What is Uber and How Does it Work?

Have you got tired of waiting for a cab for hours under the hot sun!? Or, have you been late for a meeting just because you couldn’t find a cab to work?

Maybe you have had the cab that you hailed snatched away by someone else? For the ladies, have you felt afraid while traveling in the dark because of some work at the office until late in the evening?

Well now, technology and software have evolved in such a way that with the touch of a button, you can hail a taxi or cab while sitting at home in a matter of minutes. So, you need not be late for your work or feel insecure while traveling at night anymore.

There are many apps that provide you with transportation services, be it public or private and out of these, Uber is one of the most famous apps all around the world.

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Let us dive into the details about what UBER is and how it can help you with your travel plans.

What is Uber?

Uber is an online ride-hailing service that offers us a mobile application app we can use to submit a trip request about your intended travel plans to an Uber driver near you. The app alerts the driver of your location and the intended area you need to reach.

The application allows the nearest driver to accept or decline the travel request sent by you. The driver who then accepts your request will drive you to your next location. The application is set to automatically configure the easiest navigation route for the driver, while also calculating the fare for the travel.

Now, let’s say we forgot our wallet at home. Well, don’t blame yourselves! It happens to everyone but no worries because the application also allows you to pay the fares through online payment platforms. This makes it easy for us to travel stress-free without grabbing our wallets.

Let’s delve a little deeper into Uber facts and features and how to use them.

How does Uber work?

How to register as a rider?

Uber operates in over 10,000 places worldwide. To see if it’s available in your area click on the following link: https://www.uber.com/global/en/cities/.

There are two ways in which you can subscribe or sign up to become an Uber rider. One way to do this is by downloading the application on your mobile device through Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

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The other way to sign up as a rider is through the Uber website. You will be required to provide your details like full name, mobile number, email address, preferred language along with your payment options and location (if it’s through the website).

Uber allows you to choose a payment option like paying the fare with your credit card or debit card or through other payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google pay. You need to make sure to input your correct email id and mobile number as there will be verification methods to verify the authenticity for both of the details.

About the Uber App

Uber rider app can be downloaded on your mobile device through Apple App Store and Android Play Store. It is recommended to use the app while signing up as it can automatically find your location and saves your profile information along with your GPS data in it.

When you upload your travel details in the app, it tries to match you with your closest driver. When the driver accepts your request, you are then provided with the driver details like driver name, license plate number, photo, driver’s rating, etc.

You will also be able to follow your Uber driver till he arrives at your destination through the built-in map inside the app and in the website. You will also be able to track your trip in real-time and share the ETA of your trip with your friends easily.

How to use Uber as a rider?

As said earlier, it is recommended to download the app on your mobile device. Once you have signed up using the Uber app, all the processes will now be conducted through it. You need not deal directly with your driver for things like money transactions or detailing the driver with your trip details, etc. 

This application not only saves your time, but it can also put your mind at ease in case you forgot your wallet or have no idea how to describe the place that you would like to be dropped off at.

If you have updated your payment details in the app, then your trip fares are automatically paid through the payment method you have specified inside the Uber app.

How to submit a trip request as a rider?

  1. Click on the Uber app on your mobile device
  2. In the “Where to?” box, type the destination you wish to go.
  3. Select the car type you wish to ride on. (There are different types of rides offered by Uber. You can choose the ride you need according to the passengers traveling along with you. You will also see the list of vehicles available in detail below.)
  4. Then, select the payment option you want to use. A default option will already be chosen for your rides but if you wish to change it, then you can choose another option by tapping on it.
  5. Click on the “Confirm (the ride you have chosen, for example, UberX)” button at the bottom.
  6. The next step is to confirm your pick-up stop. Be sure to check the location carefully before confirming it’s where you want to be picked up.
  7. Uber will require a few seconds or minutes to find a driver nearby. Once a match is found it will redirect you to the map screen showing the vehicle ETA and route details coming towards your pick-up location.

How to choose your ride on Uber?

As mentioned above, Uber offers you a variety of rides that you can choose according to the number of passengers that are traveling with you for that trip. It also depends upon a specific request like luxury cars or to travel in a special vehicle with assistance. But sometimes, all of these options may not be available due to factors like location, time, or availability of the vehicle.

Here is the list of some vehicles that are commonly available:

  1. UberX: An everyday car ride that can accommodate up to 3 passengers.
  2. Comfort: spacious cars with top-rated car drivers that can accommodate up to 3 passengers.
  3. Exec: Premium high-end car ride that can accommodate up to three passengers.
  4. UberXL: A daily car ride that can accommodate up to 5 passengers.
  5. UberBlack: A high-end sedan that can accommodate up to 3 passengers.
  6. UberTaxi: A partnered taxi cab that can accommodate up to 3 passengers.
  7. UberSUV: An SUV that can accommodate up to 5 passengers.
  8. UberLUX: high-end luxury car for up to 3 passengers.
  9. UberPOOL: This feature helps you to share the ride with others and after the ride, you will be automatically charged with the split fare.
  10. Assist: This is a feature that is designed to operate for the elderly or people with disabilities.

How to cancel your trip on Uber?

You can also cancel the trip that you have arranged from your app. The app allows you to cancel a request in 2 to 5 minutes after submitting a travel plan request. The app also notifies the driver of the same if in case it has matched your request with a driver.

But, please note that you might have to pay a minimal amount of cancellation fee depending on the place you are situated in.

How to follow your trip in real-time on Uber?

One of the best features that this app gives us is that we will be able to follow our trip in real-time. Here’s how it goes in your app:

  1. Once the Uber driver has picked you up from your pick-up stop and confirmed in his app that you have entered the vehicle, your app automatically updates your screen to a map screen showing the route taken by the driver to your location.
  2. You can use this screen to follow your trip. You can also share your ETA and your status in real-time with your friends and relatives to make sure you are safe and sound.
  3. When your destination has reached the driver would confirm the completion of the trip. This would automatically redirect you to your payment processing screen in the app.

You will also be able to view your past trips by clicking on the three lines which are on the top right corner of the Uber app screen. 

Other features provided by Uber

Uber app doesn’t just help you find transport services for your travel plans. It also provides us with other features like:

  • Uber app offers riders to see if there is an alternative way to Home. This is especially useful if there is a price surge in transportation facilities in the area that you are in.
  • It is also possible to add your home and work addresses to your Uber account or save a place that you would like to visit during your recreational time. This way you can directly choose the place instead of typing the place into the “Where to?” box.
  • You can add your family members, friends, or colleagues under the “Trusted contacts” section. Then, you can easily share your trip details in real-time. You can also allow them to share your default payment method so that you can pay for them when they use Uber.
  • The “Verify your Trip” feature enables you to use a PIN to ensure that you enter the right car. This PIN is unique and required to be shared with your driver when you enter the vehicle. 

This guide comprehensively covers all of Uber’s features – the app keeps updating and there definitely will be more features that you can use to enjoy your ride to your destination.

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