Shippo Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

What is tough? Running an eCommerce business or making your eCommerce business work?

Well, I would say, both.

There are so many segments to it that you need to have the right set of skills to keep up. Figuring out the dynamics of how to sell online is easy but shipping them off could call for trouble.

If you are doing this already, then frequent up and round trips to the post office or shipment center is not a problem for you. Oh, and let’s not forget the shipping price.

In the present time, there are many shipping services that are out there, ready to manage all your shipments. However, choosing one out of the lot could be a tough nut.

This is why we are here to share our insight about Shippo which can be used to regulate shipping and returning practices in the most hassle-free manner. It is also cheap compared to what you will pay to the shipping providers.

Great way to get your shipping headaches off your chest, right? Well, if so, then let’s know more about Shippo, its features, and how can it benefit you and your business.

Shippo Review

What is Shippo?

Shippo is a shipping platform that aims to offer simplified solutions to businesses either big or small. Additionally, it also lets you streamline your shipping processes.


It becomes an easy and hassle-free job to start working with orders and purchases. There are many plans that you can consider depending on the needs and requirements of your business. Etsy and Shopify are some of the popular integrations of Shippo.

Integration helps business owners to manage all their needs related to shipping such as customer experience, labels, and tracking. There are currently 35,000 brands all over the world working smoothly with Shippo.


Features of Shippo


Given that Shippo is a shipping software provider, it should mainly operate well with its shipping services.

In addition to that, you also can print, create, and manage your own labels that you would need for shipping.

The Shippo platform offers the privilege to the users to compare the prices with various other carriers to check out the deals that are working best for the users.

Moreover, users also get a discount for up to 90%.


During shipments, peace of mind has a huge role to play, and that works for you and your customers too.

With Shippo, extensive tracking capabilities, customers get real-time updates as well as an accurate ETA. This in return helps customers prepare for their deliveries.

In order to keep the process of shipping consistent, customers are allowed to choose any carrier that lets them implement standardized tracking facilities.


Benefits of Shippo

Platform Integration

Integration with other platforms is a benefit and Shippo knows how to get the most out of it. Hence, it works with a lot of companies like eCommerce, marketplace, and so on to streamline the operations.

Some of the common stretches and partners include Shopify and Weebly. Some of the other partners are Wix, GoDaddy, ChannelAdvisor, Reaction Commerce, Stripe, and so on.

Using any of the above platforms directly lets you import orders, compare them, and print labels.

Customer Service

Customer Service has a very huge role to play in any business. This is the only place to contact when there are queries related to orders.

It manages to respond quickly to queries. Quick chatting facilities with a real person make it a more easy and hassle-free process to answer your queries.


Why You Need Shippo?

Easy to Use

Shippo has been one of the simplest platforms in terms of operation. It is a great advantage and also, one of the primary reasons why you need this shipping platform.

For small sellers, this manages to do the trick as they don’t want to get into a web of chaos to deal with. However, you can use it on your own to figure out what exactly I am talking about here.

Signing up to free trials, use them all and judge for yourself whether the website is worth the time and energy.

Volume of Business Shipping

Shippo is good enough when it comes to handling businesses between 50 to 50,000 orders in a month. If the limit is less than that, you can obviously use the free plan that this platform offers.

It is a solid choice to make for businesses who intend to have huge shipping.


Shippo Integrations

ChannelAdvisorMagento 2

Shippo Pricing Plans

The pricing plan for this shipping platform is flexible for any business and merchants can choose any plan as per their requirements and needs. They are also open to cancellation.

The three plans are; –

  1. Starter which is free.
  2. Professional which costs $10/month.
  3. Premier is a custom-based quote service depending entirely on your requirements.


Shippo Alternatives

1. EasyPost

EasyPost is a great and flexible API option that lets you add shipping and tracking option to your eCommerce business.

It blends well with 100 carriers and offers you pay-as-you-go plans to track and report. The delivery estimates and shipping labels also work in the best ways.

2. ShipStation

ShipStation is another great alternative to this platform that is built keeping in mind the needs of the business infrastructure.

Moreover, with the integrations it offers, it becomes easy to work around with.

3. Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is the only shipping software that allows small companies to get the best shipping prices without paying a monthly charge or any hidden markup.

Shippo Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Shippo

What are some of the primary features of Shippo?

Some of the key features that Shippo offers are: –

1. Freight Shipping
2. Package Returns
3. Billing and Invoicing
4. Import and Export Data
5. Warehouse Shipping Management
6. Ocean Shipping

Who are some of the typical customers of Shippo?

Some of the typical customers of Shippo are Startups, SMEs, Freelancer, and so on.

Which browser and operating system provide support to Shippo?

The operating systems that it blends well with are Windows and Mac.

What is the kind of deployment type?

It has Cloud-based deployment which is convenient and works out in most cases for businesses big and small.

What is the mode of payment supported by Shippo?

It provides and supports SAAS payment method primarily.

Wrap up

If you are eyeing a company that streamlines all your shipping processes and handles them efficiently, this platform is going to work out in the best way for you.

Track packages, print labels, and a lot more through this platform. Try it out for yourself instead of just taking my word for it.

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