Copyscape Review – Pricing, Features, Pros, and Cons

How serious are you when it comes to SEO for your website? Well, to make sure that the content you post on your website works out as a wonder for you, there is a constant need for changes and approvals.

This is exactly where Copyscape comes into the picture. It is a plagiarism checker tool that allows users to use it in multiple ways possible.

The review here will help you to walkthrough Copyscape and every possible detail that you might require.


What is Copyscape?

When you look for a plagiarism detection tool that is online and real-time, Copyscape is your go-to option. It gives flexibility to the users to scan the entire content to check if it is a duplicate. Additionally, this also ensures originality. It has multiple plans to offer to users and there are different price plans.

The basic existence of this tool is to help Freelancers, content creators, etc to help them ensure that their content is completely original. Moreover, it is an artificial intelligence tool that uses its architecture to understand the different ways to scan the internet to look for exact similar content.

Features of Copyscape

This tool is known for its features. There are many features that you get as a user to make sure that everything is right on your part.

1. Proofreading

It provides ways for users to proofread the content in the easiest way. So, consider you have written content and you don’t have the time to check if there are mistakes, then Copyscape is the one to consider for it to perform proofreading on your content and correct the mistakes, if any.

2. Plagiarism Checker

Well, we all know Copyscape as being the best online tool to check plagiarism. It helps to easily detect the copied content by performing an outright scan from Google just to check if your content is 100% legit.

Benefits of Copyscape

Some of the benefits that this tool has to offer are: –

1. Protection

Copyscape is by far the strongest tool, and also popular that is vividly known for its supreme abilities to detect solution. Also, it has been ranked #1 by many different tests that this tool has undergone.

Millions of people use this tool to make sure that there is no flaw in their content and everything is working as expected. In addition to this, it allows prevention of duplicate content and look for copies that already exist on the internet.

2. Content Stealing? Not Anymore

Well, all it takes is a click of a button for anyone in this field to copy your content and use it. They can also end up publishing your content online and stealing your revenue along with your valuable audience.

3. Copyright Checks

It also offers facilities using which you can easily detect if your website or content has content that involves copyright claims. In many cases, it becomes difficult to understand whether or not the content you are using has copyright or not. However, Copyscape helps in figuring out the basic problem.

Copyscape Integrations

Cloud CreationsOkta

Pricing Plans of Copyscape

Copyscape presently offers two plans which include Copyscape Premium and Copysentry. Here is a detailed overview of how that works.

Copyscape Premium

With Copyscape Premium, users get the most advanced abilities to make searches on the website.

Content buyers can use Copyscape premium to figure out the originality issues and problems that they might have with the content before making any publication. This helps to avoid duplicate content and helps customers to make searches on the internet that are more valuable.

For Site Owners, it works effectively as it helps to track down the plagiarism and the content of the site. So, you can protect the authenticity of your content and to maintain the identity.

With this plan, users have to pay 3c for searching 200 words and additionally allows 1c for extra 100 words.


Copysentry has two plans the Standard and Professional.

With Standard Copysentry, you can check all your pages every week. $4.95/month is what you need to pay for the Standard version and $0.25/month for an extra page.

The Professional Copysentry checks pages on a day-to-day basis. At $19.95/month you can check up to 10 pages and an additional $1/month for an extra page check.

Copyscape Alternatives

1. WhiteSmoke

If you belong to the corporate world, you can easily use WhiteSmoke in your workplace for writing business listicles, reports, and so on. Additionally, you can also prepare reports and documentation in the right manner.

2. Grammarly

Whether you belong to a team of small size or big, Grammarly will work in the best possible way for you. Whether it is an article, email, or anything related to business. With Grammarly business, you can produce work that will reflect the principles of your business.

3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid works best for people and companies that care the most about the quality of their work. This tool is also great to handle documentation, reports, workbooks, and so on.

Copyscape Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Copyscape

How can I figure out the ways to check if contents are duplicates on my own site?

If you have a site that has more than 25,000 pages, you can use Siteliner which also happens to be new copyscape product. The private index functionality that comes as a part of Copyscape premium can also help you resolve the problem.

What are the languages that Copyscape supports?

Copyscape gels along with every web page that you can possibly find. It is comfortable with every language and alphabet. However, it refrains ideograms like Chinese hanze, japanese kanji, etc. Set the character encoding correctly to get rid of language related issues.

Wrap up

There are many people on the internet nowadays who look for an easy way to win. Therefore, to maintain their place, they copy content from other websites in order to save time and effort.

With Copyscape, getting hold of such culprits is comparatively easier. Once you hunt the real one down, you can proceed ahead with the necessary actions. It is a great tool that is going to help you understand the working and getting rid of the challenges that you might feel while you are playing around with your content.

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