BlueSnap Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

BlueSnap for all most of us know is a solution for processing payments that helps different organizations most possibly B2C and B2B to regulate payments in the most flexible manner. This also helps in accelerating the businesses.

Let’s start the BlueSnap Review.

BlueSnap Review

What is BlueSnap?

BlueSnap platform provides its extended support to online and mobile sales including other subsidiaries that deal with payments, subscriptions, managing invoices, and so on.

The platform helps many organizations in fully expanding the operations and by making them eligible to conduct payments of any sort. Accepting payments from both i.e., local and international customers become easy with BlueSnap.


Additionally, you can integrate the platform easily with many different platforms that will help in processing payments securely. The built-in terminal also supports different consoles with the help of which making transactions over phones become easy and much more flexible.

If you have a business that is looking for making online payments/transactions, then this tool is going to be the best for you. There are more than 110 types of payments which mostly include paying through e-wallets. In addition to these, there are tools that help in fraud prevention as well.

Features of BlueSnap

BlueSnap is basically known to offer an extensive range of features to the target audience. Some of its most called-out features are below.

Global Payments are customized for fraud Prevention

The platform has a backup that is very strong and extensive. It also helps with its anti-fraud technology that will allow you to conduct your business process with ease and with the right peace of mind. The three-tiered services, customization, and prevention are hassle-free.

They are also managed as per the needs of the users.

Analytics and Payments

For any business to prosper in the right way, it is essential to have Analytics tools to conduct them. With BlueSnap, users get the option to conduct payments in the finest way with the analytical tool that it provides.

Additionally, you can also track your sales with different methodologies like currency, payments, regions, and so on. To see revenue growth, you can also eliminate transactions that don’t work in the right way. You also get to extract your real-time data and report it anytime as per the functional API.


Benefits of BlueSnap

There are many benefits that BlueSnap throws right at you. Some of the prominent ones are:-

Payments in Multiple Ways

BlueSnap has a very fine and neat way of managing its payments. It regulates the process with multiple modes such as merchant account, payment processor, and so on.

With the help of the system, there is more than one way to make your payments and proceed with your choices. Accepting payments locally or on an international level directly from clients is another optimal way of using this platform.

Hence, you can integrate your payment options with PayPal, VISA, etc. All of this will help to maintain the flow in the most effective and efficient manner.


The ultimate goal of BlueSnap is to protect every user who is using the platform to keep away from fraudulent transactions. With tons of security protocols and immersive tools, you can easily identify the payments that are fraudulent and then can minimize the stakes to near about 80%.

Nowadays security is the first thing that people look for before they opt for a platform. It is indeed necessary to protect the people who are attached to it from different attacks in the process.

Payment Solutions

It clearly doesn’t depend on the kind of clients your transactions are done with because BlueSnap, in either way is the most ideal way of conducting the payments. Regardless of the audience, the system allows you to see growth in your organization which is by far the best choice for the public or other business.


Why You Need BlueSnap?

There is a need for BlueSnap for the following reasons: –

  • One Account at a time.
  • Easy integration.
  • Global Support.
  • Global Reach.
  • Fraud Prevention.
  • Reporting and Reconciliation.

BlueSnap Integrations

Starpoint SolutionsKonnektive CRM
Network SolutionsGoogle Analytics
Visa CheckoutChikPea
DFO GlobalUltraCart

BlueSnap Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of BlueSnap are pretty flexible which is entirely based on the volume of transactions and costs absolutely nothing.

The platform offers custom pricing plans and this makes it easy for businesses to extract benefits from it. Currently, the pricing rate usually drives around 2.9% + $0.30 if you use the debit or credit card feature. For the processing of eWallets, there is no processing fee that the user needs to pay.

Therefore, if you have a business with high sales, then opting for custom pricing would be the most effective thing to do.


BlueSnap Alternatives

1. Payment Depot

If you have a business that accepts payments through Credit Cards, then Payment Depot could ideally be the one for you. It is compatible to serve any business that uses credit cards.

2. PEX

Organizations all over the world and throughout the country that allows employees to have the ability to spend and control their expenses simultaneously work best with PEX. Businesses small or big can benefit from PEX if they know the right cards to play.

BlueSnap Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on BlueSnap

Who can use BlueSnap?

BlueSnap can be used in around 180 countries and works effectively with other merchants. However, you first need to understand the services whether or not they are available in the country.

Does BlueSnap offer Data Migration?

Yes, BlueSnap offers Data Migration.

What are the cards and payment modes that are acceptable?

The acceptance ranges from pre-paid Visa and American Express Gift Cards. Alternatively, you can also use Mastercard for the purpose.

How do we know BlueSnap to protect against fraud?

BlueSnap shares its partnership with Kount which is a fraud prevention service. It also helps to analyze the data of the customers and behavior on every purchase that the consumer makes.

What are the different currencies that BlueSnap accepts?

There are more than 100 currencies that BlueSnap accepts.

Wrap up

BlueSnap is an end-to-end platform that regulates payment. There are tons of different ways that will help in regulating the payment processes in the most hassle-free manner. Alongside that, it also helps in making considerable use of analytics and then maintaining transactions more smoothly.

Overall, BlueSnap is a great option to consider if you are in the process of enhancing your payment mechanisms.

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