Moosend Review – Details, Pricing, Features, and Benefits

Are you tired of jiggling between multiple platforms to run a marketing campaign?

Do you want to find a single solution for all your online marketing requirements?

Then Moosend may be your solution. They provide all the services in one place.

Moosend is a Marketing Solution that allows you to do Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Subscription forms, Newsletter editing, eCommerce AI and personalization.

Do you want to know more? Let’s dive into the article.

Moosend Review

What is Moosend?

Moosend is an AI-powered marketing software that ensures attractive email newsletters that have a high click rate. They are capable of handling both small and big businesses.


It was first started in 2011 by lead developer Yannis Psarras and Marketing expert Panos Melissaropoulos. They have applied their expertise to grow Moosend. Their tag line is literally ‘From Beginners to Pros, destined to grow’.

Moosend is a slick and nonintrusive marketing solution that does not affect your website performance or speed in any way. Their interface is robust, simple, and easy to navigate.

They have a large variety of templates that are completely customizable. You can make little changes to make it very attractive.

But the cherry on top is their fully functional free plan that does not have any limitations for people with 1000 to 5000 subscribers. Even their plans are more cost-efficient compared to their competitors.

Features of Moosend

Here are the great features offered by Moosend.

Email Marketing


Moosend has made sending emails simpler and growing your business easier with the following features:

  • Their Segmentation feature allows you to group your subscribers based on their preference, activities to create a personalized experience. 
  • You can add value to your customers’ experience by personalization like adding first names, segmentation, etc. 
  • They have 40+ advanced and attractive templates that are up to date and compatible with your website. You can send branded and attractive emails with dynamic elements to improve conversion rates. 
  • You can easily build newsletters with the help of drag and drop features, no coding knowledge required. 
  • They have a highly functional A/B testing to measure the engagement rate. You can test everything from subject lines to videos, you can do unlimited tests and compare the performance metrics. 
  • Their fast data analytics like opens, clicks, social shares, unsubscribes will help you build effective strategies and maximize engagement.

Newsletter Editor 

Their Newsletter editor allows you to create drop-dead beautiful newsletters that will convert. Some of their features are:

  • You can test the email look without leaving the editor. 
  • The design history options allow you to keep track of all the changes and roll back if needed. 
  • You can schedule the campaign just by selecting the date and time. 
  • Create urgency for faster conversion using the countdown timer. 
  • You can use custom fonts required by your brand. 
  • All the newsletter are mobile responsive
  • You can design your own template and save it for future use. 
  • You can add media like photos and videos.

Marketing Automation

Moosend has a unique marketing automation Workflows that converts. Some of the features are:

  • Schedule the time and date for your marketing stack and forget about it.
  • They have many tested automated workflows for when a user subscribes, abandons the cart, and purchases the products, etc. 
  • You can set unlimited conditional triggers and loops using the drag and drop features. 
  • You can send recurring emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 
  • You can set a precise time interval between any workflow to hold your campaign. 
  • You can define your criteria using and/ or expressions. 
  • You can share your automated workflow for others to replicate. 
  • You can take notes and add descriptions to your workflow.

E-commerce AI

Moosend allows you to sell anything to your customers at any time using smart features designed for your online store. The main features:

  • You can track and manage all your customers in one place. You can build segments based on their activity for target marketing. 
  • You can send card abandonment recovery emails to win back the customers by reminding them about your product.
  • The product recommendation tool allows you to send personalized product recommendations to your customers based on their views, past purchases, etc.
  • You can track your every single customer’s activity to chart their journey and smoothen internal processes. 
  • You can send shoppable emails with product blocks. 
  • You can refine your subject line to ensure click rate.

Landing Pages

You can easily turn traffic into loyal customers with Moosends high converting landing pages. Some of the prominent features are:


  • Drag and Drop editor.
  • Ready-Made and customizable templates.
  • Ultrafast loading.
  • Comparable on all the devices.
  • Countdown timers. 
  • Anti Bot protection.
  • GDPR comparable.
  • Free SSL.

Subscription Forms

Moosend has a responsive, easy-to-use form that will help you capture the leads to grow your business effortlessly. Some of the features are:

  • Model Pop up forms when a person enters your website.
  • Ready-made and easily customizable templates. 
  • Add your brand identity to the forms. 
  • Automate the workflow whenever a person fills the form. 
  • Set preferences and segments based on their activity. 
  • Superfast loading time. 
  • Embed the form wherever you want.

Reporting and Analytics

Make better decisions for your business based on comprehensive, precise, and simple reports. Some of the main features of their reporting and analytics are:


  • You can turn your customers’ data into easy-to-understand visualizations. 
  • You can get a quick and thorough overview of your campaign’s performance by tracking open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, forward rate, unsubscribes, etc.
  • You can view all your users’ activity individually or in a cluster to plan your campaigns accordingly. 
  • You can track their location and define your marketing campaign based on that. 
  • You can track the type of device or operating system your users are using. 
  • You can share all the reports with your team members using links, exports, or downloadable reports.

Benefits of Moosend

The Benefits of Moosend are:

  • You can send an attractive newsletter to your customers on a regular interval to increase communication and thus conversion rate.
  • Catch your customers’ attention with their endless source of visuals using their image picker. 
  • You can turn casual subscribers to frequent buyers, reluctant customers to warm leads. All on autopilot. 
  • You can meet your customers’ demand by leveraging personalizing the email with smart and powerful tools. 
  • You can make your business life easier by automating workflows that are infinitely scalable. 
  • Moosend has ready-made tested workflows that are highly up to date or you can develop your own with the drag and drop feature. 
  • You can easily convert traffic into leads using their landing pages. 
  • You can transfer these leads to customers using the subscription forms. 
  • Make powerful decisions with their smart analytics and reporting tools.

Why Do You Need Moosend?

  • To conduct powerful campaigns to convert leads into loyal customers. 
  • To convert the traffic that visits your website into leads using landing pages and forms. 
  • To automate the marketing workflow to save sweat and time. 
  • To make better decisions based on real-time analytics to grow your business.

Moosend Integrations

Google AnalyticsOutlook

Moosend Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans:


Free plan

They have a free plan with all their core features for 1000 subscribers. You can send unlimited emails, sign up and subscription forms, and reporting and analytics access.

Pro plan

They have a pro plan that costs from $8 to $608 for 1000 to 200k subscribers. It has access to landing pages, transactional emails, phone supports, an SMTP server, and 5 team members in addition to the core features.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan is completely customizable for subscribers above 200k with additional features like custom reporting, account managing, SSO, SAML, onboarding, 10 team members, etc.

Moosend Alternatives

1. Active Campaign

You can automate your marketing from lead generation to contact management to email personalization. It is one of the leading marketing solutions on the market.

2. Constant Contact 

They use AI to take your marketing and personalisation to a whole new level to increase your online sales. 

3. Autopilot

Autopilot automates the complete email marketing process. You can trigger emails based on time, behavior, and engagement. It’s the most visual and simple way to automate marketing.

Moosend Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Moosend

What is Moosend?

It is an online marketing software that takes care of everything related to marketing like email marketing, marketing automation, landing page, subscription page, audience management, and reports.

What is Moosend used for?

It is used to grow your business or online store using campaigns and its reports.

Who will benefit from Moosend?

Any business regardless it is small or large will benefit from Moosend.

Is Moosend Free?

Moosend do have a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers where they offer all their core features.

How much does Moosend cost?

1. The free plan costs nothing for 1000 subscribers.
2. The pro plan costs anything from $8 to $600 based on the number of subscribers.
3. The enterprise plan is completely customizable.

Can I resend my campaign to the subscribers who did not open it?

Yes, you can identify those who did not open from the analytics and then resend the campaign to them.

How is my total subscriber calculated?

The total subscribers only include your active subscribers. Those who have Bounced, Removed or Unsubscribed will not be included in the list.

Do I need a website to send Campaigns?

You can send campaigns with your personal email. However, it is not recommended because it looks unprofessional and thus will be ineffective.

Can I integrate Moosend with another application?

They have plugins and API so that you can integrate your favorite application with Moosend.

Can I send downloadable PDF in my campaign?

Yes, you can send downloadable pdf, images, GIF, videos in your campaign.

Wrap up

Moosend is a top-notch marketing software that meets all the business needs regardless of the size of the business. It is more functional and cost-effective compared to its alternatives. It has a fully functioning free plan for up to 1000 subscribers.

It .is very hard to find such unique software that genuinely wants to help its users grow. Sign up for free to test all their core features. You can upgrade anytime you want.

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