Chargebee Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Whether you have a business big or small, it is very likely that you will want a platform that takes care of your needs without any possible hindrances.

Well, one such platform is Chargebee, a billing platform openly functional for SaaS and subscription companies.

Let’s find out more about this software in its review.

Chargebee Review

What is Chargebee?

Regardless of the kind of business you have, big, small, or even huge, Chargebee is going to be a definite need for you.


You can use this platform as a subscription tool for business. In addition to that, users also get the flexibility to set recurring billing. Therefore, when the frequency of these recurring bills is closely set, it becomes very convenient for Chargeebee users to get easily paid by whosoever is their customer.

The API of Chargebee is sleek and can be the best to use. Because of that, it helps in making more and more integration that will help your business to grow.

The billing system of this software is also flexible and strong that gives business teams to organize promotions. It is also effective in carrying out payments and for other billing purposes that makes it easy to collect payments.

Features of Chargebee

The SaaS-based platform is known to extend its features all over the place. Some of the primary features of Chargebee includes: –

Flexible Catalogs

The product catalog of Chargebee is the best one to have. This also helps in keeping everything organized and structured.

These catalogs contain products and each product has its own set of currencies and add-ons that helps in organizing it in the most convenient way possible.

Gift Subscriptions

Easy to send personalized messages that you can send to your friends and colleagues. Additionally, you can schedule the right time to share gifts for the right occasions.

This also helps in eventually driving subscribers and is an easy and economical choice to make. Gift subscriptions are the best way to do that.

Pricing Model

The pricing model provides a convenient set of options to choose from. Furthermore, it combines different plans and addons that help in creating pricing models that are not very complex to handle.


The content management of this cloud-based platform is a very powerful and meaningful way to help capture and organize information of the customers. Alternatively, you can also alert your customers of the transactions that are fraudulent.

These fraudulent transactions are mainly because of IP addresses.

Source: Chargebee

Benefits of Chargebee

The main benefits of this software are its user-friendly system of payments, how easily customizable it is, and the flexibility it provides.

The easy-going interface of this software makes it convenient for users to conduct their billing-related activities. Since Chargebee offers the finest solution for billing, the whole process becomes highly manageable.

Chargebee also extends its hand and is well integrated with several gateways that could be opted for making hassle-free payments.

Hence, customers can choose the payment gateway that works best for them. This is an ideal thing to do for many different channels.

Similarly, email notifications are also customizable.

Why You Need Chargebee?

There could be many reasons behind the need for a platform like Chargebee. Some of the primary reasons are: –

  • Allows customer user roles.
  • Payment Gateway integration.
  • Trial Management.
  • Advance Invoices.
  • Library for API.
  • EU VAT Support.
  • Multiple methods for Payments.
  • Hosted Pages Themes.
  • Coupons.
  • Subscription Metrics.
  • Tax reports.
  • Multiple language and currency.

Chargebee Integrations

Google SheetsSlack
ActiveCampaignClickSend SMS
StripeZoho CRM
WooCommerceCredit Repair Cloud

Chargebee Pricing Plans

It lets you have a plan that suits your business needs. Therefore, from the available options, you can choose the plan that works the best for you and your organization.

There are 4 different plans that this platform offers:-

  1. Launch.
  2. Rise.
  3. Scale.
  4. Enterprise.

The Launch is primarily for startups that have just opened up and are aiming to develop more and more in the coming time.

For the Rise plan, agile-related startups are on the radar who are looking forward to growing their revenue.

A Scale plan could be a good one to consider if you have a startup that is growing fast enough.

Finally, the Enterprise plan blends well with different revenue streams.


Pricing Plans Chargebee Monthly


Pricing Plans Chargebee Annual

Chargebee Alternatives

1. FreshBooks

One of the best accounting software that is flexible and robust. It aims to help businesses that are currently in their growing phase. Also, helps to manage payments and billing-related problems efficiently.

2. NetSuite ERP

A very scalable solution that helps in the growth of businesses that are small to medium. In addition to that, customers can also manage their subscriptions, billing, finances, orders, revenue, and so on.

Chargebee Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Chargebee

Does Chargebee have downtime?

Chargebee aims to run towards having zero downtime so that it saves time.

Therefore to do this, it makes sure that all sorts of deployments are done over weekends. The well-focused engineering team does the needful and keeps it pretty neat.

What is Chargebee and how does the subscription billing work?

Chargebee, as mentioned earlier, is a plug-and-play solution for billing that makes a delivery to the cloud.

There are APIs that will let you connect with Chargebee on the go. The billing system of Chargebee is very enhanced.

It also helps to enable other formulas like uplift the sales and marketing team, offer the right set of tools that will help in billing correctly.

How early can I begin using the service?

You can sign up right away to explore the application features right away. However, you need a payment gateway to be able to receive the payments. To get approved payments, it is just a matter of seconds.

What happens to the subscribers if the plan is deleted?

All the subscribers of your plan will continue to be as it is. This will continue to stay until the plan is changed or shifted. Please note, this is just a ‘soft’ delete feature that will not allow new subscriptions.

Does Chargebee accepts one time transactions?

Yes it allows one time transactions easily and in the most hassle-free manner.

Are check payments allowed?

Yes, you can easily track payments that are made through cheques, bank transfer, and so on all in one place.

What are the currencies that Chargebee supports?

The popular currencies that it provides its extensive support to include USD, AED, INR, GBP, CHF, and many more.

Also, if you don’t find a currency that is available, then all you need to do is drop an email to get customer support.

Wrap up

From where we see, Chargebee is a great software to consider. Nowadays, it is extremely painful to have a business venture that helps in conducting all the billing-related mechanisms in a simple and meaningful way.

Therefore, consider using the platform to see how it works out for your business venture.

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