eyes.


Surfshark is a virtual private network that is very easy to work on. Regardless of the device, you are using, you can make easy use out of it. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, iOS, Safari, Opera, or Android, use this VPN anywhere you deem fit.

You don’t have to shed sweat for the working compatibility of this VPN with your devices because Surfshark will do take care of it for you.


Its primary motive is to save and hide your identity from trackers and Internet Service Providers.

Benefits of Surfshark

Multiple Platform Support

If we speak of good internet providers, they tend to offer and extend their availability to multiple platforms. The same goes with Surfshark, it aims to provide its services to more than one platform. Therefore, you can use it with as many devices as you want.

Mainstream platforms are Windows and iOS out of many. The next option is to install it directly on your Smart TV or gaming devices.

Also, if slow internet doesn’t bother you, using Surfshark with a VPN is an alternative. It will turn slow partly due to encryption. Go for it only if you are okay with it.

Exceptional Speed

Surshark has an exception speed in general. This has come out of many reports and it has maintained its speed thoroughly.

All key locations of the world work well with this amazing VPN. With this VPN, you can stream in HD and even continue your gaming without any interruption.  

User Experience

Ultimately, happiness drives in automatically when you get a smooth user experience. It is quite an essential aspect for VPNs too. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you desire a problem-free interface to work with.

All these features are crucial not only in terms of speed but also because we expect more from them. Having a trouble-free experience while you are signing up or getting easy access to applications are some of the ways of defining a smooth user experience.

The customer model of this VPN is workable with users and has been a highly recommended VPN to use.

Why You Need Surfshark?

Some of the reasons why you might need Surfshark are mentioned below:-

1. Apps, Apps, and Tons of Apps

There are plenty of applications that this VPN is inbuilt with. You can install any of these apps from a wide range directly on your device. Whether you wish to install it on Windows or Linux, the computability works tremendously well.

In addition to that, you can also install and use different variants of apps that work well with Chrome and Firefox. Speaking of how effective this VPN is, there have been just two flaws out in the open that too very minor ones when the Chrome extension of it was administered back in 2018.

2. Netflix and More Chill

We live in the era of Netflix and what use is a VPN if it restricts access to Netflix?

Well, with Surfshark, this is no longer the case. You can easily spend hours watching Netflix while being connected with Surfshark, isn’t this great? I don’t think there is any more to discuss it, is there?

However, just a heads-up, you might sometimes encounter delays when pages on Netflix loads in. The cause behind this is when the ping servers don’t react well. Streaming will be fun though but little hijacks here and there could turn out to give major headaches.

Surfshark Integrations


Surfshark Pricing Plans

The pricing model of this shark VPN is true to what it gives its users. Furthermore, it also offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days. You can pay via PayPal, Credit Cards, or Crypto.


It has three pricing structure.

  • 1 month Plan for $12.95 which will be billed every month.
  • 6 Months Plan for $6.49/month.
  • 24 Months Plan for $2.49/month – best plan for savings.

Surfshark Alternatives

1. NordVPN

Network and Internet connections always see stability with NordVPN. This browser-based VPN is a great alternative to Surfshark.

2. ProtonVPN

Speak of extremely high-speed VPN that is also Swiss, we have Proton VPN in place. It also helps in protecting the privacy completely ghosted online.

Surfshark Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Surfshark

Is Surfshark Slow?

The average peed of this VPN is an average of 71 Mbps which puts in somewhere in the top two. It is superfast and will take care of most of your streaming and high-speed surfing needs.

Is the VPN compatible with Firestick?

Yes, Surfshark has a separate application dedicated fully to handling Amazon Firestick. You are not only protected from streaming issues but there is no trouble caused because of buffering either.

Are logs maintained by Surfshark?

The VPN ensures that it never retains any data of the users. Additionally, it also establishes faith by committing to the fact that it never tracks online activities. Therefore, the answer is NO.

Do user get a free trial with this VPN?

Surfshark offers a free trial for 7 days. In addition to that, it also provides a money-back guarantee for 30 days which is a steal deal for users to use and understand the working of the tool.

What is the location of Surfshark?

British Virgin Islands is the homeplace for this VPN. This is how it keeps itself out of the jurisdiction and invigilation. Also, these island is no dire need to retain your data and logs. So, you can basically chill.

Wrap up

Surfshark is a very lightweight, easy-to-use VPN for beginners. It surely has features that are better than many VPNs out there but what do you know about how they will turn out?

Reading the elaborative description is definitely going to help you understand the basics and the ways you can use the VPN. So, what are you waiting for?

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