Kajabi Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

The e-learning industry is working out in splits and the way it has set out to benefit the people is far away from the discussion. The global market is booming every day and it is the entrepreneurs that benefit the most from it.

People nowadays are in search for latest things and almost every information is available online.

What is the best to have in these cases?

Online courses that you can find on the Internet help you grow so much. That is exactly why we are here to tell you all about Kajabi, a beautiful place that lets you sell online courses and even create them.

So, keep reading to know all about this amazing platform.

Kajabi Review

What is Kajabi?

Long story short, Kajabi is a platform that gives you a chance to create your own online course professional website so that people can create their online courses depending on your level of expertise.


The platform is a perfect solution wherein users don’t have any dependence on other online programs for designing and other stuff.

Let us understand this a little better.

Suppose you are a blogger. You can simply start a series of online courses on Kajabi that will offer a chance to the aspiring writers to understand how it will work out for them, Moreover, the online courses will also help them to understand the world of blogging better.

With Kajabi, you will get all the tools to regulate your online courses as well as you can target potential clients to market your products for better reach.


Features of Kajabi

Email Marketing

Leads turn to first-time visitors and then, to loyal customers eventually and this platform knows it quite well.

Course creators can use the available tools to broadcast their news, data, and every other information that you need to flaunt details about your online course.

Themes and Editing

To make your own websites and online courses, you can choose a predefined template from the list of available choices.

All the templates that you find on the website are beautiful and customized to meet your expectation. In addition to that, you can also find loaded fonts to choose from and can easily integrate them into your courses.

Benefits of Kajabi

Website Membership

This is one of the best benefit that Kajabi has to offer. For the website members who are linked to you, you can create a community.

The built-in features also help you create videos if you wish to video stream your content. Buying the membership is a great choice since you get notifications for every action that you do on the website.

Even when the user comments or replies back, you will receive an email on the registered email address.

Professional-looking Website

After all, a professional-looking website adds a lot of depth to the website and this fantastic website builder lets you have one.

The themes that this website offers are highly professional and slick.

You also get nice pages and designs to add to your pipeline pages and landing pages. To make a gist of it, it is nothing less than a funnel builder to take care of your website requirements.

Why You Need Kajabi?

Sell Online Courses

Obviously, if you are creating online courses, you would want to sell it too, right? With, Kajabi, you can easily do it.

There are so many variety of templates that you can orient for your online courses, memberships, and other stuffs.

Given that it is a great page and website builder, you can create your courses in the most structured and functional way out to the people.

You can Video Stream

Wistia, which is a premium video hosting service, is what Kijabi uses and if you know Wistia, you surely know how helpful it is towards creating businesses.

This is what makes it perfect for users and that is why we have this service at number 1.

Also, you can quit your worries related to your videos since they will be uploaded and streamed in the most efficient way to the audience.

Kajabi Integrations

Google SheetsGoogle Drive
Gravity FormsKeep Max Classic
Acuity SchedulingGoogle Contacts
Facebook ConversionsGoogle Calendar
Wix AutomationsClickSend SMS
UnbounceGoogle Forms
Campaign MonitorMicrosoft Outlook
Microsoft ExcelCopper
AutoPilot JourneyAgile CRM
ZendeskConstant Contact

Kajabi Pricing Plans

Considering the features it offers, there is a lot you can expect from this platform. There are three basic plans that users can choose from.

  1. Basic
  2. Growth
  3. Pro

Monthly as well as annual, both plans are available.

For the Basic Plan, you pay $149/month if you go for the monthly plan whereas annually, you will have to pay $119/month considering the discount.

The Growth Plan is for $199/month if you go for the monthly plan whereas annually, you will have to pay $159/month considering the discount.

Finally, The Pro Plan is for $399/month if you go for the monthly plan whereas annually, you will have to pay $319/month considering the discount.





Kajabi Alternatives

1. Udemy

Udemy is a perfect alternative to this platform that also aims to offer online learning courses and the opportunity to people to learn through courses. It is a great platform for individuals to enhance their personal growth and follow their passion. Also, helps you to learn so many significant things.

2. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds lets you sell online courses for free as well as create them. You can get an engaging school which would also be professional, social, and interactive. They don’t let you sell online courses but you also sell experiences.

Kajabi Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Kajabi

How expensive is Kajabi?

There are three plans that Kajabi offers. The Basic Plan is priced at $119/month. The Growth Plan priced at $159/month and the Pro Plan costs $319/month. You can choose a plan that works best for you and your industry standards.

How much easy to use is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a mix of ease and potential together. Therefore, for newbies’, the platform will be an easy one to have fun around with and work with the available features.

However, there is quite some time that one would need when it comes to understanding the customizations. Those could get pretty complex.

There are tons of features available and everything is neatly packed in one place. Therefore, you don’t really need to worry a lot about how plugins and extensions operate.

Can I expect refunds from Kajabi?

There is a thirty-day money-back guarantee that users get when they make their first payment. But you are always free to get in touch with the support team and can let them know if you are not satisfied with their products and services.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform that offers the privilege to entrepreneurs, marketers to create engaging and beautiful websites in a matter of seconds.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, it is a decent place to start their own online courses, membership websites, products, and even e-commerce store.

To build your business, Kajabi has everything. In addition to that, you don’t even need any coding skills and therefore, you without any premium skill get to be a part of it.

Is Kajabi Mobile Friendly?

Kajabi is definitely a good choice to make if you are looking for solutions that you need to work around with your mobile phone.

Mobile responsiveness is available for all the different pages. In addition, you can also figure out how you can get different devices to show and display pages.

Wrap up

We can wrap up on a fine note considering Kajabi to be an all-in-one option to fit through your needs.

The platform is interactive, straightforward, and very simple to use with blast of features to pick from. Additionally, you also sell your products in the most efficient ways.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to try your hands on this perfect solution to cater to your creating needs.

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