Wrike Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

How can you possibly understand if Wrike is the right tool for you that matches to all your needs?

Well, the review that we have got here is going to help you understand whether or not Wrike is the tool for you.

However, simply put, Wrike is one of the best project management software available in the market and once you discover everything about it, it will help you have a better decision.

Wrike Review

What is Wrike?

In very simple words, Wrike is a project management software designed specifically for project management. It helps in team collaboration, organizing, and managing your day-to-day project-related updates.


So, with this project management software, you can:

  • Organize your work and your projects.
  • File sharing and team collaboration.
  • Tracking the progress made on a daily basis.

Therefore, you get to have everything that you need for an effective running of a project at one place.

It is a healthy management tool for teams that are big and small. However, the basic goal of Wrike is to reach out to users of Enterprise level. It brings tons of features out on the table:-

  • Gantt Chart.
  • Detailed Reports.
  • Security – Advanced.

Features of Wrike

Data Visualization + Analytics

One of the best features of Wrike is Analytics. With the help of infographics and charts, users get to understand detailed insights on the subject.

Also, the good part is, these analytics keep on updating themselves every 15 minutes.

Some of the offerings of these analytics include: –

  • Performance stats.
  • Completed tasks.
  • Work progress.

Three-Pane View

If you have used the software, you definitely know about the dashboard of Wrike which offers a unique three-pane view to the users.

  1. For the effective flow of your projects, teams, etc., the left pane whiteboard is the one that lets you access the same.
  2. The middle pane helps in setting up a Wrike task, quickly assign dates to tasks that are pending, or set updates for upcoming tasks.
  3. Last is the right pane that lets you view all your tasks in one place in the easiest manner.


Therefore, with the dashboard, you get a gist of all your tasks in a consolidated manner.

Benefits of Wrike

Some of the benefits that Wrike offers its users are: –

Management Capabilities

Some of the management features that you get from this tool are: –

  • Workflow Status lets users track the workflow status.
  • With Gantt Charts, it becomes easy to reschedule activities as per the requirements.
  • Storing, managing, and sharing all documents related to projects for timely delivery and collab.

Authentication Support

If you want safety, then you definitely need to embed Two-factor authentication to ensure the safety is intact. This is primarily so that all the details and information of clients and businesses are safe.

In addition to two-factor authentication, it also provides SAML that helps in verifying the credentials of everyone who is trying to sign in.

Nevertheless, to add more to it, the Google Authenticator app lays another safety ladder. Like they say Safety First!

Why You Need Wrike?

There are many reasons why businesses big or small might need this effective project management tool.

Some of the major metrics that come in the way are: –


  • All your tasks and projects are churned to pie tasks so that it is easy to use.
  • It is very important to keep track of the milestones you have achieved and the ones that are waiting for you, with this tool, you can highlight your next milestone.
  • The tracked time feature lets you have details and the time that you have possibly spent doing on every project.

Wrike Integrations

DropboxGoogle Docs
GithubMS Project
MS OneDriveMediaValet
Microsoft TeamsGoogle Drive
OutlookMS Excel
Microsoft Office 365Email Integration

Wrike Pricing Plans

Wrike comes with a pack of four for users to choose from. So the pricing plans of this program goes something like this: –

  1. Free.
  2. Professional.
  3. Business.
  4. Enterprise.

It also offers a free trial to the users.


1. Free

It is a plan aimed for 5 team people. A simple and intuitive way of sharing tasks.

2. Professional

The professional plan also has great features to offer for real-time collaboration. Along with getting a 15 GB storage space for uploads, it also offers integrations with other popular platforms like Asana, Outlook, Google Docs, and so on.

So if you are one who belongs to a creative team, this plan is the one for you. Also, you have to pay $9.80/month.

3. Business

The business plan is a well-to-do plan that allows time tracking, a premium workspace, and a feature to fall for. The Google Calendar lets you keep everything in sync. For $2.80/month, it is a pretty great deal.

4. Enterprise

For getting something customized that caters to the needs of your business requirement, consider the Enterprise plan of Wrike. This works best if none of the others do i.e. Business or Professional. The price is customized and depending on your requirements, the quotes are tracked.

Wrike Alternatives

1. Hibox

Hibox is one best alternatives to Wrike given how productive it is. It helps in effectively managing a team and conduct processes for task management and collaboration.

2. Freedcamp

The easy-to-use interface of Freedcamp is what makes it the most useful. This project management software works on the cloud and uses Kanban tasks and boards to offer what is best for the clients.

Wrike Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Wrike

What is risk in a project management software?

An unexpected occurrence of an event that causes an adverse impact on your project in any way is a risk. The five basic elements to determine risk are: –

1. Risk Event.
2. Risk Timeframe.
3. Probability.
4. Impact.
5. Factors.

What is Wrike?

Wrike is a solution to project management and is cloud-based. It is suitable for teams and enterprises and aims to offer Gantt Charts, Calendars, and other such options to conduct projects and tasks.

Does this project management solution offer free trial?

Yes, there is a free plan that this software offers. You can easily use it to see how this project management tool works out for you.

What are the different plans that users get through Wrike?

Wrike offers four plans.
1. Free.
2. Business.
3. Professional.
4. Enterprise.

What does Project Management Mean?

Project management, in simple words, is a mechanism or more so an app of the right skills, tools, etc. to conduct project-related activities so that the project deadlines and requirements are met.

Wrap up

Wrike is a very useful, popular, and effective project management tool that pretty much checks off all the boxes.

Additionally, it focuses on the pain areas and provides many ways to hold the progress in a way that helps the most businesses.

Try the software out to see how it works for you!

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