UpLead Review – Best Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

UpLead is a prospecting software that generates a list of leads and their verified contact details. Their main focus is data accuracy. They dig gold for you so that you don’t have to.

One of the biggest problems faced by sales and marketing executives is the quality of leads. Because of this, they have to spend a lot of time dealing with people who will never convert.

Every customer has to be approached differently based on their preference. But it’s not always easy to figure out their preference.

UpLead was started in order to help you with all these. It allows you to curate a prospect list that is of high quality.

It adds demographic and technographic information to help you profile the customers. In this article, we will look at the features, pricing, and advantages of UpLead in detail.

UpLead Review

What is UpLead?

UpLead is a lead intelligence software that curates a list of high-accuracy prospect contacts based on your business requirement.


They have more than 54 Million B2B contacts with email addresses. They have 14+ million company profiles in their database. They tracked 16k+ technology. And the winner of the race, their data is 95% accurate.

First, they search and analyze millions of public documents to scrape relevant information. In addition, they also license data from third parties to enrich their database. Then they analyze and categorize data based on various algorithms like machine learning, rule-based learning, proprietary algorithms, etc.

Once the data is sorted, they validate their contacts to remove incorrect, stale, and unverifiable information. Now, this clean data is available on UpLead database for the users to access. When a user downloads their data, all the emails are verified and tested. This data accuracy is maintained.

Due to this excellent service, UpLead is rated as the number one lead intelligence application on G2.com.

Features of UpLead

Let’s go through the features of UpLead:


With UpLead you can build a highly accurate prospect list for your business. They have 50+ filters to specify your ideal prospecting list. When you arm your sales with accurate leads, then it’s assumed that they can be converted into a deal.


Email Verification

For every contact a user downloads, UpLead verifies the email address to ensure that they are valid. Because the internet is filled with fake accounts and spam mails, it’s very important to verify the email address. All the unverified addresses are transferred back to the UpLead researchers, who then investigate the contact and update the database.

Bulk Lookup

You don’t have to concentrate on one lead at a time. You can look up contacts in bulk and export them to your excel sheet.


For example, if you want contacts in the Vice President designation, all you have to do is search and you will get a list of Vice President contacts which you can export.

Data Enrichment

In UpLead you can add geographic data (address, zip code, etc) and demographic details (name, age, gender, marital status, etc.) to the customer, lead, or a company profile.

Based on this data enrichment, you can develop different strategies for different sets of people. For example, you can give a formal briefing while reaching out to a Fortune 500 company. On the other hand, you can prepare an informal brief while reaching out to startups. This way you can convert both types of customers. 


Technographics is a way of tracking the technology or the software used by your prospect from the publically available data.

Technographics allows you to analyze what sort of products your customers are using. This way you can evaluate if they are a high-quality lead or a passive lead.

You can also use Technographics to demonstrate the ways in which you provide better service than their current service. This can be a powerful conversion strategy.

Benefits of UpLead

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of UpLead:

  • UpLead finds your prospects accurate contact data. This you won’t be barking on the wrong tree. 
  • It finds the leads that are suitable for you. Not all the leads in your category will convert. UpLead finds customers who have high chances of converting.
  • You can get your leads’ most important details like geographic, demographic, and ethnographic data. This will help you profile them and create a suitable strategy.
  • You can verify their contact details to ensure that you are pursuing real leads.
  • You can direct dial and mobile phone numbers of your prospect.
  • It is simple and easy to use and export data to excel.
  • It is more affordable than its competitors.

Why Do You Need UpLead?

  • To automatically curate your ideal prospecting list to grow your business.
  • To find contacts and company profiles of your prospecting leads. Thus you can prioritize high-quality leads.
  • To verify contact emails to ensure that we are not chatting up to fake ids or spam mails.

UpLead Integrations

SalesForceFacebook lead ads
Microsoft ExcelGoogle Chrome
Mozilla FirefoxInternet explorer

UpLead Pricing Plans

The four pricing plan available on UpLead are:


  • Essential

The essentials plan costs $99 per month. They have a credit limit of 170 per month and $0.60 for every additional credit. Their features are verified email, unused credit rollover, data enrichment, competitor intelligence, technology tracking, Email pattern intel.

  • Plus

The plus plan costs $199 per month. They have a credit limit of 400 per month and cost $0.50 for every additional credit. They have all the above features.

  • Professional

The professional plan costs $399 per month. They have a credit limit of 1000 per month and cost $0.40 for every additional credit. They also have all the features of the essentials plan.

  • Enterprise

The enterprise plan can be customized for large-scale businesses. They have a starting credit score of 25,000 per month. They also have all the features of the essentials plan.

They have a free trial for seven days with 5 free credits. This will allow you to learn the ropes of UpLead and decide on a suitable plan for you.

UpLead Alternatives

1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a growth acceleration platform that gives you access to millions of accurate business contact information. You can empower your sales, marketing, and recruitment team to enhance their performance. 

2. Lead411

Lead411 is a lead intelligence software that provides company and contact data with verified emails, direct dials, and email/SMS campaign outreach.

3. Adapt

Businesses, sales, and marketing professionals use Adapt to get accurate contact information of businesses and companies to enhance their lead generation process.

UpLead Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on UpLead

What is UpLead?

UpLead is online software that allows you to generate a list of suitable leads with their verified contact information and other demographics.

Who can use UpLead?

UpLead is designed to optimize the work of sales, marketing and recruitment executives.

How much does UpLead cost?

1. The essentials plan costs $99 per month.
2. The plus plan costs $199 per month.
3. The professional plan costs $399 per month.
4. The enterprise plan is completely customizable for large-scale purposes.

Which browsers does UpLead support?

It supports Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Does UpLead provide mobile direct dial information?

Yes, UpLead provides mobile direct dial information.

Is there a contract?

Only the enterprise plan is for one year. No other contract is involved with any other plans.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan, whenever you wish to do that.

How do I download leads?

Once you have run the search, you just have to click the download button on the top right side. You will have to choose a specific number of leads or selected leads or all leads to download. Once done you can either export to excel or CRM.

Does UpLead has an API?

Yes, it offers API. All you have to do is generate an API key.

Am I charged for unverified email addresses?

You will be charged based on the contacts you choose to download. If you want 100% verified email, all you have to do is choose verified email only.


UpLead is one of the best lead intelligence software that is easy to use and much affordable than its competitors.

UpLead is suitable for all types of users from corporate companies to startups. UpLead increases the quality of your leads and helps you prioritize them. This optimized lead prospect results in better conversion rates.

In order to test it for yourself, SignUp for their 14-day free trial. Once you get the hang of the software, you can easily upgrade to a plan suitable to your requirement.

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