LeadDyno Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce are some of the most rapidly growing branches of digital marketing during these times and if you’re one such business owner then this LeadDyno review article is for you!

So as I mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing business at this moment. As we speak, numerous people are launching their affiliate programs so you know that the competition is going to be a tough one!

Therefore to get ahead of this competition, you will need a resource that will help you get ahead in the competition, and one such exceptionally resourceful tool is LeadDyno.

With the help of LeadDyno, you will be able to quickly and seamlessly set up your all-in-one affiliate tracking program and increase the revenue of your eCommerce or SaaS business with just a few simple clicks and that is also easy on your pockets.

Let us now get started with the LeadDyno review.

What is LeadDyno?

LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking and marketing automation software aimed at providing you with the best-in-class affiliate tracking technology and industry-leading affiliate program management.


This software will make your affiliate program launch a walk in the park with a suite of best-in-class technology with features such as tools to help stay your affiliates engaged and motivated to promote and market your products or services to your target audience.

It helps in automating your entire marketing game by setting up emails that you can send to your customers as well as your affiliate and also easily make payments to your affiliates because well who doesn’t enjoy a good reward for their hard work, right?

Also, you can easily view all your sales and successful campaigns to be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and do so much more. So this is an affiliate program software that you don’t want to miss out on!

Features of LeadDyno

Lead Management

Now you can easily manage all your leads with the help of LeadDyno.

Being able to effectively manage and engage with your leads is the golden key as to how you will be able to further consolidate your relationship with these leads to convert them into potential sales.

This software will automatically collect your leads information when visitors on your website enter their email addresses and from your LeadDyno dashboard, you will be able to easily add, adit, or manage your leads.

Additionally, you can also import leads to your favorite email marketing platform or a CRM using one of the integrations.

Affiliate Website

A powerful and impactful branding requires an even more impactful and engaging website that is personalized to your particular branding in your affiliate program.

With LeadDyno you will be able to provide each affiliate with their own high converting and engaging website that is customized to your branding.

You get numerous resourceful tools and features to customize your affiliate website such as the option to display on a custom domain, adding your logo, use your own custom CSS, much and more.

Additionally, you can also customize and personalize your affiliate’s sign-in page by adding custom fields, terms of service, reCaptcha, and more and is also mobile-friendly.


Tracking Campaigns

With this feature of LeadDyno, you will be able to view and track all of your marketing campaigns and efforts easily and find out where you might be lagging or where you might be ahead in the competition!

You can set up multiple tracking campaigns to find out which of your marketing channels and links are the most successful and the most profitable for you.

Additional features such as being able to view and track visitors, leads, cancellations, etc. as a consequence of clicking the tracking link make it a valuable feature for this software.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing is truly changing the face of digital marketing these days but if you don’t manage your affiliates well you might end up creating a mess instead of earning better revenue.

Well with LeadDyno this won’t be the case. It helps you to effectively manage and pay your affiliates using super-efficient and powerful affiliate tools.

You will be able to manually or auto-approve the tons of affiliate applications coming in, set up affiliate codes or links, and customize or allow your affiliates to edit them, safely and quickly pay your affiliates via the PayPal integration or manually with other modes of payments, manage affiliate newsletters, affiliate invitations and more.

Benefits of LeadDyno

  • Easy to set up and will help start your affiliate program in just a few minutes without requiring a developer.
  • Fully automated marketing to help you market and campaign effectively to grow your affiliate program.
  • Track your performance and monitor all your marketing and campaigning efforts with the help of one dashboard.
  • Comes with a suite of the best-in-class affiliate tools to better engage and motivate your affiliates to sell your service or product more efficiently.
  • A dashboard for you to be able to better analyze each of your leads, sales, and clicks and your most impactful and successful campaigns.
  • Multiple tracking options come with a unique link that will be automatically assigned to each of the affiliates.
  • Trackable custom coupon codes for affiliates.
  • Assign a specific URL/website to an individual affiliate and all the sales or leads coming from that URL will be automatically tracked back to the respective affiliate.
  • Automated follow-up emails to send to either an affiliate or a customer.
  • Analyze stats and tracking campaigns.
  • Personalized stats to help break down all information on your leads, visitors, and sales and understand where they come from and which of your campaigns have been the most successful, and where.
  • Easy payment for your affiliates by setting up your own commission structure and you get to decide how much to pay affiliates or pay for a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • It supports Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) up to 10 levels.
  • You can finetune your affiliate web design by adding custom CSS or by uploading a CSS file.
  • You get the ability to view your leads, sales and visitors, and even cancellations and find out which of the tracking link did it result from.
  • You get support in the form of live chat during standard US business where you can ask them all your doubts and queries and get any problem resolved quickly and smoothly!

Why You Need LeadDyno?

  • To effectively and efficiently launch, build and scale your affiliate program in a lesser amount of time.
  • Increase the revenue of your affiliate program or your e-Commerce or SAAS business with the help of LeadDyno’s affiliate tracking solutions.
  • Track and monitor your progress and how your marketing efforts are playing out and also at the same time monitor your affiliate’s progress as well all from one dashboard.

LeadDyno Integrations


LeadDyno Pricing Plans

LeadDyno has three premium pricing plans, starting at $49 per month.

  1. Starter
  2. Biz Builder
  3. Accelerator

You also get a 30-day free unlimited usage trial where you can get a taste of what LeadDyno is like and whether or if it will suit your requirements. Also along with the free trial you also get help from the team on how to set up.


Starter Plan – This plan comes for $49 per month and is the perfect plan for people looking to launch a new affiliate program and need a kickstart.

Exclusive features of this plan include visitor, lead and conversion tracking, unlimited affiliates and more!

This plan supports websites that have up to 3000 unique visitors per month.

Biz Builder plan – This plan costs $59 per month and is going to be an ideal plan for those who have already started their affiliate program.

Premium features of this plan include email installation support, email ongoing support, live chat support and more!

This plan supports websites that have up to 4500 unique visitors per month.

Accelerator Plan – This plan amounts to $79 per month and is aimed at affiliates that have been around for some time and know their way around the market but just need that little push.

Exclusive Features of this plan include email and one-on-one phone installation support, email and 1:1 phone ongoing support, and unlimited affiliates more!

This plan supports websites that have up to 7500 unique visitors per month.


LeadDyno Alternatives


ShareASale comes with a number of innovative and cutting edge technology to help business owners succeed efficiently in their affiliate marketing channels. They provide you insights into the performance of your program, affiliate partner activity, program diagnostics and more.

Some unique features of ShareASale are recruitment tools, influencer activation, custom short links, compliance, product discovery market and more.


Affiliately is an affiliate tracking software for personnel having online eCommerce stores. With Affiliately, you will be able to control and track your entire affiliate program from the comfort of your browser. With this tool, you will be able to get detailed insights into your affiliates and boost your overall revenue.

Unique features include extensive settings to stay in control of every aspect of your affiliate program, manage affiliates individually, track activity, and is easy to use.


Avantlink is an affiliate network platform that believes in simple marketing techniques to grow your affiliate business through quality partnerships. The team of AvantLink believes in quality over quantity of advertisers and publishers.

LeadDyno Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on LeadDyno

What is LeadDyno?

LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking and marketing automation software.

What is LeadDyno used for?

LeadDyno is used to efficiently and effectively launch, scale and manage your entire affiliate program and also to automate your marketing campaigns and make it all very simple for you.

Who are the typical users of LeadDyno?

Affiliate or e Commerce business owners for all sizes of businesses.

How much does LeadDyno cost?

LeadDyno has 3 different premium plans that start at $49 per month
1. Starter Plan for $49 per mon.h.
2. Biz Builder for $59 per month.
3. Accelerator for $79 per month.

What languages does LeadDyno support?

Language supported by the tool is English.

What level of support does LeadDyno offer?

You will get support in the form of customer staff support, live chat, email, online appointments, weekly demos and workshops, guides, and blogs.

Does LeadDyno offer a free plan?

No, they do not offer a free plan, however, you will get a free 30 day trial of LeadDyno to try and test out if they suit your requirements.

Does LeadDyno support mobile devices?

Yes LeadDyno supports mobile devices.

Does LeadDyno offer an API?

Yes, LeadDyno offers an API.

What other apps does LeadDyno integrate with?

LeadDyno integrates with Shopify, HubSpot, Stripe, BigCommerce, Mailchimp, WordPress, Squarespace, Cratejoy, Ecwid, PayPal, Aweber, Chargify, Recurly, Chargebee, Klaviyo, Recharge, Keap, Slack, Coinbase, Zoho, Lightspeed, Zapier, JotForm.

What are the top alternatives for LeadDyno?

1. Post Affiliate Pro.
2. Affiliately.
3. Scaleo.
4. ShareASale.
5. iDevAffiliate.

What are the main features of LeadDyno?

LeadDyno’s primary feature is to help launch your affiliate or referral program quickly and easily and besides that, it comes with features such as Affiliate management such as manually or auto approving of your affiliates, editing or managing your affiliates, affiliate website management, and optimization, each affiliate gets their very own affiliate website, easy and safe commissions and payouts in bulk, etc.

What payment method does LeadDyno support?

LeadDyno supports monthly payment methods.

What is the deployment type?

The deployment type of this platform is SaaS/web/cloud-based.


To summarize in one line, LeadDyno is your go-to all-in-one software platform to be able to effectively launch scale and manage your affiliate program and increase your revenue by quickly and easily set up their affiliate tracking solutions.

There are many plans that you can opt for and can also take the 30-day free trial and see if this fits your necessities.

So that will be all for the LeadDyno review. Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough and more reasons as to why if you’re an e-commerce business owner you should be getting LeadDyno RIGHT NOW!

In case you have any doubts, then please feel free to ask them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help.

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