Userlike Review – Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

The question isn’t if you need live business software for your business but the question is why you need live business software?

We could enlist so many reasons for you but the primary ones would include getting an increase in the conversion rates when you use this software efficiently. Along with adding enhancement to your customer service, it lets you do so much.

When your customers are attracted, you can attract as well as bring more and more customers down the block.

Overall, live chat software also adds to increasing the capacity of your market if you consider it that way.

Also, if you look at the statistics, customers usually prefer buying from companies that have their own live chat support.

This is primarily because, with the help of live chat software, it becomes easy for customers to directly get in touch with the company in case they experience any issues.


Are you convinced already or do I need to try more?

All in all, live chat is great for your business in terms of increasing conversion rates and improving how customers blend with your company.

One such live chat software that we are here to discuss is Userlike. So, let’s start knowing it better.

Userlike Review

What is Userlike?

Userlike falls in the category of advanced live chat software that works effectively for websites and mobile devices. They believe in customers and their availability and according to them, customers could be anywhere.

This is one reason why Userlike is compatible with any device that you use. Whether you are on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you can access this app and can guarantee a chat experience for users that is optimized.

Moreover, your data is safe too. The design is neat and allows you to work with agents and customers at the same time. You can expect an immediate response to resolve issues in just some time.


Features of Userlike

Button Integrations

The button integration is an all-inclusive service from this live chat software that can help you to add service to your website directly. Similarly, you can also tag in plugins.

Custom Design

Your chat should match your brand. Customers always look for an experience that blends well with their business style and colors. To get a branded experience, all of this counts.

Benefits of Userlike

Easy to Use

It just takes three minutes to explore the features of Userlike and get started. All you need is a simple copy and paste in the code and you can simply start a conversation with your web visitors.

The best part?

You don’t need software.

Customization is easy

Creating chat buttons and customizing them has never been easier. Alternatively, you can also modify the chat window as per your requirement to make it look more like a website that adds contrast to it.

Moreover, you can also invite users and visitors for chats and to gather feedback and ratings.

Why You Need Userlike?


Obviously, scaling has a major role to play that works for both big and small businesses. The app brings scaling onto the table. Some of the biggest companies use this app especially to meet demands and work around with website traffic.

Integration has a Role

You can integrate with your business application seamlessly. There are tons of CRM integrations that you can expect. The integrations are pretty much workable for personalized services that will offer the privileges to access messages and transcripts.

Userlike Integrations

Google Tag ManagerWordPress
Typo3Help Scout
BoxBase CRM

Userlike Pricing Plans

Budget and pricing have a major role to play particularly when business owners have to make investments in new technology. In the end, with solutions, it is also important that your customers receive the best services, and hence, to ensure that it is significant that there are budget-friendly solutions.

Budget-wise, here is how Userlike works.

  • Free – One agent can conduct unlimited chats.
  • Team – You pay $100/month.
  • Corporate – You can get this plan for $320/month,
  • Business – To use this plan, you have to pay $800/month,


userlike pricing plan monthly


userlike pricing plan annually


userlike pricing plan bennially

Userlike Alternatives

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the leading live apps, also an alternative, to Userlike is Zendesk. It is trusted over by 40,000 organizations all over the world. You get a chance to chat and use a call center.

2. Freshchat

Freshchat is an all-in-one messaging software that works for sales teams effectively. It helps businesses to enhance their relationships with customers and to meet up their expectations.

Userlike Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Userlike

What is Userlike?

Userlike is a live chat software that integrates with your website, mobile, and technology to ensure that customers receive the service that they demand. Moreover, a live chat experience enhances the user experience for users who are working on mobile, desktops, and laptops.

What are the pricing plans that Userlike offers?

With Userlike, you can expect the following pricing: –

1. Free
2. Team
3. Corporate
4. Business

The pricing varies depending entirely on your requirement and how your enterprise needs it. You can choose the plan accordingly.

For the monthly plans:

The Free Plan is easy to use. The Team plan costs $100/month. The Corporate plan costs $320/month. The Enterprise plan costs $800/month.

For the annual plans:

The Team plan costs $90/month. The Corporate plan costs $290/month. The Enterprise plan costs $720/month.

What are the different operating systems that Userlike supports?

Userlike supports different operating systems and that includes Windows, Mac.

What is the type of deployment that you expect?

Userlike follows a deployment that is Cloud Based.

What are the different modes of payment methods and how often can we pay?

There are many modes of payment that Userlike accepts and you can pay through credit card, debit card, and the payment plans are monthly and yearly.

Wrap up

Userlike has a very nice and intuitive interface which is also easy to use. Both website owners and agents benefit from this app. Overall, the installation and onboarding processes are very fast and smooth.

There are so many factors that contribute to Userlike and how it can be an efficient option to have. There is a lot you can expect from this software once you start using it.

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