Upfluence Review – Features, Details, Pricing, and Benefits

Let me put it this way, are you an influencer? What are the aspects that define you to be an influencer? Well, there are zillions of reasons in general that either puts your best foot forward and defines you as an influencer.

Influence technically means influencing or having an impact on people. The key is to engage the audience, provide them a visual approach to stay hooked to the platform.

Today, we are here to talk about one such smart marketing platform – Upfluence. By far, the platform has successfully gained access to over 3 million influencers all over the world.

Let us find more about the platform and how it helps in redefining the influencer culture.

Upfluence Review

What is Upfluence?

Upfluence is an ideal platform that is hosted on the cloud and works for any agencies that are small to medium-sized. It is a solution for both i.e., content and search management.


This platform allows users to run their marketing campaigns in a full-fledged way. In addition, Upfluence also helps companies by providing them information and details about influencers who are the best fit for the brand.

Upfluence is an effective solution through which users get their chance and access to a huge database. The process is three-fold.

  • It offers the users a database that is huge and contains all details of other influential influencers.
  • With the help of the database, users are able to drill and find contacts as per their requirements and criteria.
  • The solution i.e., Upfluence then shortlists the suitable contact from the provided list.


Users can also view the performance and stats of other users. It also displays all the details related to the content and topics the influencer has covered till date.

Features of Upfluence

Interactive Interface

The software poses an interface that is very intuitive and user-friendly. The entire configuration on the platform is done keeping in mind the easy flow of the influencers and to help them navigate around at ease.

Real-time updates of graphs and charts are another great feature that allows and offers the privilege to the users to have collective data about all the other influencers.

Easy and Optimized Searches

In order to filter search results, the results are filtered accordingly. Users can use as many keywords they want and like to straighten their results retrieving process.

Moreover, the flexibility to use parameters like locations, topics, social platforms, and so on to help understand the number of followers connected with the platforms.

In return, also gives results of the best influencers to join your hands with for collaboration.


Benefits of Upfluence

Huge and Extensive Database

As stated earlier, the database of Upfluence is extensive and pretty huge which helps brands to utilize them in a functional manner.

The vast database contains a lot of opportunities so that brands and users can extract the opportunity out of it. It is mandatory that influencers undergo a screening process to manage validation and reach out to engage the maximum customers that they can.

Therefore, it also ensures that only those influencers are leveraged who have the potential and the genuine quality to work according to the flow.

Influencers Information

Well, it is always a good idea to have data and figures about the influencers you are going to work in the future.

Upfluence takes care of it too by extracting the professional bio of every user with all their interim details. Furthermore, with the right tools, the calculations become precise and display the real-time audience to the influencer on social media.

Also, you can use all the data, export it, and then further use it online to work around with the people of the right kind.


Why You Need Upfluence?

There are many valid needs for a platform like Upfluence. Some of them are:-

It lets users have real-time insights about other influencers. This not only helps in making a decision that works well for the platform but also enhances brand value.

Filtering search results through keywords minimize the effort that one will put in to actually go through the whole trouble of understanding and extracting the details.

There are so many approaches and criteria to follow that eventually return the best results and thus, helps in making a well choice.

The technology is also trackable. As a result, everyone around is aware of what is happening. Also, gives the right kind of privilege to the users which helps them negotiate well with technology.

Not so bad, eh?


Upfluence Integrations

MS OutlookKlaviyo

Upfluence Pricing Plans

Since Upfluence is a platform based on SaaS, it sells itself on a subscription basis. It provides different levels of service each of which starts with a monthly fee but is targeted to sell on an annual basis.

They are: –

  1. Growth Plan
  2. Scale Plan
  3. Enterprise Plan


The Growth Plan deals with the campaigns of the influencers and provides access to millions of influencers.

The Scale Plan targets to scale business with influencers providing access to a lot of influencers all over in addition to managing the dashboard.

The Enterprise Plan aims to unblock the entire potential of the ambassadors and also ensures to provide them unlimited seats to process.

Upfluence Alternatives

1. Grin

Grin is the best-known eCommerce brand that aims to run influencer marketing platforms and programs.

Moreover, to extend their reach and efforts, they plan to streamline workflows and offer flexible integrations.

2. Tribe Dynamics

Tribe Dynamics focuses mainly on brands that are passionate about growth. These brands could belong to any category starting from Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Athletics.

Upfluence Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Upfluence

What should an Influencer Contract look like?

A contract can be made in many different ways. It totally depends on the campaign you run. Some of the important elements to include in your Contract includes:-
1. The Basics
2. Content Expectation
3. FTC Guidelines Reminder
4. Content Approval
5. Cancellation Clause
6. Confidentiality
7. Timeline
8. Content Ownership
9. Approval of Content

What is Upfluence?

Upfluence is a cloud-based platform that aims to provide influencers and content managers an option to successfully market their campaigns and to promote their brands.

What are the pricing plans at Upfluence?

Upfluence is known for being the smartest influencer platform for tons of reasons.
Its pricing plans include the following:- Growth, Scale, Enterprise.

Do they have Free Tools?

Yes, Chrome Extension is free with Upfluence and there are tons of free resources that relate to influencer marketing.

What is the contract duration?

Every plan on Upfluence can be customized. Given the time and effort the team puts into training you and your team to officially get them onboarded, the minimum timeline of a contract is 12 months.

Wrap up

Well, this is where we end our Upfluence review. Hope it was as informative and helpful to you, as it says.

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