Integrately Review: Best features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Integrately is a one step automation softwares that allows you to integrate two or more apps with each other to improve the workflow of a given task. 

Have you ever had to hustle between two apps to get a task done?

Have you spent hours sorting out new subscribers and their database?

Have you ever wanted to automate posting on your social media site?

If you ever wanted two unrelated apps to work seamlessly together just so that your life becomes a tad bit easy, then Integrately is your hero. 

It not only links your apps, it sets triggers for some actions to perform other actions. We are going to look into this promising software to see if it is as good as it sounds. 

What is Integrately?

Integrately is used to integrate one or multiple applications and services with each other to automate simple tasks that are otherwise done twice separately in them.


Most of the business is based on digital tasks. Everything from collecting leads, setting up schedules for that lead to winning the deal from the lead has to be updated multiple times on multiple apps. 

For example, for the above tasks the lead probably collected from landing pages. So you will be importing the lead information from the landing page to the CRM. For scheduling, you probably collect data from CRM and update it on any scheduling apps like calendly or Google calendar. And if the deal is Won you will create a section in QuickBooks. 

The above tasks are generally done separately and thus loosing valuable time. With Integrately you can easily connect Google Calendar, LeadPages, Calendly to your CRM. Now the above task can be automated. Whenever someone subscribes through a LeadPage landing page then it will be updated in your CRM. Once a new lead is added, a meeting is scheduled on calendly automatically. If the Lead status is converted to customer then a new record is created on QuickBooks. 

Integrately has support for top CRM apps, top marketing apps, top Project management apps, Top forms and survey apps, social media app, etc. 

Integrately supports 300+ applications with 250,000+ tasks. They are a fast growing company. They have 10,000+ trusted customers. And many users are already switching from Zapier to Integrately. 

Features of Integrately

We are going to see all the features of Integrately:

  • Easy to use interface. You don’t need any prior technical knowledge to figure out Integrately. Popular websites have declared that Integrately is easier to use than its popular alternatives Zapier and Integromat. 
  • One step integration. All you have to do is select app 1 and app 2 from the integration list. And you are good to go. You can integrate 300+ applications and services with each other. They are always adding more apps to their list. 
  • Integrately has a simple task automation tool. All you have to do is select when this happens then this action is taken. You have 250,000+ task automation. They have more than 200 automations for typeforms alone. They are always adding more task automation to their list. 
  • You can build your own task automation. All you have to do is select triggers and then it’s action. This way you can customise it your way. 
  • You can log into the accounts of the apps so that Integrately can truly connect your account. NiIt also allows you to add conditions or filter to the task automation at various levels of the task. For example, if you have a lead in the CRM. You can create a filter to add a new profile in QuickBooks every time the lead is Won. That is converted into a customer. 
  • You can even set automations in a single app. For example, you can automate publishing posts on social media to a particular time of the day. 
  • For every connection made they have a small guidance video to help you. 
  • Their help and support documents are extremely helpful and simple to understand. They have solutions to almost all of the major issues. 
  • Their support team is also very responsive. Whatever issue you raise, is discussed with the developers and you will have answers on schedule. 
  • They also have a live chat feature available on working days. It puts you in contact with an agent without any waiting. 
  • They add new integrations constantly and automatically update the existing ones regularly. This saves a lot of hassle.

Benefits of Integrately

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Integrately:

  • It saves lots of time and resources when the tasks are automated.
  • It allows you to integrate apps for which you have no direct integrations. This way you can have features that are otherwise not available directly. 
  • It creates a workflow between CRMs, project management, marketing apps, etc. 
  • For example, you can promote your business using marketing apps, then collect lead information and automatically transfer it into CRM. Which then schedules a meeting in Trello. Once a meeting is done and the lead is converted, you can easily update in QuickBooks. This is way more simple than doing these tasks separately. 
  • They have a very small learning curve. That means they can be used by all people with minimal technical knowledge. 
  • It reduces the size of staff. For example, companies hire multiple staff to do these tasks separately. With Integrately just one staff is enough. Or small businesses don’t even need that one staff. The owner can take care of it all.

Integrately Integrations

SalesForceFacebook lead ads
QuickBooksGoogle Drive

Pricing Plans of Integrately

The pricing plan available on Integrately are:

  • Free plan

They have a free for life plan in which you can perform 200 tasks, 5 sing step automation and webhooks

  • Starter Plan

Their Starter plan costs $15 per month With 14,000 tasks, 20 multiple step automation,

  • Professional plan

Their professional plan costs $29 per month with 40,000 tasks, unlimited automation, auto reply, etc

  • Growth plan

Their growth plan costs $99 per month with 150,000 tasks, unlimited automation, auto reply, folder permission and shared connectivity.

  • Business plan

Their business plan cost $250 per month with 700,000 tasks, unlimited automation, unlimited users, folder permissions and shared connectivity.

Integrately Alternatives

1. Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect hundreds Alf SaaS app with each other. This will allow you to automate tasks between multiple platforms.

2. Mulesoft AnyPoint Platform

AnyPoint platforms transforms business by allowing API led connectivity with other apps and service. It helps solve complicated integration on SaaS, SOA and APIs.

3. Integromat

IntegroMat is a software that automates manual processes, integration with other apps, service and devices in the simplest way.

Integrately Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Integrately

Is my automation failing?

You can check that in the history of your automation. It will show an error field. It is generally because of mismated fields, incorrect format, authentication fail, etc.

Why do I have issue with connectivity between app?

You have issues when Your subscription plan does not have authority to share API credentials, when API credentials are incorrect, Change of passwords, incorrect login credentials. Once you resolve these issues, connectivity can be established.

Can I add multiple automation to a single task?

Yes, you can set multiple triggers to a single task at any stage of the task. You can even use an if else branching to do it.

Wrap up

Integrately is an automation software that has change the game of integration with one click process. They have a simple and effective interface that is very easy to use. They have almost zero learning curve.

Ready Mapping, no steps to perform, no learning. That’s how they describe their application. And they are not wrong. That is why they are securing a place at the top of all the integration applications. Try Integrately for free to test it for yourself.

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