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Zoho Projects Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros


    Do you also want to change your project management tool? Now that you are here, I am hoping you are looking for a change.

    Certainly, Zoho is the noise of the town right now especially when we talk about Zoho Projects, potential management software is that we figure out by the means of it.

    This review here will take you through Zoho Projects and will help you understand everything about it.

    Let’s dive right into it.

    Zoho Projects

    Zoho Review

    What are Zoho?

    Zoho Projects is a very popular project management tool based on the cloud and works effectively for team collaboration, creation of workflows, and tracking all your day-to-day tasks.

    Moreover, if you already have been using a project management tool, then certainly, you have heard of Zoho.

    Along with everyday tracking, it also lets you manage project issues and take care of bugs that come on the way. It makes sure to be the project management software you need. Furthermore, its pricing is also decent.

    Zoho Project Management is a considerable choice to make because it is a good fit for small and large companies at a time. Here are some of the main questions to look out for.

    What are the features you can expect from Zoho? What are its benefits? You will know it all from here.


    Features of Zoho


    We all know what Blueprints are but here in Zoho Projects, it is a digital sketch board. Here you can design and visualize the workflow as per your needs to make sure that your processes are automated.

    In addition, you can also adjust task status and fit them so that they align with the work process. The Blueprint feature is available only when you pay for it and upgrade to a premium plan.

    Gantt Chart

    To visualize how the team is doing and to keep a track of all the progress, Gantt Chart is a great way.

    With the use of a Gantt chart, there’s a lot you can do every time like track Milestone, figure out the dependency of team members, and track task list.

    Moreover, you can find the critical path through the Gantt chart.


    Benefits of Zoho

    Team Collaboration

    Zoho Projects works for high-fliers but also team members. It allows users to have a sense of collaboration and maintain communication in the process too.

    Some of the key features of the team collaboration include: –

    • Chat – It is an inbuilt feature that lets you have private and group conversations.
    • Feed You will find all the activity updates related to your project in one place.
    • Forums – You can conduct discussions across teams that are present all over the world on a common platform.

    Project Planning

    Zoho Projects stretch all their way to be the best in Project Planning. You can work with any kind of project while you are on this tool. It could be a simple one or a complex project and it will help you out with it.

    Zoho Projects can be used to create tasks, assign task dependency, and there’s so much you can expect from it.

    If you are working in an agile team, then be ready to fall in love with the Kanban board and Gantt Chart.


    Why You Need Zoho?

    Resource Management

    Managing a resource pool could be tedious and if you are a part of a project, you surely know the kind of commitments it takes to manage resources.

    Every resource has its value and there could be anything that one could need during a project span. This is the place where Zoho sneaks in and helps users by offering a resource management plan that will efficiently place all the resources as and where they are required.


    There are so many apps that Zoho Projects integrates with.

    Some of the apps include: –

    • Zoho People
    • Zoho CRM
    • Zoho Invoice
    • Zoho Analytics
    • Zoho Sprints

    Zoho Integrations

    GmailGoogle Chrome Extension
    Zoho FlowZoho People
    Zoho DocsiCal
    Zoho InvoiceZoho Desk
    Zoho BooksGitlab
    BasecampMicrosoft Teams
    Zoho CRMCrashlytics
    GithubGoogle Calendar
    Zoho AssistZoho Analytics
    Microsoft Office 365JIRA
    Google DriveMS Outlook Calendar
    BoxGoogle Apps Marketplace
    Zoho ExpenseZoho Forms
    MS ExcelDropbox
    Zoho MailGoogle Tasks
    Microsoft ProjectsZoho Sprints
    BitbucketZoho Meetings
    Zoho CliqGitea
    Google SpreadsheetsOneDrive

    Zoho Pricing Plans

    This Project Management Tool falls mid-way of being expensive and offering a cheap version. Having said that, we can’t place it in either of the groups. They have put together a customizable pricing plan that depends on what are the requirements.

    It has three plans:-

    1. Free – It is free to use.
    2. Premium – It costs $350/month and annually, it goes up to $280/month.
    3. Enterprise – It costs $700/month and annually, it goes up to $680/month.


    Zoho Projects pricing plan monthly


    Zoho Projects pricing plan yearly

    Zoho Alternatives

    1. ClickUp

    ClickUp is a great choice for teams that work together and collaborate. It is a great option for anyone who wants to work together more smartly and also effectively.

    2. Function Point

    Function Point is designed for agencies, enterprises, studios, and marketing departments that are looking to streaming their business process and work effectively with one another.

    Zoho Video

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Zoho

    Is there a free version that Zoho Projects has?

    Yes, Zoho Projects have a free version to offer. Five users and two projects can get this option for free. Therefore, if you have a small team, it could be an ideal choice to make.

    What are Zoho Projects?

    Zoho Projects is a project management software that is cloud-based and has more than 200,000 customers associated with them all over the world.

    Moreover, it helps you have information on projects, helps you to plan projects, and then execute those projects with perfection. This management software lets you use and assign tasks as easily as you can.

    What are the kinds of customers Zoho has?

    There are so many options for customers that Zoho Projects has and with such an extended knowledge base, help videos, and an API Guide, customer support, project community to workaround with, there is a lot of people can do with it.

    Zoho’s content will save you from every roadblock that you come across.

    Zoho Projects works best for?

    This Project Management Tool works wonderfully for teams that are large and are eagerly looking for a project management tool.

    Wrap up

    Zoho Project Management tool is a great and effective app for some.

    Overall, it is a great solution and you get the right set of tools to fidget around with. There are so many solutions to look out for and it will work out effectively for you.

    Try it out for yourself to see how Zoho Projects sorts out solutions for you.

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