RightSignature Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

When you work in a company or rather, when you work for one, there is an utmost need for solutions that are effective and helps in keeping up. Dealing with documents could be a bit tough and getting used to them is a story for another time.

In the current world that we live in, there is a constant need for alternatives and options to work through. Documents have a major role to play in any organization or a company. So do electronic signatures. Let’s jump straight to what we are here for.

RightSignature is the software you need to get started with your signature needs in general. Let’s dive more into how this works in the review that we are about to share.

RightSignature Review

What is RightSignature?

Simply put, RightSignature is known to be the easiest and also the fastest way to get signatures on your documents. The entire process that one has to go through is pretty simple. You need to fill up a form, put your signature on it, and you are done.


These signatures could be anything i.e. mobile signatures, handwritten signatures, or even typed signatures. It is powered by Citrix and is based on the cloud. Sounds simple, isn’t it?

You can upload any document, a Word file, or even a PDF from your local machine and get electronic signatures on them too. Furthermore, add the detailed signature of names and emails and that’s it, you are done.

What makes it a more optimal choice is how simple it is to get along. Not to forget to mention, the simplified and personalized pricing plans make it more available for users.

It is a compatible solution for both freelancers and professionals. In addition to that, it is also a professional solution for users to execute their documents in a manner that is most convenient.

Features of RightSignature

Some of the main features of RightSignature includes the following:-

  • Signing Webpage that has custom branding.
  • iOS and support for Blackberry.
  • Intuitive Dashboard.
  • Audit Logs – Descriptive.
  • Performance Stats that cover the statistics and daily reports.
  • Strong API.
  • Compliant.

Benefits of RightSignature

The core benefits that users get out RightSignature are how easy it is to use, compliant methods of e-signatures, and the way it lets you customize easily. Here is a detailed analysis of the process.

Compliant e-Sign

With RightSignature, you definitely get the way to get your signatures on your documents. In a way, it is still a better way to opt for. It allows and even makes adding electronic signatures completely secure and compliant.

In addition to that, all the documents that have signatures in them are totally secured with biometric data, logo, and well-settled encryption. All the documents that are signed within have the same validity as they would if signed using your manual prints i.e. hand.

Easy Usage

We all love things that are easy and flexible to use. The same goes with this software too. It is indeed an easy and hassle-free process to get electronic signatures on Non-Disclosure Documents, confidential documents, and even on contracts.

You can very easily get the forms out and then have your signatures on them using a mobile signature or handwritten signature. Alternatively, as said earlier, uploading the documents in the desired format to get them signed is also a cakewalk.



So far it is clearly evident how easy it is to customize RightSignature. It provides extensive support to all the different sorts of brands.

This indeed helps in personalizing and bringing out solutions that you might actually need for the growth of your company.

Adding the theme color or the logo of the organization that you are tied up with becomes an effortless process.

Why You Need RightSignature?

Putting it in very simple words and manner, it is one of the best solutions for getting electronic signatures on your document.

Here are some other reasons that might work for you.

  1. Share documents and even send them over e-mail or via fax with the most uncomplicated options. A secure link will carry your documents to the receiver. Additionally, you can also embed your link on your website.
  2. Putting your best foot forward especially to enhance your presence online is the next best thing to do. It allows adding a logo to every document that you send.
  3. Useful and powerful integrations of RightSignature with many other software on the internet is an add-on benefit. It saves your time when you import documents and your contacts directly.

RightSignature Integrations

Nutshell CRMEventZilla

RightSignature Pricing Plans

There are Free as well as Paid plans that this software offers its users. Here is a detailed overview of how that works.

Standard Plan

If billed monthly, you need to pay $15/month. If billed annually, you need to pay $12/month.


  • Customer Support – 24/7.
  • Alerts for Emails.
  • Sharing and Sending Docs, PDF, and Forms.
  • Secure.
  • Audit Log.
  • Guided Signing.

Advanced Plan

If billed monthly, you need to pay $75/month. If billed annually, you need to pay $60/month.


  • Customer Branding.
  • Statistics.
  • Attachments.
  • Shared Templates.
  • Website Embedding.





RightSignature Alternatives

1. Adobe Sign

Works well for industries that are well-positioned and are high-end. However, it would blend well with other organizations too if the prices were different.

2. OneSpan Sign

For financial institutions, OneSpan Sign works the best. Initially, it was known specifically for being manual. However, with time, it became automated and hence saved time and money.

RightSignature Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on RightSignature

What do I get, as a user if I use the latest version of RightSignature?

Well, to start off, there are many features and updates the latest version brings on for you.
1. Advanced Security Features.
2. Enhanced Usability for Users.

What is RightSignature?

RightSignature is your all-in-one solution, and also the fastest way for you to get online signatures on your documents. There is no need for users to download or install any other software to use it.

What are the different browsers that are supported by this software?

Usually, the different software that this software supports include Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Is there a free trial with RightSignature?

Yes, you get to use the software for free to try out if you want to opt for the paid version.

Why is there a need for the software?

Primarily, if you are someone who deals with documents for signature and needs to save your time and money in the process, then this one is made for you.

Is there a possibility to change plans at any time during the period?

At the end of your current subscription term, you can decide to end the service. Alternatively, you can also upgrade or purchase the service at any point. Similarly, there is a way to downgrade the service as well.

What is the process to change your Password on RightSignature?

1. Head to the platform and go to your account.
2. Look for ‘Your Information’ section and then hit ‘Edit Information’.
3. Next thing you need to click is ‘Reset’ which you will easily find next to the ‘Password’ area.
4. Type your old and new password.
5. Click on Save.

Can finished documents be deleted?

Yes, if the recipient has not put their signatures in the documents, you can request to void it and then, have it removed from your dashboard.

Wrap Up

RightSignature is by far one of the greatest and most convenient solutions to have. It is an effective and most importantly, hassle-free process to capture electronic signatures on your documents of any kind.

Its integrations are also pretty delightful options to consider if you look at it that way. The subscriptions are also good ones to consider and you can go for the free trial before you directly get started with any of the free plans.

Let us know how this software worked out for you.

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