ProofHub Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Team accountability, easy collaboration and, all the tools needed to have ultimate control over team projects- all under one roof. It can be difficult to find the right collaboration tool and of course, it doesn’t make it any easier that there are so many to choose from.

In this article, we review one of the most commonly mentioned collaboration software, ProofHub, and we talk about its features, pricing plans, overall functionality, and many more.

Let’s dive right in!

What is ProofHub?

Founded in 2011 Sandeep Kashyap, Proofhub is an online project management software and leading collaboration tool that is not only easy to navigate but, also gives you all the tools to you need to have ultimate control over your team projects.


Alongside being one of the leading software for team collaboration and project management, ProofHub is known for being an up-to-date tool as its features get updated virtually every month and, its developers aim to make collaboration and organization easy and, seamless.

In addition, ProofHub has an excellent customer support and a loyal customer base. This is not surprising as they offer high value for super affordable prices.

Features of ProofHub

GANTT Charts

With GANTT Charts, you can plan your projects and also visualize your tasks. 


These help with project time management.

Notes and Files

These help users to keep important documents at a particular place. 


ProofHub provides templates that are up-to-standard and subject to customizations, so as to enable them to make new projects. 


The calendar helps to schedule projects by providing due dates for them. So, you can set deadlines for your tasks, and this can be done either automatically or manually. You can even set reminders. This feature is very useful in making sure you complete all your tasks. 


Users can communicate with one another live on ProofHub. This helps them share ideas amongst themselves and can be done at a particular place. 


This feature helps users get updates of what is going on on the platform, and mobile  users are not left out from this cool feature. ProofHub makes sure that you, as a mobile users, get  alerts on your mobile phone. 

Other features

  • API.
  • Access Control.
  • Event Calendar.
  • File Sharing.
  • Chat.
  • Permission Management.
  • Notes.
  • Collaboration.
  • File Sharing.
  • Mobile Apps.

Benefits of ProofHub

  • Ease of Use: It is another easy-to-use project management software, which makes it easy for you to set up and also execute your projects. 
  • Excellent Communication: Its Communication feature is accurate and instant. It enables users to communicate with themselves in real-time. 
  • Documentation: With ProofHub, you can easily document important tasks and events, and also find out how well your tasks are going. 
  • Mobile Optimisation: It has a mobile app that makes it easy for persons with mobile phones to manage tasks without any hassle. 
  • Great Customer Service: ProofHub helps to increase the knowledge of users concerning its platform, by providing tutorial videos and answering questions. 
  • Manage Teams Faster and Better: With this project management tool, you can never go wrong in managing your teams and projects more efficiently. 

Why You Need ProofHub?

  •  As a business, one of the biggest challenges you can encounter is the language barrier. Luckily, ProofHub is multilingual software that is available in several languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Polish. This helps to reduce the stress of communication with people that are not fluent in your own language, and vice versa. 
  • It helps users deliver their best work. This is thanks to Proofing. You can review and proof your work with much ease.

ProofHub Integrations

Google DriveBox
Dropbox BusinessGoogle Calendar
OneDriveMicrosoft Outlook
FreshBooksBold BI

ProofHub Pricing Plans

Proofhub offers two plans which are:

  1. Essential plan.
  2. Ultimate Control.


Along with the core features which include time tracking and private items, the essential plan allows you to create as many as 40 projects and, permits unlimited users on the account at a flat rate of $45 per month when billed annually. No per-user fee and you can cancel anytime.

The second plan which is called ‘Unlimited Control’ comes with all the core features and so much more! Some of these extra features include API access for data transport, advanced activity logs, and priority support. Of course it permits unlimited users also and even an unlimited number of projects all for the fair pricing of $89 per month when billed annually.

ProofHub Video

ProofHub Alternatives


This is a work management tool that helps its users work in the most efficient way possible. It is an easy-to-use software that essentially helps your data have real meaning.

It helps to check on your work and gives you the opportunity to organize your events, thanks to its Calendar feature. You can create a cumulative report on the progress of your projects, on a chart. 

With LUMEER, you can track progress of individual projects, and even collaborate with your teammates in real time, so as to achieve better results. It has team management and project management tools, amongst others, designed to make your projects successful. 

2. Bitrix24

This is a collaborative management tool, particularly suited for small businesses. Initially released on 12th April, 2012, this amazing platform provides its services by offering a free plan which is sufficient enough for small businesses. Apart from minimising costs, this software also helps to improve consistency.

It has a mobile app, which makes it easy for mobile phone users to access on the go. You can create tasks and projects, and also get a clear view of the progress of your projects. Overall, customer relationships are improved, thanks to its clear communication, which is one of its most prominent benefits.

3. Process Street

This software allows you share templates with your customers or with the world. You can create checklists, and it gives you the opportunity to document, as well as track your progress. Free from complexities, Process Street is great for small businesses and helps save time and money. 

It has great features which include: Project Workflow, Process Analysis, Groups, Activity Feed, and many others. These tools are streamlined to help you achieve massive results in just little time.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on ProofHub

What is ProofHub?

ProofHub is a collaboration and project management tool that is both easy-to-use and super affordable. It is ideal for a group or a team of 5 or more people.

How much does ProofHub cost?

ProofHub offers two paid plans and the cost starts from as low as $45 per month when paid annually. Find out more on the pricing here.

Does ProofHub have CRM?

Yes, Proofhub features can be used for client/customer relations and also team collaboration. So it could serve as a PMS as well as a CRM

Is there a free version of ProofHub?

No, there isn’t a free version but, ProofHub offers a 14-day free trial

Can I personalize my ProofHub account?

Yes, you can personalize your account by making use of ProofHub customization tools which also allows you assign roles to other users that you may add to your account.

Wrap Up

To wrap it all up, ProofHub is a project management system that has stood the test of time thanks to it’s full pack of features and ease of use.

You don’t have to take our word for it, try out their 14-day free trial and see for yourself how this software can be of help to you and your team or clients.

If you have any questions or contribution, kindly use the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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