Canva vs Crello – Comparison, Features, Plans & Pricing

If you’re a graphic designer then you must have come across Canva, because Canva is a life savior for anyone who needs to design online. In the past few years. Canva has proved to be a favorite online tool for a lot of social media managers to create visual eye-catching visual content for their social media handles. In this article, we will be comparing Canva vs Crello.

Canva has been the number one go-to online tool for graphic designers for a very long time however, now Canva has been given the tough competition in the market by an almost identical online tool, Crello.

Many users have pointed out that Canva and Crello are identical twins. But when you dig deeper you notice that there are some major differences between the two. Crello is a relatively new online graphic tool manufactured by the US-based royalty-free content market place Depositphotos. Crello even has an integrated Depositphotos library giving the users access to 500,000+ premium photos.

One of the major differences between the two online graphic design tools is that Canva uses a freemium business model. There are some restrictions if you stick to the free account, for example, you can only create two folders at a time to organize your designs on Canva.

However, Crello doesn’t utilize this business model. You can utilize all the offered features without having to pay for anything. The only thing you need to pay to pay for are the paid images on Crello. It seems as though Depositphotos might be using Crello to sell its premium photos.

However, before concluding on which is the best online design tool, let us have an in-depth understanding of the features and the differences between the two tools.

Canva vs Crello

Canva vs Crello: User Interface

As I have mentioned before, both the tools are identical. Their user interfaces are also very identical to each other. When you open Canva, you notice only a few templates on the home page for every kind of social media post that you wish to design and similarly when you open Crello all the templates are present on the homepage itself and additionally there is also a search bar for you to search for a template of your choice on both the design tools.


On the homepage of both the tools, you can find various eye-catching and rich color carrying images, followed by ‘Your Designs’ in the case of Canva and ‘Your Recent Design’ in the case of Crello, both fulfilling the same role of showing you the design you previously worked on.

So the results of the first round of Canva vs Crello is a draw!

Editing and Designing

When it comes to editing, once again you will notice identical features. Both have their canvas on the right and the editing tools on the left side of the page. Through these options, you can change the font style, text size, text color, add images, and much more. 

Also, after editing if you wish to download your design you can do so by clicking on the download button on the top right corner present in both Canva and Crello at the same position.

Canva editor
Crello Editor

However, I would like to point out that while editing on Canva, you will find some of the suggested templates on the left side, labeled as ‘Free’. Crello has no such labels and all the templates are completely accessible for free.

Therefore, we can conclude that when it comes to the user interface, both the tools have very minor and almost insignificant differences.

Therefore we can say that the result of Canva vs Crello second round is a tie and both Canva and Crello are winners!

Canva vs Crello: Design elements and other features

Whether you choose Crello or Canva, both make your designing work a cakewalk. With thousands of fun and eye-catching templates and various other editing tools, both the online graphic tools are sure to attract quite a lot of traffic to your social media page. Be it a Facebook post or an Instagram story, these tools have surely got your back.

So now let’s look at what some of the features and design elements these tools have to offer us.

One of the major differences between Crello and Canva while designing is that Crello has the option of inserting animated content into the post.

Animations are very important visual content. Animated content is a fun and easy way to put your message across to your audience. Hence, we can say that Crello has scored a better advantage over Canva when it comes to animated content.

However, Canva is an old player, this way Canva has a bit more experience in the market. This means that Canva, with time, has understood the needs of the graphic designers and has evolved itself by adding a large number of document types.

Canva Home Screen

Starting from a simple resume to marketing presentations to zoom call backgrounds to Twitter posts, Canva has a document type for all of your document needs.

However, Crello is more suited for social media posts, such as Instagram stories, IGTV covers, Tumblr posts, TikTok videos, and much more.

Did you know, according to a survey conducted recently, 80% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing and videos alone (63%) has surpassed blogging (60%) in usage as a social media marketing strategy. Therefore, it is very important to use the right tools and design elements for your social media marketing.

Canva and Crello are some of the best online designing tools out there, that are easy to use and are both easily accessible and affordable. With compelling visual content, creative posts and you can connect much better with your audience.

I think that after a thorough comparison we might have a winner for this round of Canva vs Crello. So this round goes to Canva because of the varieties of designing options and a wide number of predesigned templates for all of your documents, social media posts, and much more!

Canva vs Crello: Images and videos

When it comes to videos and images, both Canva and Crello are absolutely a winner. With more thousands of high-definition stock images and videos, these tools are sure to add that little oomph factor to your social media posts.

Both Canva and Crello provide a wide array of a rich library of high-quality stock images that will help graphic designers create intriguing and absolutely beautiful posts for social media marketing.

Designers using these tools can easily upload pictures on their designs, can achieve perfect placement and size with the help of various tools such as resizing and cropping, and hence communicate their concept to their target audience in an effective manner.

One of the most notable features while designing using these tools is that designers can easily switch between photos of colors and other design elements without moving through different tabs.

Apart from the usual pictures and videos, you can also add animated graphs and theme music to your videos and even download them without any watermark.

Here one of the major differences between Canva and Crello is that Crello has over 500,000 premium images and a robust catalog of 100 million HD stock photos. 

It is to be noted that apart from the premium pictures already present in the stock library, you can also use your own images in your designs.

Therefore, we can conclude that when it comes to images and videos you will barely find any difference between the two tools however, we can safely regard that using these tools, you can create your own unique designs effortlessly and can also customize their templates to suit your needs.

And once again the conclusion of the Canva vs Crello match is a draw because both are winners!

Canva Photos
Crello Photos

Canva vs Crello Ease of use: Which is more User Friendly?

Well, I can tell you that, this is going to be a tough call as both are very user-friendly, which is one of the main reasons, why so many people are using Canva and Crello.

But like everything else in this world has its plus and minus, the same way even these two apps have some differences that will help us choose a winner as to which of these is more user-friendly.

One of the main reasons, Canva has become the go-to online designing app is because of its user friendly and easy to understand user interface which makes it easy for you to play with the different design elements and templates.

Because of its clean user interface, it becomes a cake walk to design any document that you wish to design.

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or a beginner, Canva has made it easy for anyone and everyone. the drag and drop editing feature is especially a commendable feature, where you can drag any image, any font, any background design, size, format, or any other elements that you wish to add to your design.

After completing your designs, you can download and share your designs via email, link or other social media integrations.

In conclusion, I would like to say that all the predesigned templates and design elements, the drag and drop feature, the download and share option, and the neat user interface makes it a life and a time savior for all.

Crello user friendly

Well as mentioned above, there is not much difference between the two online tools.

Crello is equally easy to use the online graphic tool. Like Canva, Crello also has a neat user interface, and in fact both the user interface look somewhat similar to each other as we have I have already noted out in the subheading ‘User Interface’.

Similar to Canva, Crello also has a drag and drop feature for you to add any element to your design.

One of the notable differences between Canva and Crello is that in the free plan of Crello you can share your design with others however, they can only view your design and not edit it. Whereas in Canva, anyone can edit your design after you allow them even in the free plan.

Therefore in conclusion I think we can safely say that in Canva vs Crello both the online tools are very user-friendly and easy to use for professional designers and also for beginners.

Canva vs Crello Features

Both the tools offer a free and a pro plan.

By subscribing to the free plan you get almost all the design elements in both the graphic design tools. However, there are some additional premium features that you will get access to after subscribing to the pro plan.

So before comparing the features of the pro plans, let us briefly compare the features of the free plan of both the tools

Features available in Canva free plan

  • Free photos– Access to millions of free photos and graphics
  • 8000 templates– Access to over 8000 customizable templates, however, not all of them are free.
  • 100+ document design types– Access to over 100 + design types starting from an Instagram post to zoom backgrounds to presentations and much more.
  • Thousands of free designs to enhance your designs like a pro Thousands of free to use icons that you can use as it is or you can combine it with your own creativity to create a great logo, design, branding, and much more.
  • Share your designs with others- Invite team members for free via email or share your designs with anyone and give them access to edit administer or view your design.
  • Folders and storage- Free users are limited to two folders for free from the folders tab on the homepage. However, you can always delete one folder to replace it with any new folder.

Features available in Crello free plan

  • 30,000+ templates– Access to 30,000+ customizable predesigned templates, however, a lot of them are accessible only in the premium plan.
  • Unlimited folders and storage– Unlike Canva, here you will be able to create unlimited folders while using the free plan. Therefore on Crello, you will be able to sort your designs into folders without any limitations on storage
  • Upload fonts– One of the most notable text editing features on Crello is that you can upload fonts from your own computer.
  • Photos and videos– You can have access to 1000 free photos and videos from Crello’s built-in library.
  • Share with others– Similar to Canva, here also you can share your design with anyone, but in the free plan others can only view your design but won’t be able to edit them.

These are some of the main features of the free plan of Canva and Crello.

Now let us have a look at the pro plan of both the tools

Features of Canva Pro plan

  • Transparent images- On the Canva Pro plan you will be able to download transparent images in just one click
  • Resize images- With one click you will now be able to resize images for Instagram posts, Facebook posts, presentations, and much more.
  • Canva animator pro- This lets you make your design animated with different animation styles. You can then download your animated design in either movie or GIF format.
  • Collaborate with unlimited team members- Invite unlimited members to collaborate and give them access to your fonts, colors, logo, and design.
  • Create unlimited folders- With Canva pro you can now create unlimited folders for storage of all your designs and organize and sort them properly.

So these were the overall major features of the Canva pro plan.

Besides these features, you will also be able to upload custom fonts and get 100 GB of storage.

So now lets have a look at the Crello pro plan features.

Features of Crello Pro plan

  • Collaboration- Here you will be able to team up with up to 4 members to collaborate and work with you on the designs
  • Access to premium photos, videos, and templates- With the Crello pro plan get access to 25,000+ premium design templates, 500,000+ premium stock photos, and 900+ premium videos.
  • Animations- Get access to over 8000 pre-designed fun animations, objects, and backgrounds to create fun and amazing animated designs for your social media posts.

Besides these premium features, you will get other common features as well, such as unlimited folders, unlimited storage, resizing designs into any format, and upload custom fonts.

Both the tools have given each other a tough competition when it comes to features, but, we have to choose a winner and this is definitely going to be a tough call.

So after thorough analysis, the winner of this round will be Canva mainly because of the unlimited number of collaborations however, Crello has definitely proved to be a winner when it comes to animated designs.


Integrations and other third-party apps make online designing a much easier and smoother process because then you get everything in one place.

Let’s have a look at how integrations and other third party apps play a role in the working of these tools. However, it is to be noted that Crello doesn’t have any integrations but Canva does.

So we will understand what these integrations are and how they will make your designing process smoother.

Canva Integrations

Canva has integrated with all the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and commercial-free stock platforms such as Pexels, Pixabay, etc.

One of the most commendable features of Canva’s integrations is that you can add someone else’s YouTube video, Soundcloud music, tweets, and much more into your design.

Apart from these, you can also integrate with various service providers such as Box, HubSpot or directly link your cloud storage account like Google Drive to import or export your designs in and out of Canva.

Well I will need a whole separate article to talk about all the integrations that Canva offer so I will stop here!

Crello integrations

As I mentioned above, Crello doesn’t offer any third-party integrations. You can, however, share your designs on social media directly from Crello.

So here we have a clear winner, Canva because of the various third party integrations that Canva provides.

Canva and Crello Pricing

So now we have arrived at one of the main questions, Canva or Crello, which one will prove to be a valuable investment?

Well if you ask me I think both will prove to be excellent investments for people aspiring to create beautiful content online.

However, we have to pick a winner. But before that let’s have a brief comparison between the prices of the two online tools.

Canva Pricing

Canva offers two types of pricing plans pro and enterprise. You can also find a monthly and a yearly plan for them both. For Canva pro you have to pay US$12.95 when billed monthly and US$119.40 when billed yearly. The enterprise plan has a monthly plan only that is US$30 per month. Both pro and enterprise plans have free trials so you can test them out for free before purchasing any plan.

Crello Pricing

Crello has a monthly and a yearly pro plan that will cost US$9.99 when billed monthly and US$7.99 when paid yearly.

I think in this genre, both are winners because both have such affordable plans and hence both the Canva and Crello will offer you value for money at the best prices.

Help and Support

In this age of cutting edge technology, I don’t think we need much support and understanding of how to make things work. However, we all need a helping hand at some point in our life.

Let us now have a look at how efficient these tools are in providing customer support.

Canva provides support mostly via email however, they will sometimes also provide support via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You can resolve some of the common issues on Canva by visiting their help center and watching their tutorials.

In a similar fashion Crello provides support through email only.

For other common issues you can visit their help center and watch online tutorials on how to use Crello.


Well if you ask me what to use, Canva or Crello, I would recommend both, whatever suits you according to your needs.

When it comes to fun animations and videos at a cheaper price, I would recommend Crello and for images or other graphic design elements, I would recommend Canva.

However, I would prefer Canva slightly over Crello because of more number features, varieties of predesigned templates, unlimited collaborations, usage of integrations, and third-party applications.

It is a very tough call to make, but its safe to say that you won’t go wrong with either of these tools.

check out the free trial to compare for yourself to understand and see which one suits your needs more.

Happy designing!

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