Geckoboard Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Are you finding difficulty in managing your work? Are you looking for a software that can help you to streamline your work? Then you are in the right place.

Geckoboard is an amazing software that not only allows you to manage your work efficiently but you can also share metrics easily.

What is Geckoboard?

Geckoboard is a cloud-based software that allows you to organize your work with the help of live dashboards.


You can easily collaborate with your team members and keep a check on your performance throughout the day with the help of real-time metrics.

This software is the first choice for more than 1000 users. It offers more than 60 integrations so that you can create effective dashboards through which your team can see the impact of their work quickly and course-correct independently.

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You can even share the dashboards with your team members or display them on large screens in your workspace.

Features of Geckoboard

Robust and Customizable dashboards

This software provides integration with 60 data sources and you can easily retrieve data from various sources. You can effortlessly customize the information you want to show on your dashboard.

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Easy sharing of your metrics

With the help of this software, you can display your dashboards on your office screen. This can be done either through a PC or smart TV browser and the process is quite simple. You do not need any technical support, specialist hardware, or maintenance for this.

Geckoboard even allows you to view and share the dashboard remotely in case of work from home or you are on a go.

This can be done by sharing dashboard links with the team members or share dashboard snapshots with your team on alack to spark conversation.

It also provides a mobile browser so that you can check your dashboards and metrics from anywhere and anytime.

User-friendly interface

Geckoboard provides clear visualizations suitable for your big screens so that your teams can easily analyze their metrics.

Goals, status, indicators, and comparisons are available at a glance so that your team can keep a check on their progress.

It provides a logical layout with the help of which your team can see the perfect amount of information and group metrics and they are associated.

Automatic data updates

This software provides automatic data updates so that you have an eye on metrics updates in real-time, spot changes as they happen, and thus take action instantly.

Customize your dashboard according to your company

You can add your company logo to your dashboard to make it look more appealing. You can even take the help of an advanced dashboard theming service.

Dashboard Loops

This allows you to rotate through various dashboards on a single screen. 

Multiple Accounts 

You can create multiple accounts and allow your team members to establish their dashboard.

IP Restrictions

This feature will help you to control which device can have access to which dashboard.

Apart from these features, in the case, you are facing any difficulty in creating your dashboard then you can take the help of a dashboard design guide.

You can get tips on how you can make your dashboard more impactful yet easy to analyze.

It also provides KPI inspiration from Saas, Sales, Marketing, and customer support. You can even get technical advice, step-by-step support, and in-depth to help you get started with the dashboards.

Benefits of Geckoboard

  • This software is easy to use.
  • It provides integrations with more than 60 data sources and you can easily extract information.
  • It allows you to use beautifully designed visualizations with a user-friendly interface.
  • You can display the dashboard on your office TV very conveniently.
  • You can share links to your dashboard.
  • You can view the dashboard from anywhere and anytime with the help of a mobile browser.
  • You can share snapshots of your dashboards.
  • It provides clear visualizations suitable for big screens.
  • Goals, Status Indicators, and comparisons available at a glance.
  • It provides different types of the dashboard and you can choose any of them based on your requirements.
  • You can create multiple accounts for different members. 
  • Pricing options are available to fulfill the needs of every team and organization.
  • Before purchasing any plan you can try out the 14-day free trial with most of the essential features. This will help you to understand your compatibility with the software.

Why do you need Geckoboard?

With the help of Geckoboard dashboards, you can speed up your work, surface real-time information, and help your team to work in the most efficient way possible.

This can be done by breaking big goals into smaller ones. This will help your team members to achieve their target faster and thus, make them feel confident.

You can also let your team members work on a particular target. This will help to improve their focus as they do need to concentrate only on their work.

You can get results faster and give quick feedback. Thus, allowing them to take action instantly. 

Geckoboard Integrations

Air BrakeStatusCake
Campaign MonitorTwitter
ChartbeatZendesk Chat
FacebookZendesk Support
GoSquaredAmazon Cloudwatch
Google CalendarBasecamp
LinkedInFacebook Ads
PagerDutyGoogle Ads
PipedriveGoogle sheets

Geckoboard Pricing Plans

Geckoboard offers various pricing plans in order to accomplish the need of every organization. There are 4 plans available:

Source: Geckoboard


This is suitable for small teams and organizations. It is available for $28 per month billed annually. It includes:

  • All the standard features.
  • 1 dashboard & 1 user.
  • All 60+ data sources.
  • Send to 1 TV.
  • 1 database connection & 5 Custom Datasets.
  • Email & chat support. 


This is the most popular plan of Geckoboard. It is available for $125 per month billed annually. It includes:

  • All the standard features.
  • 5 dashboards & 10 users.
  • All 60+ data sources.
  • Send to 3 TVs.
  • 2 database connections & 10 Custom Datasets.
  • Custom logos.
  • Dashboard loops.
  • Priority support.

Team Plus

This is suitable for bigger organizations. It is available for $219 per month billed annually. It includes:

  • All the standard features.
  • 10 dashboards & 20 users.
  • All 60+ data sources.
  • Send to 6 TVs.
  • 4 database connections & 20 Custom Datasets.
  • Custom logos.
  • Dashboard loops.
  • Priority support.


This is for companies looking for advanced features. It has customized pricing. It includes:

  • Volume dashboards & users.
  • All 60+ data sources.
  • All the standard features plus early access to upcoming features.
  • Advanced dashboard theming.
  • Single sign-on (SSO).
  • Manual Billing.
  • Dedicated support rep & onboarding services.

All these plans are billed annually. You can even choose the monthly plans, however, annual plans include a 20% discount.

Apart from these, there is a free plan for a single spreadsheet-powered dashboard. Also, it offers a 14-day free trial.

Geckoboard Alternatives

1. Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows you to take the help of a real-time dashboard and analytics platform to automate the monitoring, exploration and sharing of your metrics and KPIs.

With this software, you can create custom dashboards, reports, easy-share, transform data with formulas and functions, and many more.

2. Databox

Databox is another great software that allows you to manage your data in one place, keep a track of your performance, and discover insights in real-time.

It provides more than 70 integrations, alerts, and notifications about your performance, and suggestions to improve your performance.

Geckoboard Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Geckoboard

What are the basic features of Geckoboard?

Geckoboard standard features include:
More than 60 data sources from where you can import data.
Fast data refresh.
Easy sharing of dashboards and reports.
Send to slack (regular snapshots of your dashboard).
Mobile access.
IP restrictions.

How many plans does Geckoboard offer?

Geckoboard offers 4 plans to cater to the need of every team. Based on your business requirements and the features offered in the plan, you can choose the best plan for yourself.

Does Geckoboard offer any free trial?

Yes, Geckoboard offers a free trial of 14 days that comprise most of the essential features.

Customers are advised to sign up for this free trial before choosing any plan to test the compatibility of the software.

What are the different payment options supported by Geckoboard?

Users can pay through a debit card or credit card. They can also use manual invoicing via wire transfer or bank transfer.

However, this is available only for enterprise plans. To get more information regarding the payment options you can contact Geckoboard through [email protected].

Wrap up 

With technology changing day by day, it is important to make the best use of this technology and generate great results.

Geckoboard can help you make your work more efficient and manageable. It offers different plans so that every organization whether small or big can take help from this amazing software.

With the help of influential dashboards and tools, your team members can achieve greater heights and thus, helping your business to generate higher profits.

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