Visme Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Are you a graphic designer who wants out of box graphic experience?

Are you a novice who wants to start designing?

Are you a student or teacher who wants to design for an educational purpose?

Here comes Visme, which is a graphic tool that helps you create any type of branded content regardless of your graphic designing skills.

It is flexible enough to fix you all. Let us take an in-depth Visme view to have better insights.

What is Visme?

Visme is a graphic design solution to create branded visuals for your needs. It can be used by both experts and novices. It was first founded in 2013. And has grown exponentially since then.

Source: Visme

It has a 98% customer satisfaction rating of 4.5+ stars in Capterra and Crowd. It is used by 8.3 Million users. And top corporates like Zurich, IBM, Penske, Unilever are among them.

Content is the soul and source of business in the current age. There is a need for content creation every step of our success. Visme provides you with the best tools, assets, templates, and graphics.

The specialty of Visme is that it suits everyone from experts to complete novice. Their aim is to empower everybody with beautiful content regardless of their graphic designing skills.

They are designed to fit the needs of big businesses, small businesses, educational institutes, etc. The basic features they provide are presentations, infographics, charts, Documents, printables, short video, graphics, and animations.

Features of Visme

The best features of Visme are:


Source: Visme

Visme allows you to create creative and engaging presentations that show more and tells less. Be it a board meeting or a parent-teacher meeting (PTM), with Visme nothing is mediocre.

Charts and Infographics

Do you have a point to prove? Prove it with a chart or infographics. You can convert complex data into small digestible charts or infographics. It makes a lasting impression because people retain 55 times more information when presented visually.


You can design branded documents for all your needs like proposals, newsletters, invoices, etc. Your brand is your identity. It allows you to create a unique identity for yourself and helps you keep consistency throughout your content.

Social Media Post

You can easily create branded scroll-stopping social media posts with the ocean of templates available. It helps you to get more likes and leads through any social media handle. It has templates specific to each social media platform.

Source: Visme

Short Videos and Animations

Videos and animations create more engagement than any other form of media on your website or social media platform. However, it can seem complicated for most of us. But with Visme you can easily create short videos and animations to send your message with clarity.

Other Features

  • Storage.
  • Analytics.
  • You can collect and store leads.
  • Easy third-party integrations.
  • Two-factor authentication for improved security.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO).
  • Dynamic fields.
  • Premium support.

Benefits of Visme

The benefits it provides are:

  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • It has a highly functional free-for-life plan for those who can’t afford paid software.
  • It is fit for small businesses, corporates, non-technical people, graphics experts, etc.
  • It has a wide range of templates that will help you create content without having to start from scratch.
  • It is highly secure with public and private modes, SSO, two-step authentication, etc.
  • It helps you collect and save leads that will help you multiply your profit.
  • You can increase the engagement of your audience with top-notch visuals and be an effective communicator.
  • It is fit for both individuals and teams, so you can easily collaborate with your team members.
  • They offer a discount for public interest organizations. All you have to do is apply for it.
  • A single tool that meets all your content creation requirements.
  • It is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies thus proving its functionality and reliability.
  • They provide premium support that is available 24/7.

Why Do You Need Visme?

  • To create branded and visually pleasing content for your company like presentations, proposals, Newsletters, etc.
  • To convey your message with clarity and facts using Infographics and charts. This will improve your audience’s understanding.
  • To create Social Media posts that are branded and visually pleasing to reach more people and leads.

Visme Integrations

Google DriveTypeform
QR CodesHubspot
Google MapsSurveyMonkey

Visme Pricing Plans

Visme comes with six pricing plans:



It has a Free For Life plan that supports up to 5 projects with all the features. The only limitation is the limited access to the templates.


The standard plan costs $15 per month. It supports 15 projects, 250 MB storage, and access to all the templates and all the features.


The business plan costs $29 per month. It supports unlimited projects, 10GB storage, different file formats, analytics, integrations.


The student plan costs $30 per semester. It supports 15 projects, 250 MB storage, all premium assets and features, all templates.

Teacher plan

The teacher plan costs $60 per semester. It supports 1000 projects, 10 GB storage, and all the premium features and templates.


The enterprise plan is a custom plan. You have to contact the sales to get a quote. It supports unlimited projects, 25 GB storage, SSO, authentications, etc.

Visme Alternatives

1. Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool designed to fit all your graphic needs from social media posts, presentations, documents, flyers, charts, etc. It is one of the leading tools in the market.

2. Prezi

Prezi is a content design suit for presentations, video tools that make everyone effective at communication. You can create an impact with the visuals and movements.

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a online graphic tool that has a clear and simple interface. You can create social media posts, simple videos. You can even create a template out of your brand.

Visme Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Visme

What is Visme?

It is a graphic design tool that helps you to design for all types of content requirements like presentations, social media posts, flyers, interactive content, etc.

What is Visme used for?

It is used to create, manage and design any type of content in one place.

How much does Visme Cost?

1. It has a free plan.
2. The standard plan costs $15 per month.
3. The business plan costs $29 per month.
4. The student plan costs $30 per month.
5. The educator plan costs $60 per month.

What happens to my content when I cancel my subscription?

You have access to your previous projects. However, you will be converted to a free plan and have limited access to the features.

Can I import my custom fonts into Visme?

Yes, you can import custom font into Visme from your dashboard itself.

Can I download my project for personal use?

Yes, you can easily download your projects to your device.

What types of modes are there in Visme?

They have public and private mode in their settings. Based on your preference your content is either available for everyone to see or for only the ones you share it to.

Can I embed my published projects to my website?

Yes, you can embed your projects to your website while it is in public mode. You can easily convert it to public mode even if it is in private mode.

Is Visme Free?

Yes, it really is free but with limited access to its features and templates.

What is the best Canva alternative?

Visme is the best Canva alternative.

Wrap up

Visme is an excellent graphic design tool that meets all your content requirements with ease and simplicity. It is tailored to fit your business with branding and template.

It is affordable and provides high value for what they charge. Visme is undeniably one of the best graphic tools in the market. Just SignUp and try Visme for free. You won’t be disappointed.

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