How to Create a Poll on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature called “Poll”, that provides a fast, simple, and completely virtual way to obtain feedback from your LinkedIn network. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a poll on LinkedIn.

From the LinkedIn homepage, you can generate a poll. You can also build a poll directly from the homepage of a LinkedIn Page or a LinkedIn Group if you’re an admin.

Getting meaningful and informed feedback from your network and giving it to others in exchange is a perfect method to get it while also sparking new conversations and discussions with your trusted LinkedIn connections.

Also, the LinkedIn “Polls” feature allows you to communicate with other LinkedIn members by asking for their opinions and viewpoints on a variety of topics.

So in a nutshell, LinkedIn polls are an easy way to get people to interact with your LinkedIn page and create engagement.

So let’s begin:

How to Create LinkedIn Polls

Let’s learn the steps on how you can easily create LinkedIn Polls in quick time:

Step 1: Login to your LinkedIn profile and click where “Start a post” is displayed.

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Step 2: Now you need to click the “Create a Poll” option from the chooser menu that gets displayed.

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Step 3: In the “Create a poll” window, you have to type your question. After that, you will have to fill in the options. In one poll you get a minimum of two options and a maximum of four options.

You have to click “+Add option” to add another option, the maximum is four as previously explained. Now you will have to select the “Poll duration” from the dropdown. The default duration of the poll is one week, however, you can select between 24 hours and up to 2 weeks.

How to Create a Poll on LinkedIn-3

Step 4: You can write up a post along with your poll by clicking on “What do you want to talk about?”. You can also include relevant hashtags to help your poll to get more reach, attention, and engagement. You can select with whom you want to share the poll. After this, simply click “Post” are you have successfully created a LinkedIn Poll.

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Once your poll goes live and is collecting/gathering insights from your LinkedIn network, you can easily see the real-time activity of the poll. You can see how many votes have been cast so far, what are the results of each option and how much time is left in the poll for voting by your LinkedIn connections and network.

Once the time for the poll elapses, you will have all the relevant information like the winning option, % of votes, and the total vote count.

I hope you find this tutorial on how to create a poll on LinkedIn group useful and informative.

LinkedIn Polls – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many options can a LinkedIn poll have?

A LinkedIn poll can only have four options to choose from. There are two options by default.

Can a poll be edited later?

No you can’t – a poll cannot be edited once it is created by you. You can only delete a poll after it has been created.

Can LinkedIn Pages vote on a poll?

Yes – someone who is an Admin of a LinkedIn Page Admin can vote on the behalf of a LinkedIn Page.

Can inappropriate or offensive polls be reported by anyone?

Yes they can be.

Who will be notified when you create a poll?

Your LinkedIn Connections will get notified that you created a poll.

Can I reopen a poll after the closing date?

No you can’t – a poll can never be reopened once it is closed.

Is there a limit to the number of characters I can use?

Yes – for poll questions you are limited to a maximum of 140 characters and for options you are limited to a maximum of 30 characters.

Is it possible to create polls on both mobile and desktop?

Yes, polls can be created on both mobile and desktop devices.

How many times can a member vote?

At any given time, a member can only vote once on a poll. If a member removes their vote before the poll closes, they will be able to vote again if the poll has not yet closed.

Can polls be created by LinkedIn Pages Admins?

Yes, polls can be created by LinkedIn Page admins.


Creating a poll on LinkedIn is a great way to increase engagement and enhance your brand image.

I hope you will use this LinkedIn feature to get full value out of it.

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