CoSchedule Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

How hard it has been for you, in general, to keep up with day-to-day tasks and to administer them too?

For managers and admin, it comes out as a difficult process to keep up with all the tasks since there are so many of them.

Managing a lot of stuff at once could be a real struggle, trust me when I say that!


In addition to tasks, managing social media and handling blogs could be tiresome and time-consuming. Moreover, taking care of everyday schedules is just a lot to get on with.

What if I say it’s your lucky day today? Because we have a solution for ya! The solution is Coschedule, which has the plan to save your day. With this tool, you can organize all your tasks and manage them at the same time without any hassle.

Let’s see what all CoSchedule has to offer.

CoSchedule Review

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a calendar with prospects like Editorial and Marketing subjects and to fully integrate with other media platforms like Google Calendar, WordPress, and so on.


Furthermore, it also lets you automate all your posts on social media and then, handles posting as the schedules are made. It is a cloud-based software offering the flexibility to users, individuals, and businesses to coordinate, manage, and schedule their contents and campaigns online.

In addition, the WordPress plug-in is a pretty great way to integrate the calendar which makes it even a smooth and considerable choice to create social campaigns.

Another great feature is how it lets users construct tasks for an individual section of the workflow. Therefore, as soon as a task is over, it can be ticked off from the list. This adds more to the organization.

The dragging and dropping feature which lets you drop items that are already scheduled directly onto the calendar is also a convenient ability.

Features of CoSchedule

Lets you start easy

Getting started with CoSchedule doesn’t require much of the users’ effort. Just sign up for free and you can start off.

Initially, there is no cost that you have to endure, however, you can upgrade your plans in the future as you want.

Two complete weeks of free trial gives you a lot of chances to explore the platform and use it in a way so that you can understand future needs.

Alternatively, there is no payment hassle, thus, no credit card fees.

Calendar to the Rescue

Who said content making is a piece of cake? I beg to differ.

When there is a big team working round the clock, handling the to-do list could be a tedious job. As a result of this, handling tasks could really be a grubby process.   

This is where you need CoSchedule to come to the rescue. Using the CoSchedule calendar, tracking deadlines becomes effortless.


Benefits of CoSchedule

Multiple Goals are Fulfilled

As stated, this management tool lets you create and manage your tasks. Furthermore, depending on what the tasks are, they can be assigned to the other members of the team where they can take the necessary actions.

The progress bar helps to track how efficiently a task is completed so that these tasks can then be closed. One person can keep ticking off the different sections and parts that are completed and untick those parts, that isn’t finished yet.

This way the progress of each task can be tracked and will help deduce the effective timeline to finish a given project.

Two Primary Functions

There are two ways to take advantage of this management tool.

At first, it works great with WordPress. This platform works really well when individuals want to post, share videos and audios, and fun around with GIFs. Being a blogger, this is a very useful option to work around with other social media apps.

Secondly, it’s about the web pages. Social media network has always had the limelight. So, it also shares attention with websites that are remarkable and contribute to the media. Therefore, owners can rightfully use the calendar, download the metrics, and understand the important stuff about pages. Sharing content too is also a nutcase.

Why You Need CoSchedule?

Some of the common reasons why there is a need for CoSchedule are: –

  • It allows integration with many other tools like Google Docs and Evernote to exchange texts, MailChimp for email marketing, and Google Analytics for addressing reports.
  • With CoSchedule, there is always a way to figure and work with new ideas. The presence of numerous search engines on the platform offers the privilege to understand the perspective of the audience.
  • Getting access and analyzing metrics is surely a tough job. Tools like Google Analytics helps in such cases. CoSchedule is a platform that has such metrics included in the platform itself. Using the platform and the metrics are super convenient and hassle-free even if you are a newbie.
  • WordPress is a mass weapon for bloggers. There are so many functions to understand and it is very hard to keep up with the functional aspects. But Coschedule makes that easy too. The calendar allows users to access their blogs and this is very simple to follow. Additionally, you can also add social profiles directly on this platform.

It just keeps getting better.

CoSchedule Integrations

WordPressGoogle Drive
TrelloGoogle Analytics
InstagramEvernote Business
LinkedInCampaign Monitor

CoSchedule Pricing Plans

There are options that you can choose when we enlist ideas about products and their prices. All the plans fulfill different functions and below is an overview of the pricing structure of CoSchedule.

It has two plans: –

  1. Marketing Calendar
  2. Marketing Suite

When billed monthly, the Marketing Calendar plan costs $39/month for a single user. However, if you opt for the annual plan, the per-user cost narrows down to $39/month.

For a calendar that gives you the feasibility to see, manage, organize, and schedule your regular tasks, it is a pretty great deal.

As for the Marketing Suite, it is quote based and thus, you can discuss and negotiate about the prices.


CoSchedule Pricing Plan Monthly


CoSchedule Pricing Plan Yearly

CoSchedule Alternatives

1. ContentStudio

Whether the size of your business is big or small, ContentStudio will be your safety net. It ensures managing the content all over your social media and other different channels too.

2. Sprout Social

Businesses big or small use Sprout Social to gain business from Social Media. There are various ways to extract business out of media which includes listening, analytics, and so on.

CoSchedule Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on CoSchedule

Can CoSchedule hold bulk uploaded social messages?

With the Bulk Uploader feature of CoSchedule, you can easily bulk upload social messages. You just need to import all your messages from a CSV ( a spreadsheet file format)

Is there a Public API?

Presently, CoSchedule doesn’t have a Public API. If you wish to create a connection between other tools and CoSchedule, the Webhooks feature lets you do that.

What is the storage limits?

CoSchedule provides a storage space of 1 TB. If this is not enough, you are free to buy additional storage.
The maximum size of videos goes up to 1GB. For Twitter, the limitation is 512 GB.
Apart from this, for all other files, the maximum size of files is 100 MB.

Does CoSchedule lets users post Facebook Events?

Sadly, the answer is No. With CoSchedule, you don’t get the freedom to post Facebook Events. However, you are free to create, schedule, and manage Events from within CoSchedule.

Squarespace, Joomla, and Drupal – is CoSchedule compatible with them?

You can work with any website when using CoSchedule.

Wrap up

CoSchedule, the new content calendar is shot you don’t wanna miss when you have big plans in terms of social media laid in front of you.

Furthermore, it will always ensure that everything is organized in addition to remark how an individual is doing, performance-wise. The tool lets you work effectively whenever and from where ever you want.

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