Zapier Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

What is the one common way that you would possibly use to connect all your business-related applications? Well, we say Zapier. An online, flexible, and easy-to-use tool that will help consumers to create services that are linked with different functions all across.

More so, we can call Zapier the ‘glue’ that connects it to all the different web applications. If you are using Zaps, you can use more than one app and connect it to it.

In this review, we are going to bring forward some of the best features of Zapier that will insist you consider this one.

Zapier Review

What is Zapier?

We all love automation. Manual efforts are no longer entertained.

Zapier is a tool that allows you to do just what you need. It establishes a connection between all the applications that you possibly use to reduce the repetitive efforts that are put in.

Wondering how it will look when a practical approach is applied to it?

Consider you are an accountant in a well-to-do multinational company, your job includes spending hours of your time updating the spreadsheet with the new details and registrations.

Source: Zapier

Honestly how much pain you have to go through to manually enter all those data?

This is exactly where this tool comes to the rescue. it aims to establish a successful connection between both ends that is when a customer makes a registration, Zapier will include all their information directly in the spreadsheet without any trouble. Hence, Zapier can do something that your registration software might fail to do.

Features of Zapier

The reason why it has been in the favorite list is due to its simplicity and flexibility.

The user-friendly Zaps of this platform is the best feature so far.

All you need to do is choose the trigger, set the right action, and you are done. No need for any coding since the whole platform is available for beginners to play and jump around.

Integrations are another one of the great features that Zapier offers. Relevant to your case, you can very easily locate the suit case that will work for you.

It is fit to suffice all your business needs.

Benefits of Zapier

The primary benefits that Zapier has to offer are its automation skills and how easy it is to use. However, let’s narrow down some more benefits that this software tool has to offer.


Users can easily create tasks through Zaps. With the help of Zap, it becomes easy to automate jobs done through these apps.

Zaps allows users to continue to do their tasks repeatedly. This can be done even without the requirement of a separate application.


The dashboard that this software offers is full-on powerful which allows building and managing apps build through zaps. There is no longer a need for users to go through the whole process of waiting up for integrations.

Zapier being the one having modern technology surrounding it, it definitely saves your time from the lengthy time that goes into development.

Zapier Workflow
Source: Zapier

Why You Need Zapier?

Well, here are some of the reasons why you need Zapier:

No Coding Required to Create Zaps

This is one rule you need to remember. The different steps to follow are: –

  • Choose the trigger that works.
  • Choose the correct action that follows.
  • Watch your Zap doing wonders for you.

The Right Tools

It makes sure to offer the tools of the right kind to the audience. Here is how it blends.

A solution to depend on

During business criticalities, this software could be a life-savor. The uptime that it offers is the maximum that any other built-in tool/software has to provide. Therefore, serves the best.


Well, one thing that you definitely don’t need to worry about is your data.

Source: Zapier

Your data is completely safe. You can relax and completely rely on this tool for your data security.


The availability of the platform and its user works enough to suit the needs. They are available all days of the week and typically reply in a day’s time.

Zapier Integrations

AsanaGoogle Docs
Facebook PagesTrello
FreshdeskZoho CRM

Zapier Pricing Plans

Initially, you don’t have to pay a penny to start using this automation tool. It is completely free to use. You get a trial for 14-days if you opt for Zapier’s Professional Plan.

Can you wonder the number of Zaps that comes through? Well, a thousand!

Once the trial period for 14-days is over, you will be put down to the free plan. This happens in case you don’t upgrade yourself to the higher version. The free one includes the following: –

  • Every time you use this tool, it does a task for you. You are allowed to do 100 Tasks in a month.
  • As mentioned earlier, the automation part of the software is pretty flexible in connecting apps. Every Zap has a trigger to conduct the actions.
  • Zaps will keep a check on the new data by knocking the app every once in a while.
  • All you need is one trigger and one action to get along.

For a basic need that you might need to fulfil, you can just opt for the Zapier’s Free Plan to get going.

Zapier Pricing Plans
Source: Zapier

Zapier Alternatives

1. Wrike

A software/tool that offers a place for users to navigate and allows managing projects in the most easiest and flexible way.

You need to check out Wrike if you are looking forward to having a bird’s view to your projects which will also help in understanding your projects better.

2. Savah App

A platform mainly designed to streamline apps and workflows at the same time. It helps developers, teams, and everyone around to fasten their process and to make a quick progress.

Zapier Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Zapier

Is there a possible way for Zapier to support syncing in both ways?

The answer is a hard No. This automation tool has nothing to do with two-way syncing right now.

It is more like a streamlined one-way flow that will work like usual’s. In order to use it two-way, you will need to use two Zaps and then proceed.

Why should you provide access to your app account?

It creates automation for you. In order to allow it to do so, it needs to have your permission within to access the data you want right from your account.

After this goes through, it gets access to carry out the process of automating your tasks with the help of Zap. The job that you ask it to do could be anything like creating, searching, etc.

Before Zap is triggered, why is there a delay?

Zap has a polling trigger which is the primary cause behind the delay. This is the reason why are facing a possible delay before your Zaps get triggered. Once in every 20-25 mins, Zaps looks for triggers which causes the possible delay.

Is coding required to use Zapier?

No – this tool is brought to make life easy.

You can easily transfer your data from one app to another. You can do all of this even if you are not a developer. The support champions are always there to help when you need it.

So, nothing is a problem especially when you are using Zapier.

Wrap up

Zapier is by far one of the best tools created for automation. It is a very obvious thing when your patience runs out from doing tasks manually and all over. With the invention of this tool, it has become a great deal, of course.

This zero-coding software embedded with automation is a great option to consider. Regardless of your work schedule, you can easily figure out and make time now using this software.

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