Cloudbeds Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Let’s twirl the question around in this way, what is the first thing that you expect when you visit a hotel for a staycation?

Well, if you ask yourself, there are a lot of things to consider, however, the primary answers always remain the same and i.e. the hospitality and how satisfied you are with the overall service that the hotel offers.

As the world is growing, evolving, changing every minute, and hence being prone to changes is the first thing to look forward to. The reason we mention this to introduce you to a platform that cares about your hospitality regime. Yes, you heard that right!

Cloudbeds is an easy and structural process for hotels, guest houses, and so on to establish and push accommodation in the best segments. Let’s dig in more.

Cloudbeds Review

What is Cloudbeds?

Cloudbeds is basically an easy-to-use suite that allows hospitality management for visitors in the best possible way.

It is a general hotel management platform/software that aims to deliver project management, channel management, and even provide solutions for making your bookings in the most centralized way possible.


In addition to the above, it also grants heavy access to many technologies that are currently leading. In this way, it becomes possible for hotel managers and staff to save their time, effort, and expenses.

This will indeed help in adding a great boost in the quality of the service and fetch more bookings in return. Keeping all these perks aside, Cloudbeds also ensures that hotels can make more money out of their business and take it to the next level using the numerous perks that Cloudbeds has to offer.

Features of Cloudbeds

Property Management System

Reservations can now easily adhered to and attended to using the intuitive calendar that is built to manage all the programs with ease.

Channel Manager

Tons of channels to manage integrations with. Allows syncing, availability, details, and many more with more than 100 channels at once.

Finance and Payments

Auto-scheduled payments and finances are the toughest ones to manage. With Cloudbeds, this gets easier too as you can keep your books in order and stable the whole time without having to invest in a lot.

Booking Engines

Easy to bring more commission and free bookings directly to the website.



Connect and discover 3rd Party applications and services that are easier to access and provides multiple ways to integrate all over the marketplace.

Benefits of Cloudbeds

Primarily, the major benefits that users get out of Cloudbeds are because of how stable it is to use. Additionally, let’s not forget to mention the ease to use and Integration in the process.

Centralized Management

With the help of Cloudbeds, hotel efficiency drives major growth. This can further be enhanced when a single location is subjective to operate from a single place.

Moreover, access to multiple business is an easy nut to crack as all it would need from you is a single login.

For instance, booking system, hotel management systems, and so on.


Reservation Calendar / Dashboard

No wonder Cloudbeds has got itself the most intuitive and functional dashboard that helps users to focus on significant subjects that are more important.

In addition to this feature, it also has the reservation management module which is also an easy catch if you start considering the perks it offers.

The drag and drop calendar allows having a fresh view of the reservations to add more to the subject.

Why You Need Cloudbeds?

Well, that is the most interesting question and we are here with all the reasons for you on why would there be a need for Cloudbeds.

  • Management allowance for User roles and Permission.
  • Discount and Promotional Code.
  • Central Inventory.
  • Custom Payment.
  • Accounting Management.
  • Drag and Drop Calendar.
  • Previous Guest Recognition.
  • Credit Card Processing.
  • Multiple Channel Management.
  • Tracking Room Status.
  • Assignments of Rooms and Beds.
  • Cash Drawer.

Cloudbeds Integrations

HostelWorldGoogle Analytics
SalesforceSugar CRM
QuickBooks PaymentsGoogle Docs
TripAdvisorUSA ePay
Wix.comConstant Contact
SurveyGizmoFirst Data
Capsule CRMLightSpeed

Cloudbeds Pricing Plans

You can either opt for the Monthly Plan or the Yearly Plan which will depend entirely on your requirement.

Here are the details.

There are basically four pricing plans to choose from: –

  • Essentials
  • Plus
  • Premier
  • Enterprise

The monthly and yearly plans differ slightly.


  • Essentials Plan costs $93/month if you bill monthly.
  • Plus Plan costs $131/month if you bill monthly.
  • Premier Plan costs $149/month if you bill monthly.
  • Enterprise Plan is a Custom plan which includes all the benefits of Essentials, Plus, and Premier.



  • Essentials Plan costs $85/month if you bill monthly.
  • Plus Plan costs $120/month if you bill monthly.
  • Premier Plan costs $137/month if you bill monthly.
  • Enterprise Plan is a Custom plan which includes all the benefits of Essentials, Plus, and Premier.

Obviously opting for the Yearly plan is a wise choice to make.


Cloudbeds Alternatives

1. Lodgify

Lodgify basically stretches its focus to build a connection with various channels. This helps to give rental owners and professional property caretakers the feasibility to build a website and manage bookings.

2. Hotelogix

Hotelogix is the next property management system that has the best interests of people in mind and helps to design and maintain operations related to hotels. It also helps in increasing the market reach and bring in more bookings.

Cloudbeds Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Cloudbeds

What is Cloudbeds?

An easy-to-use hotel management software that has tons to offer. Some of its great functionalities include: –

1. Guest Experience.
2. Online Hotel Booking.
3. Marketing Management.
4. Efficient Management of Employees.
5. Point of Sale.

What is the basic pricing structure of Cloudbeds?

You basically have to pay $93.00/month. There are four different plans to choose from.

1. Essentials.
2. Plus.
3. Premier.
4. Enterprise.

Do we get a free plan with Cloudbeds?

No, you don’t get any free trial option. You have to directly purchase the plan to see how it works for you.

What are some of the great alternatives for Cloudbeds?

Apart from the ones mentioned, other great alternatives include:-
1. Djubo.
2. eZee Absolute.
3. RoomKeyPMS.

Wrap up

Cloudbeds are an excellent invention if put to use in the finest manner. The software helps in being the cloud-based front desk that deals well with your property.

Not to forget, the attractive drag and drop feature is another add-on in the process that makes checking in and checking out an easy process.

Overall, it is a great software to use and hence, we have covered all the highlights of Cloudbeds that serve in the best way possible.

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