Workzone Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Are you looking for project management software that goes above and beyond to provide the services needed by you and your team? Like you’re guessing, there are many project management tools available in the market and sometimes it requires a little trial and error to get the right one.

However, trial and error can be both time and money-consuming. Completely unnecessary. So, we’ve gone ahead and tried this project management tool for you and in this article, we’d be highlighting the key features of Workzone, its benefits, pricing, and functionality.

In the end, you will have enough information to decide if this is the right project management tool for you.

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What is Workzone?

Workzone is a project management software that is highly rated for its excellent customer support and, a responsive team that ‘will be thinking about you in their sleep’.

As creepy as that sounds, it might be true because the Workzone team makes it their priority to create a success plan that is unique to your team.


With their five-step process: Assessment of your team’s needs, success planning, set up and customization, comprehensive training, and ongoing coaching – Workzone ensures that your team truly adapts to this new system.

It doesn’t just hand over a bunch of features to you – it does that and holds your teams’ hand along the process. For this, they share a true bond with their customers.

In addition, this project management tool is actually really easy to use. It’s layout is very simple and even when you run into a road block, there’s a 24/7 customer service team always eager to help you out.

But, can it really be as perfect as it sounds? Are there any catches? Let’s find out more about this service as we shed some more light on it’s features and more.

Features of Workzone

File Sharing

You can share files on this software, without much hassle, and in little time.


This is a really great feature of Workzone. You can create project templates that you can use in the future. It also saves a lot of time. These templates are also customizable.


This is really effective for tracking deadlines for tasks or projects.

Collaboration Tools

It has great collaboration tools that are just the right amount convenient to help you collaborate with other users on the same platform. You can collaborate and comment in a particular place.

Custom Forms

With this software, you can create custom forms to enable people outside the team to successfully make project requests.

Project Dashboard

This feature provides a convenient view of where your projects stand.

Email Alerts

These are notifications that help you identify which of your projects are late or due for execution.

Other Features

  • Forms Management.
  • Budget Management.
  • Gantt Chart.
  • API Integration.
  • Workload Reports.
  • Custom Branding.

Benefits of Workzone

  • It is User-friendly: Workzone is unarguably a very user-friendly or easy-to-use software with tools that make tasks easier and more convenient for you to execute.
  • Quickly Identify Due Projects: As already mentioned, Workzone features Alerts or Notifications which help you know which of your projects are due and need urgent attention.
  • Great Customer Support: What’s software without great customer support? Workzone boasts of top-notch customer support to help users navigate their way on the platform. Work is made easier, this way.
  • Never Lose Track of Budgets: Thanks to its project management features, you can successfully keep track of your budgets. This is a really helpful feature if you ask me. By comparing your estimates to your spending, your spending is put in check. This way, you avoid unnecessary spending. If this isn’t a great feature, I don’t know what is.
  • It is a Secure Platform: You can perform tasks and share files securely, on the platform.

Why You Need Workzone?

  • It is great for teams consisting of both well-experienced users and beginners because it has just the right kind of tools to suit both categories.
  • If you’re looking to save time while executing projects, Workzone is great for you. You can create templates to use in the future.

Workzone Integrations

SlackMicrosoft Excel
TrelloGoogle Forms
EvernoteQuickBooks Online
Google SheetsZendesk
Jira Software ServerHubspot
Microsoft OutlookChanty
Microsoft TeamsSmartsheet
GitHubGoogle Drive
Basecamp 3FreshBooks
Cisco Webex MeetingsFormstack

Workzone Pricing Plans

Workzone offers three plans which are:

  1. Team plan.
  2. Professional plan.
  3. Enterprise plan.


The team plan costs a monthly payment of $24 per user. The features include unlimited project and task management, unlimited workspaces, advanced reporting, and much more. Available for teams of 5 or more people.

For the professional plan, each user pays $34 per month. It’s the mot popular plan because it offers some useful extra features that are not available on the Team plan. These features include API access, custom project intake forms and, extra storage space.

Finally, the Enterprise plan will cost each user $43 per month and provides all of the services that this tool has to offer. Some of the added features you get with this plan are workspace groups, cross-project dependencies, critical path and single sign-on (SSO).

Workzone Video

Workzone Alternatives


This software is streamlined to ensure better teamwork. Armed with customizable templates, your projects are guaranteed to be executed in no time. It has several amazing features which include: Email updates, Unlimited Board, Budget management, Time tracking, Calendar, and many others.

Its customizable templates are not just a feature, but also a benefit. It also has amazing interface, and is quite user-friendly. It is generally equipped with tools to make work enjoyable.

2. Mavenlink

This is a resource management software that was founded in 2008. Looking to enhance business agility? This software is what you need. It has great features including: Collaboration Tools, Client portal, Calendar, Activity Tracking, Budget Management, and a host of others.

It has great benefits. Mavenlink has excellent customer service to make work better for you, as well as user-friendliness, to make work interesting.

3. Asana

Asana is an organization and project management tool, Asana was founded in 2008. It is a web-based software that also works well on mobile phones. It’s no secret that this software makes it easy for you to work anywhere and anytime. This is definitely top-tier ease and convenience. It has mouth-watering Features that include: templates, project map, dashboard, calendar, and many more.

Asana ensures better project management, excellent security, and also amazing dashboard. Interestingly, it has so many other great benefits that you can only experience better once you get started on the software.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Workzone

What is Workzone?

Workzone is a robust project management software that is great for team collaboration, project tracking and also goes the extra mile to provide unlimited training for its customers.

Does Workzone have a app?

Yes, Workzone has an a mobile app that is available across both android and ios platforms. A desktop app is also available but, you can make use of its services directly from your browser.

How much does Workzone cost?

Workzone costs at least $24 per user. In a team of 15 people, that could be about $200 per month. Find out more about Workzone’s pricing here.

Does Workzone offer a free trial?

Workzone recommends starting with the demo before proceeding to subscribe for its services. If you feel you require further trial after trying out the demo, you can reach out to their support team and request a free trial.

Does workzone charge per user?

Yes, Workzone charges per user. However, discounts are made available based on the number of people in your team.

Wrap Up

There you have it- Workzone is an intuitive and feature packed project management software that is ideal for teams of 5 to 500 people. You don’t have to worry about some team members having difficulty with this service because they’ve thought of that and they provide unlimited training and a hands on customer support team.

There’s really only one possible con when it comes to Workzone which is that its pricing is not competitive. Compared to many other project management software, Workzone can be labeled expensive. Some people might prefer software that offers a one-time payment, not per user payment.

When you put into consideration the extra mile that Workzone goes to make project management and team collaboration easy for you, it does over good value for money.

You can request a demo and ultimately decide for yourself if this is the right software for you and your team.

Thanks for reading!

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