Weblium Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Creating a website does sound like a challenge but believe me when I say this, that with the right resources and tools creating your own website will be a walk in the park! A lot of the time, people create their own website to do business online, which comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages include crashing of your website, hackers, poor UI, and more which is going to make it harder for you to focus on your business and you have to end up investing a precious amount of time in the maintenance and other technicalities for the website.

Well, not anymore!

With Weblium online Website Builder you will now be able to build and create your own website, your landing page, or pretty much anything you wish to create for the web and all of this without any effort or any previous coding or designing skills!

So let us dig further and find out how this software will benefit us.

What is Weblium?

Weblium is an online tool for you to create and publish high converting user-friendly website and also a secure website without any coding knowledge and effortlessly that covers each and every aspect of your website starting from the overall looks of your website to its SEO fine-tuning.


This tool will take care of all your website building and creating hassles and will let you focus primarily on your business. With this you will be able to go online in style! Be it creating your portfolio, your CV website, an online project, blogs, online business and more!

Features of Weblium

Smart Design Supervisor

This feature takes care of all the designing aspects of your website letting you stay focused on your business ad corresponding goals. Their built-in smart designer supervisor adjusts how you would want your website to look.

It takes care of aspects such as perfect spacing, font sizes, line length, editing blocks, color palettes, pages, media files, texts and more!

This features works on making your website visually appealing while you focus primarily on your business.

SEO Fine Tuning

SEO is what helps your website get noticed in the Google searches, it is the key factor in increasing your visitors.

Weblium’s SEO settings have numerous and advanced Search Engine Optimization options to help you rank higher in searches, which in turn will fetch you more visitors that can potentially become your clients.

Here you get to add meta tags such as page title and description, adding alt text to images, adding schema.org mark up, adding canonical links, putting up your site on the Google search console and so much more.

Image Library

Images and graphics play a humongous role in the overall visual appeal of a web page because brightly colored images, texts, and graphics tend to attract more attention and turn more heads.

This software is going to give you access to 100k+ high quality and high-resolution images from their very own exclusive image library or you also have the choice of uploading an image or picture that you require in particular.

You can also edit and customize the picture or image of your choice to your liking and besides that, you will be able to add various visually appealing site backgrounds, you can even set up a gallery of your own as your photographer portfolio or simply add pictures or images from your official events and programs and more.

Marketing Tools

After you have created and built that perfect flawless visually appealing and very functional website without any technical glitches comes the final most important stage and that is the marketing aspects.

Marketing, if not done the right way can oftentimes lead to poorer ranking on the search engines, lesser visitors, and lesser conversions therefore you need the right marketing tools to help you through the final stage for your success and Weblium IS that tool!


This software comes with a suite of organizational and analytical tools to help you track each and every move your website makes, be it a move forward or a move backward and besides these will help boost up your integrations with the help of external services and guess what the best part is, you get all of these FREE OF COST! So head to Weblium and register right now!

Benefits of Weblium

  • Extremely easy to set up and use.
  • You will not have to worry about website maintenance or any SSL certificates or any software updates or any of the technical stuff as it will be taken care of.
  • 250+ ready-to-use templates that you can choose from to create your website and customize and personalize it the way you want to.
  • AI design supervisor to take care of your entire designing aspect for your website.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • SSL certificate will be included.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • No ads.
  • Event tracking features.
  • Multiple contributors.
  • Free domain for a year.
  • Custom code integration.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Shared editing, in case you want to share access of your web to your business partners colleagues, team members, etc.
  • Is mobile-friendly and that means that your Weblium website will look great on any mobile device!
  • Using this you can create charity blogs, beautiful portfolios, local event page corporate website, beautiful and highly responsive sites for agencies, and more!

Why You Need Weblium?

  • To create a stunning and highly converting highly responsive landing page, website, or pretty much anything for the web without much effort in the blink of an eye and requires no prior coding and technical skills.
  • To create high-quality, mobile-friendly, and visually appealing pages without requiring any effort from your side so that you can primarily focus on your business goals.
  • It will not burn any holes into your pockets as the pricing packs are ridiculously affordable and also has a free pack for those just looking to kick start their online business.

Weblium Integrations

Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager
Facebook pixelVK pixel
Bitrix 24Jivosite Chat

Weblium Pricing Plans

Weblium offers three plans and it starts at $8.25 per month. They are as follows:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Pro Plan
  3. Landing Pro


The bonus of Weblium is that you get a free plan for this. Many of the website builders and creators are probably just starting off and looking for a tool that’s not too heavy on their pockets, there this plan will be perfect for them, or if anyone is looking to try out the tool before implementing they can also opt for the free plan.

1. Free Plan – As I mentioned earlier, this plan is a basic plan and is perfect for those planning to just start off. Here you can try out their builder and if it fits your requirements then you can go ahead and buy the premium plans.

Features include multiple contributors, unlimited storage, 270+ ready-to-use templates, SSL certificate included, AI Design Supervisor.

2. Pro Plan – This plan comes for $8.25 per month paid annually or $15 paid monthly and comes with top and exclusive features for personal use.

Comes with features such as AI design supervisor, SSL certificate, free domain for 1 year, multiple contributors, event tracking features, Google Analytics and Custom Code integration and more!

3. Landing Pro – This plan is a lifetime deal where you will have to invest only one time and enjoy the features for as long as you need them. The one-time fee is $196. This pack supports up to 3 pages.

Features include 270+ Ready To Use Templates, AI Design Supervisor, unlimited Storage, SSL Certificate Included, Event Tracking Features, Multiple Contributors, Google Analytics Integration, Custom Code Integration and No Weblium Ads


Weblium Alternatives

1. Wix

Wix is a website builder platform that gives you the freedom to designs, curate, create develop and manage a website exactly the way you want it to be. You can create high quality websites for whether you are promoting your business, showcasing your work, starting your blog, opening your store etc.

Features include customization of your site, advanced features for customizations, ability to edit the mobile view of your website, SEO, custom domains and more!

2. Weebly

With Weebly you will be able to build a professional website that will grow with your business. You can build your website here for free using customizable web designs and other useful tools to help you get discovered in searches and grow your organic customer base.

Notable features include step by step guidance on how to build and launch a website, easy customizable features, powerful eCommerce tools simplify the management of your online shop, etc.

3. Website.com

Website.com is a platform that will help you stand out while online among your competitors. With this you can create your own business website, portfolio, online store, multilingual store and more! Their simple drag and drop designing feature surely makes building website a lot easier!

Few of the features include customizable ready to use templates, photographer portfolios, multilingual sites, professional email, online store builder and more.

Weblium Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Weblium

What is Weblium?

Weblium is an online platform for building your own website, landing page, portfolio, or pretty much anything for the web.

What is Weblium used for?

Weblium is used to create, curate, design, and manage websites professionally, visually appealing, and high converting websites in the blink of an eye without any coding or designing skills.

Who are the typical users of Weblium?

Individuals, online business owners with businesses of all sizes, freelancers, and pretty much anyone looking to build something for the web.

How much does Weblium cost?

Weblium has three plans starting at $8.25 per month. The plans are
1. Free Plan
2. Pro Plan for $8.25 per month when billed annually and $15 when billed monthly
3. Landing Pro Plan is a lifetime deal for which you have to pay only once and continue to enjoy the features for as long as you need to. It costs $196 and is a one-time payment.

What languages does Weblium support?

Language supported by the tool is English and Russian.

What level of support does Weblium offer?

24/7 support through live chat, email, knowledge base ,guides and blogs

Does Weblium offer a free plan?

Yes Weblium offers a free plan.

What other apps does Weblium integrate with?

Weblium integrates with Google analytics, Google tag manager, Mailchimp, Hotjar, Telegram, Facebook pixel, VK pixel, Zapier, AWeber, Bitrix 24, eSputnik, Webhooks, UniSender, etc.

What are the main features of Weblium?

Main features of Weblium include website building, curating, designing, and managing, AI smart design supervisor, a suite of SEO tools, marketing tools, integrations with some of your favorite and popular apps and website, mobile-friendly, no requirement of any technical skills, 270+ ready to use customizable templates, very easy to set up and use, 24/7 customer support and more!

Which operating system does Weblium support?

Weblium supports Mac and Windows.

What payment method does Weblium support?

Weblium supports monthly and yearly payment methods.

What is the deployment type?

The deployment type of this platform is SaaS/web/cloud-based.


To conclude I would just like to add that Weblium is that all in one website builder that has a suite of numerous organizational features to build professional and visually appealing websites to help increase your visitors that will then turn into potential customer base.

The plans offered are highly affordable and flexible and also comes with a free plan that you can opt for to see if the platform suits your requirements.

So that will be all for the Weblium review. Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough and more reasons as to why if you’re looking to build a website you should be heading to Weblium RIGHT NOW!

In case you have any doubts, then please feel free to ask them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help.

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