9 Proven Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

How long in general can any of us stay away from social media? Let’s not even ask that question to one another because, on average, 3.5 billion users have shown their active presence over social media.

There are tons of businesses and brands that are aimed to shift their focus on social media. Speaking of social media, Instagram has been the undisputed king of it.

Well, we are here to show you ways that will help you to grow your Instagram followers rapidly in this fine new year.

Instagram as per the present statistics has 1 billion users who are active. However, Facebook and YouTube with active users 1.9 billion and 2.4 billion users respectively are bagging the first and second positions.

Who are the people using Instagram?

Understanding the audience is the first thing to consider and follow when it comes to knowing more about your Instagram followers.


Once you successfully understand your audience, it becomes easy and also gives you an idea on the ways you can effectively and organically grow your content. This brings along more Instagram followers for you and hence, increases the likes and comments on your regular posts.

Here are some of the interesting and astounding Instagram statistics for the year that will give you the rough idea.

  • After Facebook, Instagram counts as the most engaging platform.
  • Approximately 1 Billion people use Instagram actively every day.
  • To engage more with the audience, the best way would be to do it through videos.
  • Instagram stories are preferred by more than 500 million users each day.
  • Every day, Instagram sees users sharing more than 100 million photos and videos actively with one another.
  • 32% of the people who use the Internet all over the world prefer to use Instagram.
  • On average counting, users spend 58 mins on Facebook whereas, for Instagram, the average usage per day is 53 mins.

Best Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Let’s dive into the details on how you can see a rapid growth in your Instagram followers list for the year 2021.

Alternatively, you can also sign up for services that help in tracking your growth like Jumper Media. They provide a great deal of investment to their users to engage with the customers and passively grow the Instagram followers list count.

Time, we switch to the basics and understand the different ways to grow your Instagram followers:

1. Find out the right time to post

Well, accepting that you have a public account for the audience, you should know that unknowingly, you might be losing out on audience engagement.

This happens mostly in cases when you end up posting at the wrong time or not posting on a regular basis. There are many ways that will help you in engaging with your audience and increase the engagement level as well. It would call for a quick win especially when your Instagram users are active.


It all boils down to Instagram and the algorithm it follows. There are tons of posts that help in generating content which also embeds engagement with the Instagram followers and audience in general. This will help to show all your posts on the top feed of your Instagram followers.

This could be best done if you keep track of your Instagram Analytics. Keep monitoring the analytics so you get the basic idea about the right time to post.

The advantage of using Instagram Analytics for some time is they will help the users in identifying the best time there is to post. You can also consider using apps to take care of the ‘Best time to post’. These apps will suggest you the right time considering your audience, your Instagram followers, and their engagement.

Every Instagram account works on its own. Every account has its own set of Instagram followers who belong to different time zones. Therefore, it is the best idea to get the right idea on the time you would want to post.

Growing your Instagram also means growing the count of your Instagram followers. Hence, posting and creating the correct content is extremely crucial. So, time to buckle up on the statistics that you have been using.

2. Instagram Reels to the Go-To

Brand and business gain a huge and a lot of chances and opportunity if they make their mind to share Instagram Reels in 2021. Well, if you haven’t been sharing reels, time to start now.

Reels have been a recent part of Instagram and has changed the outlook of the whole interface that Instagram had. 30-seconds video clips have framed a completely new dimension is a boon to the Instagram platform, undoubtedly.

Source: How to Geek

Instagram made its choice to put Instagram Reels on the forefront for a reason. This has also seen a great deal of push from the user’s perspective to share, browse, and view reels more than ever in the year 2021.

However, Reels also have a designated section for them on Instagram i.e., on both the app as well the browser. People are now comparing Instagram Reels with TikTok videos and well, there are speculations of them turning out to be viral in no time.

Apart from viewing Instagram reels from your list of Instagram Followers, users also can view Reels for all the different accounts whom they don’t follow, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a great option to have.

To increase your Instagram followers, sharing the reels that you make on your feed is the best idea. This will not only drive in Instagram followers your way but will take your followers beyond it and more.

There are plenty of ways you can re-create your Instagram Reels for your Instagram followers and for the other audience too. Jumping to the bandwagon right now would be a great option to consider since the competition right now is on the lower side. Undoubtedly, Instagram Reels for users are getting higher than ever prominence, so why not consider it too?

3. Quality over Quantity, Always

How many times you post in a day is not important, what you post and whether or not it reaches out to your audience and Instagram followers is significant. It is not always important that posting for more than once or twice over social media will work for you.

Brand awareness is definitely a good quality to possess but your Instagram followers might be a little on the edge seeing so many posts at once. They might even end up considering them as spam. This is where your followers will begin to unfollow you. Furthermore, posting more initially and then slowing down the pace would end in declining the engagement rates with your Instagram followers as well as your end audience.

It might so happen that you are not able to create quality content every day, and that’s alright. Posting once in a day but making it count is more crucial. Posting less frequently works better instead of spamming your Instagram followers’ feed. High-quality content always works better than low-quality content. But posting images that are low-quality is surely a problem.

In addition to this, you can prefer to choose Instagram Analytics. This will help you have an idea of the top posts and views that your content is gaining. Instagram ads also work pretty well in such cases where a call-to-action is initiated every time someone visits your profile and goes out of it.

4. Make you Instagram more F-U-N

Instagram posts require a lot of time, effort, and management to get things right. Adding an element of fun in the process is always a good idea and works for your Instagram followers as well.

In the present time, we can see different brands adding more humor and a good dose of fun to their Instagram posts. Adding fun and pop culture elements in your memes and the recent trends might just help you make the most of it.

The best suggestions that we would offer be to make your Reels, Stories, and Posts more fun than the usual. Presently, Instagram has come up with tons of filters, and injecting them into your feeds would be the best thing to do.

AR Filters, which are a new addition to the stories along with making out more from GIFs and memes, the rate of engagement with the audience increases rapidly when they see that Fun element on your post.

The theme of your brand and its overall value has to be the major deal here. Do not compromise on the look and feel of your brand if you see something is not going well with your brand. It would not be an ideal thing to do. It is after all your brand that is making the presence and helping out your Instagram followers understand the theme and tone of the process.

However, adding a spark of fun element right onto your strategy is always going to help and hence, be ready to look forward to some fun response as well.

5. Hashtags are Important

We already know the significance of Instagram and the major role it has to play as a social media platform. It is a great way to meet new people and communicate with the ones who have common interests.

Source: Woorise

Having a strong hashtag for all your posts is great way to engage the audience. Nonetheless, the way it adds an impact to your content also needs attention. Therefore, start with the basics. Understand the hashtags that work for your posts and drive your Instagram followers towards you. This additionally helps to increase engagement as well.

Liking pictures, comment on posts that have relevance to the kind of content you are posting. Leaving comments under other people’s posts is a great effort to put in. Let people know that you admire their work and don’t forget to share your opinion on the topic too.

Allowing your audience to be in touch with you should be the ideal way to proceed. Ensure that all your post notifications are switched on so your audience can proceed with posting comments on your posts whenever they want.

Keeping the flow of the conversation from both ways is extremely subjective.

6. Optimize and Enhance your Profile

In 2021, the one most under-considered option for growing your Instagram followers is to optimize your profile for search. This is one thing that you definitely need to consider this year, if you haven’t already.

A huge change was recently introduced by Instagram that announced English-speaking users belonging to 6 different countries can now search using keywords on Instagram.

Earlier, if users looked up for ‘quick meal ideas’, mostly the accounts or hashtags that had ‘quick meal ideas’ in their username would show up in the search results. However, now, things have changed and today every post that has a link to ‘quick meal ideas’ show up in the search result. This happens regardless of whether or not the post contains the hashtag.

The research has shown up the change in the Instagram algorithm that ends up showing the relevant content to the users.

You can also consider changing your bio and finding a username that works around perfectly. Additionally, you can also add a caption with the relevant tags that work for you. It is a great win if along with you, others are also using the same name as yours.

7. Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Instagram is a place where you can build your very own force with the kinds of audience you want. Therefore, joining yourself with bloggers and influencers is a well-knit idea to prosper. It is also an enhanced way to increase your Instagram followers and even exchange your followers with one another for that matter.

However, make sure that you collaborate and associate with influencers who share a common interest as yours. In this case, their audience will relate to you more and in return will end up following you too. Alternatively, this year you can also think of ways to link up with micro-influencers.

Influencers who have Instagram followers in the range 10k – 100k followers end up providing content that is more engaging and reaches out to the audience.

In many cases, brands don’t end up following the audience. Therefore, to make sure to reach the right audience you can jump in to reach out to the target audience. Promoted posts work wonders in such cases. Additionally, you can also spend money to give a boost to your profile and to let other figure out your existence.

8. Authentic Content on the Go

Authenticity on Instagram has a major role to play for your Instagram followers as well as your audience in general. It is likely to grow even more in the year 2021.

One fine way you can reach out to the world and the audience is if you create the right content and if they are shareable. Spreading out the message through sharing your content over Instagram is the best way to reach out to the right audience. Users can even share their feed posts and Instagram stories directly through DMs.

There are many ways that talk about the different ways one can continue with their struggle. The best way to track your friends and Instagram followers and to keep them close is to ensure that the content is shared in the right time. Your Instagram followers get the right dose and especially the content that they should be looking out for.

The Instagram algorithm works like a miracle in cases like these cases ending up providing and adding favors to simultaneously increase posts and their involvement.

For your new Instagram followers, things might take a new turn and it is subjective that with enough engagement, you will end up landing on the explorer page rather than people’s feed. If you ask me, that’s a great way to look at it.

All you need to do is some sharing and you are good to go for the longest time. Therefore, the best way to proceed in this case is through putting your effort and creating the right content in the most authentic manner.

Well, let’s be honest here. Whenever we have our eyes on a post that we genuinely tend to like, we end up commenting on it, don’t you? Sometimes, in the best-case scenario, your comment has the chance to be pinned too. This will help tons of Instagram folks to not only view your pinned comment but to also follow you in the process.

Additionally, it also brings potential Instagram followers right your way.

When you engage yourself with other accounts, the Instagram algorithm helps in identifying the relationship you share with the audience. Hence, your account is likely to pop up in the suggestion center for you to be able to follow them just in case.

If we speak about opportunities, there are endless opportunities. Instagram Guides have been a new addition to the field that helps users to share and consume different formats. It also offers tons of useful recommendations to follow.

Instagram Guides are a great option to create content that is shareable and more fun with the followers for the new year 2021.

9. Instagram Bio needs a Prominent Remark

When people think about your brand, the first thing that they need to do is interact with them. Instagram bio is going to be the first thing you and other people see when they think to interact with you and your brand.


Well, honestly your Instagram bio is not all and it definitely isn’t enough. While you deal with your business account and concerns, you need to seriously be clear and accurate with what you decide to do with your business. It is definitely important to work around with keywords that have a significant role to play with the relevant brand and industry. This is exactly so the visitors know what they should expect in return.

Another tip to opt for would be to maximize the clients and the potential of your Instagram bio. There are tons of links that you can opt for to work around with clients.

This is the best way to work around what your requirements already are. A bio is compelling to attract your Instagram followers. It has a major part to play and drops the first impression to the target audience. Therefore, Instagram bio is an important encouragement to bring followers on your way.

There are tons of basics to follow that will include some significant details like website links, contact details, and so on. Also, it is important that your Instagram followers know the story of your brand in a way that engages the audience. You need to have a definite way so it brings an easy way for your Instagram followers to connect with different brands and compels them to follow you.

Instagram Business Account – Set Up!

Before you begin, it is important to understand the concepts of Instagram marketing. Before starting with the concepts, it is crucial to get an Instagram business account to continue with the basics. If you already have one, it is better you jump to the steps we are sharing. Hop on to step 3 if you have a personal account and then continue forward.

If you are someone who is brand new to Instagram or are looking forward to create an account, here is what we have to do: –

Step 1: Start with Downloading the Instagram App

  • Download the app for iOS
  • Download the app for Android

You can also use Instagram from your browser.

Step 2: Signing Up!

  • Open your Instagram App
  • Click on ‘Create Account’ or ‘Sign up with Email or Contact Number’ depending on the device that you are using.
  • Click on Next once you have successfully entered your phone number or email address
  • Time to create your new Instagram Username that people will know you for and that your Instagram followers will go for to follow you.      
  • Fill in all the details and then click on Next

Step 3: Get a Business Account

On the top-right corner, you will find the hamburger icon, click on that once you are on your profile

  • Click on Settings > Account
  • Hit ‘Switch to Professional Account’
  • Tap on Business and Follow the Leads


There are many different ways that you can opt for to grow your Instagram profile for the year 2021. The first thing that you need to consider is your look, layout, and content of your profile. Make sure that you post on a regular basis and have an added value to your customer in this case. Your Instagram followers need to value the content that you have to share with the right kind of people.

Make sure that it is easy for your Instagram followers to follow you and find you with the main interests that you carry. Your interests and topics need to align with your branding. Therefore, working with other brands and influencers on social media is a must.

There are many different ways to consider to widen your reach to the correct target. Hosting shoutouts, giveaways, are a definite way to extend the reach. This will also help brands to increase visibility.

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