Knack Review – Details, Features, Benefits, and Pricing

Knack is a cloud-based database solution that allows users to completely customize their database according to their needs. It had an app builder, reporting and analytics tool, payment processing, and an open API for integration.

The problem with traditional databases is that you need fancy applications on your device, you need technical knowledge to work with databases. Further to process the data, you need to be an expert.

Knack changes all these problems. You don’t need to have any knowledge or do any coding for working with Knack. Let us see about the things Knack can do for us in detail.

Knack Review

What is Knack?

Knack is a powerful software that gives you the power to transform your data into a database by giving a structure to data by data types, connecting data by linking related records, and processing your data with equations, conditions, and formulas.


Knack allows you to do all this without any coding. They have a wealth of templates for all your needs or you can build it from scratch. That means you can work with your data directly without having to incorporate it with the technical team. This will allow you to obtain your desired results without complications and corrections.

And Knack also allows you to build applications that display these data according to the users’ needs. They believe in the sanctity of our data and in the magic of simplicity.

And that is why Knack is successfully serving 4000+ customers, built 100,000+ applications, and stored 10 billion+ records.

Features of Knack


Knack has a hassle-free database interface that is simple and clean. You can quickly start using dozens of templates, import databases from external sources, you can export your database to .CSV, text or JSON file, you can quickly edit records, regular backups, and restorations in case of data loss. 


Knack allows you to establish connections between two related fields. This allows you to establish a link for using powerful features. Knack is a relational database. You can create unlimited connections like one to one, one to many, many to many relationships between your records.


It follows a parent-child navigation. That is it will display all records linked to the parent record. You can add formulas and equations to the connections to generate and look up useful data. 


You can establish real-time workflows between records and fields. You can send notifications and reminders, set scheduled tasks, you can set up status indicators, approvals, and life cycles.

You can create aggregate functions to establish roles and permission to work on child records. 

Application Builder

The Knack application builder allows you to build an interface with the help of a carefully designed library and flexible views.

You can display things like delivery records on the map, upcoming week schedule in the calendar, perform searches with filters, display reports in charts and diagrams, etc.


With Knack, you can easily accept payments for online orders, donations, subscription payments with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

You can custom-create payments and invoices based on the records. You can perform in-app payments with secure processors. You can even add rules and workflow for the payments. You can even create equations to generate deadlines. 


Every business has unique needs. In order to meet that need Knack allows you to build a custom app just for you. It allows you to customize the structure, establish custom connections.


You can build a unique interface based on the data you want to display or let your users update. You can add your brand identity to your application. And most important customization is that you can take the Knack application to your website with an easy API key. 

Analytics and Reporting

Knack provides unlimited flexibility to slice and dice the data using real-time insights with charts, graphs, and pivot tables. You can expand your records by breaking down the group or calculation, you can use multiple filters to get the desired insight. You can combine all the insights and compare them with the current trend to find patterns from your data.

Benefits of Knack

The benefits of Knack are:

  • They help you convert raw meaningless data into useful information. 
  • You can effortlessly create a database of custom structure and connection.
  • You can generate workflow throughout the database using formulas, equations, and conditional events. 
  • You can effortlessly build an application to display your data according to your need without any coding. 
  • You can sell your data and accept payments via forms on the applications you build.
  • You can easily establish rules and permission among team members to edit the child data. 
  • You can easily export and import data. 
  • You can make better decisions with the help of the insights from analytics and reporting

Why You Need Knack?

  • To develop a database from the raw data you have collected from the clients. 
  • To build an application to utilize your data in the best possible way without any coding. 
  • To sell and accept payment for the data records using Knack integrations.
  • Integrate Knack directly to your website using their API key. And you can also integrate it to many other applications using Zapier.

Knack Integrations

Google servicesGoogle analytics
TwilioFormStack documents

Knack Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans. You can try Knack for free for a duration of14 days. There is no need for a credit card at the time of registration.


1. Starter

The Starter plan costs $39 per month with 20,000 records, 2 GB storage, 3 apps, and basic support.

2. Pro

The Pro plan costs $79 per month with 50,000 records, 10 GB storage, 8 apps and priority support.

3. Corporate

The corporate plan costs $179 per month with 125,000 records, 50 GB storage, 25 apps, and premier support.

Other than these 3 plans, if you need a different plan for your needs, then you can contact them.

Knack Alternatives

1. MyTaskHelper

It is one of the best database and web form builder softwares. You can create free CRM with SMS and Email Newsletter.

2. Zoho Creator

It is a complete business suite that helps you automate many tasks like tracking inventory, managing orders and overseeing distributors, etc.

3. Caspio

Caspio is the worlds leading platform for building an online database and database applications without any coding

Knack Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Knack

What is Knack?

Knack is a web-based service that allows you to build a database with your data and also develop an application to display those data.

What is Knack used for?

It is used to structure your database, establish connections among related fields, and build a custom application based on the database.

Can I add ChatBox or Messengers to Knack?

You can add third part or your own ChatBox and Messengers using Knack integrations.

Can I send SMS or Text Messages using Knack?

Yes, you can send SMS or text using third part services using Knack. You just have to set up services with third-party apps like Twilio.

Can I create invoices and accept payments?

Yes, you can create a customer web portal to accept payments and create invoices with Knack.

Can I freeze or pause Knack?

Knack has a Freeze option to set your account on standby without losing anything for a small price.

Can I add my Brand identity to my app?

Yes, you can add your brand logo by changing the title display image on the header and menu tab.

Can I bulk upload or import images?

No, you cannot bulk upload or import images with Knack.

How can I extend my data?

You can extend your data by using conditional equations, formulas, etc.

What kind of data can I display in my app?

you can display data like time, date, location, forms, conditional search results, etc.


Knack is an intelligent software that allows you to structure, connect and transform your data into a database. It also allows you to create custom applications based on the database.

It has a wide range of features that provide value for the money paid. Knack provides all its services in all the pricing plans.

Sign Up to Knack to get a free trial of this excellent service. You can upgrade once you are satisfied.

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