Lemlist Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Are you looking for a marketing tool that will allow you the ability to send emails in bulk?

Then look no further, Lemlist is a tool that will let you do that.

Let’s go through the Lemlist Review.

Lemlist Review

What is Lemlist?

Lemlist is a quite popular marketing tool and easy-to-use software that allows users to send emails in bulk. You can also personalize your emails to go through the benefits.


There are tons of other benefits that one can extract out of Lemlist and the difference between this software compared to the others mostly adds specialization in reaching out to campaigns, working out with other better tools, and so on.

It outlays Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign and many other such tools. Lemlist has a whole lot of features to offer which makes it the most efficient option to go for.

In addition to all these, users can also personalize and generate their emails in the form of videos and images. Most of the time our cold emails don’t get the attention they deserve and hence, to kickstart better relationships with clients right from the start, this is the best option.

Features of Lemlist

Some of the best features that Lemlist offers are:-

Unsubscribe Button

Does it sound believable to you when we mention sending a customized email that has the “unsubscribe” button present in a separate section of the email?

Well, you cannot send a personalized or even a customized email in such a case.

This is exactly where Lemlist offers its flexibility by outreaching to the audience and by hiding the unsubscribe button that will allow readers to add another dimension to their email. Additionally, you will also have a unique-looking email.

Email Deliverability

It is of extreme importance that emails end up landing in the ‘Primary’ tab of the inbox of the people. Lemlist makes sure to offer various tools that will help in doing so.

Therefore, with this tool this ease of access is a great opportunity to have.


Regardless of the outreach you commit, you can always do unlimited automation as you please. With the help of Lemlist, users can connect with many other tools out there. This helps in better tracking and increasing the overall sales channel to maintain the track.


Benefits of Lemlist

Some of the benefits that Lemlist offers its users are indeed significant ones.

  • List Management.
  • Dynamic Content.
  • Compliance.
  • Image Library.
  • Template Management.
  • Customer Surveys.
  • Reporting/Analytics.

Why You Need Lemlist?

Lemlist serves a lot of purposes especially the flow of the User Interface is a beautiful add-on. The software is very dynamic and has a lot to offer with its creativity to diversify in Landing Pages.

The ‘Lemwarm’ is one of the finest abilities of this software that allows warming the inbox right before even you propose to launch your campaign.

Lemlist Integrations

PipedriveGoogle Drive

Lemlist Pricing Plans

Lemlist offers monthly as well as yearly plans for users. The monthly and yearly plans vary very slightly in prices. Here is a detailed overview of the pricing plans of Lemlist:

The three basic plans of Lemlist are:-

  1. Email Warm-up.
  2. Email Outreach.
  3. Sales Engagement.

Email Warm-up

Allows warming up any email domain to enhance the boost and deliverability in the most significant manner. Users have to pay $29/month to opt for this plan.

Email Outreach

With this plan, users get the feasibility to access campaigns and be a part of all the personalized features. To opt for this plan, users will have to pay $59/monthly to be able to use all the prominent features.

Additionally, it will also include all the features of email warm-up in accordance to the usage making it an experience of a kind.

Sales Engagement

Communication is easy across channels and allows bringing more prospects in the line. Users have to pay $99/month for using this plan.

Also, the best part about opting for this plan is you can have all the eggs in your basket i.e. you get to access all the features of Email outreach and Email warm-up.

Apart from this, you can also go for the yearly plan. Here is a structural presentation of both the plans.

Before jumping on to making a choice, users can also consider using the free trial option to see how this software works out for them.

Monthly Pricing


Yearly Pricing


Lemlist Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives of Lemlist are as follows:-

1. Sendinblue

All around the globe, users get the accessibility to use cloud-based marketing tools. More than 175,000+ companies all over the world continue to emerge and flourish with their diversified impact making the choices pretty clear to consider.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is another great alternative to Lemlist with its extensive features and abilities. It ideally works best for small and medium-sized businesses that have the basic target of growing in the coming time. It also helps to maintain relationships in the most dignified manner to be able to work with both parties collectively.

3. Omnisend

For marketers who are basically sales-driven, Omnisend works out to be the best solution. It provides its marketing tools which are highly advanced to effectively workaround for the arrangement.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Lemlist

Can you have more than one email under the same account?

The answer is Yes. All the packages that you opt for allow you to invite your teammates. However, the charges mostly a workaround for one user who is charged on every one account that they create on this tool.

Is it possible to try all the features during free trial?

Yes, with the free trial users are able to test all the features that they like. However, you need to keep in mind the limitations while using the free trial.

1. You cannot use Lemwarm.
2. Cannot send more than 50 emails in a day.

How easy is it cancel the plan?

You can cancel your billing at any time. All you need to do is go to the ‘Cancel your account’ section and voila, you are done!

Wrap up

Wrapping up, Lemlist is a great way to enhance your business and drive your network in the right direction. With a tool that is as effective as Lemlist is, you can send emails in bulk and scale up the entire process in absolutely no time.

Therefore, do try it out to experience how it works out for you.

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