Heap Review – Details, Features, Benefits, and Pricing

What is that one thing that all of us hate to do? Well, be a part of the queue. We all hate to WAIT. Therefore, there is a constant need for platforms that provides the added flexibility to work in the easiest manner so that there is no waiting involved.

One such platform is up for discussion here and is known as Heap. Let’s know all about this platform in its review.

Heap Review

What is Heap?

Heap is an approach, an easy-to-use, most simplified way to handle user analytics. It is a basic platform that allows regular tracking of user interaction. Isn’t that great? Let’s make it more fun.


With the help of Heap, user analytics are subjective to a different viewpoint. By this we mean, these platforms make sure to trap all the different kinds of interactions and further examine these interactions without putting you through the trouble of waiting for a developer to work on your data.

For users like you and me, the platform is not only easy to use but also easy to install. After the successful injection of the code onto your website, you get the privilege to inspect every event. These include clicks, views, and so on.

Features of Heap

Some of the basic features of Heap are:-

Product Evolvement

When you use other analytical tools, then the changes you make to the products always need you to install new changes.

With Heap, it is different. Every click, swipe, or turn you make is captured easily. This will also capture all the data automatically from the start.

Therefore, this will help you to keep track of all your data regardless of how many updates you undergo.

If that is not exciting, then what is?


Features are subjective to changes and Heap is here to help in optimizing them.

It does the needful to help you have the insight that your product needs for improvement. Additionally, it also helps in deciding what is that you wish to build.

Easy Going Workflows

If users are getting stuck while using your product, Heap makes it easy to understand how that works.

It is just a matter of seconds when the real problem is drilled down to easily diagnose the grey areas of the subject.

Just in case when it comes to using other tools, the data is often incomplete. With this software, it is convenient to understand the scope of improvement.

Inquiry Tracking

In order to access the content at a faster speed, we often tend to search for topics so that accessing them is comparatively easy.

This in turn allows providing an insight into the users and the way they conduct their searches. With the help of this platform, the process becomes a lot simpler.

It gives an in-depth knowledge of how the whole thing works and the number of visits that happen across the website.

Source: Heap

Benefits of Heap

Heap has lot of benefit to offer. Some of its primary benefits are as follows:

No Coding Skills Required

The preface must have told you that you don’t need any coding skills. The simplified method that Heap uses to capture interactions is what makes it even easier to use.

Simultaneously, you can also go ahead to automate the taps, clicks, views, and so on. All these information right on your fingertips without even a slight bit of coding.

Custom Events

Events don’t just get created easily with Heap. There is a certain amount of property that is needed to create, modify, and alter the scenario.

It will eventually help in getting to the details and further extract the kind of details that are required.

Real-Time Insights

What is the first thing required to have a precise and fast analysis on your side? Well, some of the major contributing factors could be reliability, keeping everything up-to-date, and accuracy.

All of this builds up to offer insights for real-time. This brings clarity on the subject and helps users understand how accurate and dependable the whole process is.


Why You Need Heap?

Well, wondering why you need to invest on something like a Product Analytics?

Here are some of the reasons: –

Product Analytics makes it ‘EASY’

It is often difficult to make products, therefore, the need for Product Analytics. With a tool that is good analytically, you get all the kind of knowledge and you can easily interact with the product, what are the features needed, and the different user behavior.

All these insights helps you in understanding the product better.

Open to Experiments

You can run as many experiments as you wish to on your products. Additionally, you can also test out the working of new features and how the changes are reflected.

Hence, if you have the right data, you can then further fix the problems and innovate solutions that work well.

Heap Integrations


Heap Pricing Plans

There are four plans to choose from: –

  1. Free
  2. Growth
  3. Pro
  4. Premier


Every plan offers you a free trial for 14-days which will let you choose the plan that works best for you. After a certain number of sessions, you will have a clear picture of the plan you want to opt for.

Heap Alternatives

1. Sisense

One of the best software to work around with. It is known for its abilities which include preparing, analyzing, and easily organizing the data that works well for your business.

Sisense is intelligent and driven by technology that helps in providing solutions through channels.

2. Qualtrics Research Core

For businesses and institutions, it becomes easy to leverage AI and to use artificial intelligence.

From companies big to small, there are solutions that can be easily be customized as per the requirements.

Heap Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Heap

Do we get integrations through Heap?

There are tons of website and performance tracking platforms with which Heap can be integrated easily. So, you don’t need to worry about integrations with Heap.

Is it possible to have more than one project using a single account?

The platform lets you create projects that are not related to each other. This indeed helps in keeping things and processes separate from one another.

Google Analytics and Heap, can they be used together?

Not just with Google Analytics, Heap is going to work fine with Google Analytics and other services that are integrated through a third party.

Can we use multiple websites while working on Heap?

Heap is powerful enough to track through multiple websites at once. Therefore, if you have a single website, all of them can be tracked.

What is the way that Heap uses to extract location data?

Heap extracts location data using the geoip2-city database. Further, it parses the IP of the region or the country.

Wrap up

Heap is a smart approach to a product *Yeah, that’s what its tagline pretty much says too*

Eventually, we all end up forming products and markets that reach out to most of the audience and helps in giving an experience to users that works the most for them.

This platform does the same too. Giving you the data of the customers so that you can take the needful action to convert it is an expectation you are bound to have.

Lastly, it is a great platform to use if you are looking for user interactions, search, and other great features. Also, you don’t have to worry about data accuracy at all. So, a win-win.

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