21 Free Stock Photos Websites to Download Images

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of stock photos? Some random business professional posing with a tailored coat and pants? Well, let’s stop you right there for the assumption you are making.

Stock photos and stock photo websites have been very popular for a long time now. Adding stock images to your website is a great way to boost it. From the tons of libraries available, users get the flexibility to choose the stock images that go with their taste.

However, there is one question that strikes hard most often and that is: Which place is known to exhibit free images that are also supreme in quality?

Honestly, there could be tons of answers that we could present. All the images that you encounter mostly are created with a copyright dating back to 30 years or so. Copyright is a license that every author/creator gains access to reuse or reproduce their work/skill etc in the most effective manner. However, there are chances when you can find a domain photo that is also public and can be used over and over.

This is what we bring to you today. Approximately 21 stock photos websites that you can use to download images for absolutely no cost.

This is what we bring to you today. Approximately 21 stock photo websites that you can use to download images for absolutely no cost.

21 Free Stock Photos Websites to Download Images

Without spending a minute to distract ourselves, let’s locate some of the best stock photos websites that will help you in downloading images at zero cost.

Choose the one that works the best for you.

1. Splitshire

The website presently has a whopping 1065 photos to make a choice from. Splitshire is a website that makes downloading images in high-quality without having to pay any penny. The images that you download from the website are completely free to use and hence, are known to be one of the best stock photo websites.

Why Splitshire?

If you are a business professional or even an individual for that matter, who has a lot to emphasize and especially over quality over the quantity that is put across. These are the kinds of websites that require stock photos to put in use for their commercial use.


Photos on Splitshire are free to use. However, you are not allowed to resell or redistribute anything that is available on the website.


  • Quality over Quantity
  • Free content for stock


  • Minimal choice
  • If you have diverse requirements, Splitshire is not for you.

2. Freerange

Another stock photos website is Freerange which is also a great choice for stock photography. It originates from crowdsourcing and hence, produces images in-house. The search option is pretty easy to use making it a convenient option to directly download stock photos.

Why Freerange?

Freerange is known to have the best collection of images that works as an advantage for both professionals and artists. Additionally, academic circles also widely use freerange to fulfill their purpose.


Use the stock photos from Freerange for either commercial or non-commercial purpose.


  • Extensive image support for high-quality (2400 * 1600 p)
  • Photographic dimension is the key
  • Customization and Editing is easy


  • As per the  reviews, many photos in website have faced disapproval in terms of quality.

3. Visme.co

Visme is a free stock photo website that allows infographic and presentation embedded feature to work in the finest way. There is a massive library for users to choose from which contains stock photos of the highest-resolution.

Visme has everything that you could possibly think of either it is a presentation or infographic.

Why Visme?

Looking for portrait or landscape photos? Well, Visme has got it all for you that you can directly use from social media to include in the blog headers.


This stock photos website has royalty-free images to download and has both the license i.e. for commercial and non-commercial use.


  • Portrait and Landscape images
  • Searchable library
  • High-resolution images


  • Filter feature could add enhancement
  • Account required for access.

4. StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io is a brilliantly made stock photo website that is available for businesses and individuals to fulfill their needs. It is definitely a challenge to look for images that suit all your needs. Additionally, users have the finest solution to every problem as they can select any image from various categories that are present.

Why StockSnap.io?

Primarily because of its diversity and needs, it is a great choice for individuals and businesses to choose from the available list of requirements.


There are tons of images that are available on the website that don’t have any copyright restrictions. Hence, these images are available for commercial and non-commercial use.


  • Contains only images of high-quality
  • Great for blogging and social media


  • Infringement and trademark related issues

5. Unsplash

Unsplash is another popular stock photo website that you will find on the Internet. It is a website that is mostly aimed for photographers to either submit or choose their pick all over the world.

Why Unsplash?

If you wish to add images to your blog posts, Unsplash is an ideal choice. Additionally, you can also add images for your projects and assignments.


Available for usage in both i.e. commercial and non-commercial purpose for no cost.


  • Download image at no cost
  • Images here are high in resolution
  • Large repo


  • Keywords and their extensive usage is missing
  • Filter options are not the best.

6. BigFoto

BigFoto is also a choice to consider when we speak of stock photo website. It entirely holds its operations through crowdsourcing and keeps on updating itself. The contribution on the platform is mostly of amateur photographers.

Why BigFoto?

It is the most recommended stock website that works well for artists, bloggers, and designers who can afford amateur photographers. It is also useful for promotions.


Free to use for commercial and non-commercial purpose.


  • No stringent rules for trademark
  • No registration needed to use images
  • Proper sub-division for images


  • No regular updates for images
  • Photo qualities are compromised.


RGBSTOCK is one of the most popular stock websites that is available for free stock photos to download and reuse. It provides access to users who can use the 100,000 photos from the gallery for their effective use. A group of enthusiasts came up with the idea of RGBSTOCK.


For cartoonists, web designers, and comic designers RGBSTOCK is the most valid choice that caters to all their needs.


The images present on RGBSTOCK are completely free to use. Redistributing and Reselling of photographs is strictly prohibited.


  • Photographs are of high-quality.
  • More than 100,000 pictures available to choose from stock.
  • Edit photos as you want them


  • Before you download an image, signing up is important
  • No contribution to the website whatsoever

8. Good Stock Photos

This stock photo website falls in the category of the lesser-known options out there. There are many categories to choose from. Some of the categories include nature, activities, and so on.

Why Good Stock Photos?

Well, primarily because it is ideal for social media platforms. Additionally, projects, art, and other forms can also use Good Stock Photos. Business agencies also opt for this stock photo website to gather their content.


All photos in the platform are available to use commercially and non-commercially. However, reselling them is prohibited.


  • High-quality images
  • No issues with copyright
  • Sell images to make money


  • Ads take a toll over the website and its user-experience.

9. Skitterphoto

Known to be an online stock photo website, Skitterphoto has become immensely popular in a very small time. You can sell and buy photos with the help of the website. Many photos that you find on the platform are crowdsourced.

Why Skitterphoto?

It works great for artists and photographers who look forward to having access to tons of images. Academics also use Skitterphotos based on their requirements.


Images on Skitterphoto are readily available to be used for commercial and non-commercial use. However, you cannot resell them.


  • Images available here are of high-quality
  • Editing, Modifying, and cropping images is easy
  • Easier browsing options


  • Rare images available on the website might have to suffer the tantrums of copyright issues.

10. Freephotos.cc

Freephotos.cc is a website that is known best for online photography. Out of all the options available in the market, this one works best. Searching on the platform gets easier with the search feature.

Why Freephotos.cc?

It is an optimal solution that works best for artists, individuals, and bloggers. Academic presentations also use images to the best of use.


Images on the website are free for commercial and non-commercial use. Well, claiming credits for someone else’s work is a big no-no.


  • Photo editor that is in-built adds depth
  • Wide range of categories and flexible search options
  • Best content compared to other websites.


  • Known for curating images from other websites and therefore, lacks original content.

11. Flickr

Back in the year 2004 was when Flickr came to existence and has now emerged to be one of the best online stock photo websites. Presently, it is well-connected with 10 billion photographs and over 2 million groups. The aim is to make photos available to anyone who needs them and to look at different ways to organize photos and videos.

Why Flickr?

If you belong to an organization that needs social media upliftment to stay connected to the audience, Flickr is the choice you must make.


Licensing terms in case of Flickr varies depending on the usage. It is different for creators and photographers.


  • Editing options are pretty powerful
  • Basic and free account available
  • Gesture control
  • 1000 GB online storage access


  • Will not let users work offline
  • You need to opt for a pro subscription if you wish to use all its features.

12. Pixabay

Pixabay is a stock photo website that is currently used by billions of people all over the world. It is a photography website that deals with stock photography on an international level. More than 40,000 photographers have linked themselves up in the profile.

Why Pixabay?

If you want to excel in corporate presentations, you will find excellent quality images on the profile. Additionally, you can also use images for your blog posts, website, and so on.


Licensing on Pixabay is completely free of cost and you can access them for commercial and non-commercial use. However, you can’t resell images.


  • Videos come along with images.
  • More than a million photos in stock.
  • Safe search feature


  • Inferior quality issues could be a trouble.
  • Not compatible with external websites.

13. Startup Stock Photos

If you own a start-up and are looking forward to launching your very own venture, you can opt for Startup Stock Photos to get started. It is entirely focused to provide extensive support to start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. All of these can be accessed for free. Some of them might need a few bucks too.

Why Startup Stock Photos?

It is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who are looking forward to build their own website. Alternatively, new businesses can try making an impact in the world of business.


Apart from reselling and redistribution, users can add images for commercial and non-commercial use.


  • Images are of high-quality
  • Start-up initiatives are easy to make


  • The user interface isn’t very friendly.

14. LibreShot

An online stock photo website available for users to download stock images for free. You can use images for personal and commercial use too. There is no watermark which makes it an ideal choice for downloading the images. LibreShot is a compatible choice for many.

Addition to the above, it also categorizes images on the basis of topics like technology, nature, and so on.

Why LibreShot?

If you are an artist or a web designer, then LibreShot is the choice you should make referring to the image choices.


Commercially and non-commercially, easy to use unless it requires any permission related access from its users.


  • Compatible for social-media.
  • Editing and Modifying an image is easy.


  • All images are not available for commercial use

15. Snapwire Snaps

If we talk of the Stock photo website, we can’t miss Snapwire Snap which is one of the best websites to consider right now. Every 7 days, you get access to 7 pictures. Additionally, you also receive a commission from some of the most talented photographers in the world.

Why Snapwire Snaps?

Artists and Designers are going to love Snapwire Snaps as they look forward to have their photos delivered at their footstep.


Royalty-free images that is available for commercial and non-commercial use without offering redistribution privileges.


  • High-quality images with tons of options
  • Adds more to user engagement
  • Conversion rate has increased over 30%


  • Copyright issues with some classic images

16. StockVault

Another one in our list of favorites is StockVault which is an excellent Stock Photography Website. It primarily focuses on horror themes like a cemetery, pumpkin, and so on. Also, you get vectors with images.

It also has photoshop tutorial in-built for users who are interested.

Why StockVault?

If you are an artist looking for images to add a creative angle to them, then StockVault is the one you should definitely consider.


All the images here are free to use but are subject to image licensing. However, you can use images for commercial, non-commercial, and domain use.


  • Free membership
  • High-quality stock images
  • Upload unlimited files


  • 3 different licenses adds to user confusion

17. PikWizard

With PikWizard, users get access to 1 million photos and images. This stock photo website has tons of contributors which makes it a considerable choice for many.

Why PikWizard?

It is a perfect choice for web designers, cartoon artists, and so on. Additionally, you can make it to use for academic purposes as well.


Many images in the profile are free to use. However, you will have to deal with copyright issues as they come your way.


  • Online photo editor
  • High-quality images with high-resolution
  • Tons of categories to choose from


  • Intellectual property rights for some images is a big turn-off.

18. Death to Stock Photos

When speaking of artists, Death to Stock Photo is a stock photography website choice to make. It provides authentic content and photos. The free plan of the website offers 35 images in a month. However, you can opt for a paid membership to get more than the desired number of images.

Why Death to Stock?

This is ideal for dreamers and entrepreneurs who are closely looking to focus as and when they want.


Use the free material available for commercial and non-commercial purposes as long as it doesn’t involve reselling.


  • UI is user-friendly
  • Access to more than 4500 images
  • Integration works well with Vimeo and Facebook


  • Only Paid subscription will allows accessibility to best images on the website.

19. MorgueFile

Another one of the best websites to consider is MorgueFile which allows free access to more than 380,000 images. Furthermore, users also use videos and templates available for free use.

Why MorgueFile?

If you are someone with a vision, then go for MorgueFile. Illustrators, Comic artists, and designers can use MorgueFile for general use. It can also be used for educational purpose.


All the images present in MorgueFile are completely free to use for the audience. You can use it for commercial or non-commercial use.


  • Modification of images is easy
  • Photos in here are available at high-resolution
  • User-friendly options for sorting


  • No categories available for image browsing

20. Gratisography

Free and quirky images have always played a significant role when looking for that perfect stock photo website. Gratisography covers your areas. You don’t need to experience any issues with copyright while using this website.

It always puts more emphasis on quality over quantity making it an ideal choice for many stock photographers.

Why Gratisography?

This stock photo website offers communities that look ahead to build themselves feature with artwork and Gratisography excels in that. Academic and professional projects are also an add-on.


It differs from picture to picture. For some websites, the intellectual property rights are a reason.


  • Promo code are an easy access
  • High-quality images
  • Highly creative photos


  • No affiliate programs for users.

21. Picjumbo

Saving the best one for the last, Picjumbo is also one of the largest stock photo websites in the world. The images here are free to use and millions and trillions all over the world make extensive use of them.

The images in the platform are categorized as per usage to make usage convenient.

Why Picjumbo?

Diversified needs could be one reason and hassle-free access to photographs is another thing to consider. You get them both with Picjumbo


Thousands of stock images are available to use free of cost. However, you can resell and redistribute.


  • You can tag images
  • Photography settles over high classification
  • Test-Drive feature


  • No Vector images
  • Some images are not available for free download

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘Free Stock Photos’?

Free and readily available images on the internet contribute to Free Stock Photos. It is available to use for anyone on the internet for completely no cost. However, for all images copyright issues varying.


There are many options on the internet now that users can consider downloading images for free. Hence, it is extremely crucial to make a choice that is also the most accurate and works in the best possible way for you.

The finest way to look for the right photo site is to test them out and search different ones for all the kinds of images you need.

Also, it is crucial to avoid issues related to copyright so that you don’t fall into any legal trouble. Further to that, you must read all the documents carefully before you proceed to download images straight from these websites.

All the stock phot website that we have listed in the articles are some of our top choices and before you opt for any one of them, make sure to read the details. Understanding whether or not these websites are serving the purpose right is also a requirement to adhere to.

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