HoneyBook Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

We all like to get paid on time, don’t we! I would not take a no for an answer because we all do love it and there is nothing wrong to demand what you deserve.

As a business, big or small, there is always a constant struggle when it comes to committing payments. Thanks to such software that we now get handy to take care of all our needs.

One such software tool is HoneyBook that ensures that you are paid on time.

HoneyBook Review

What is HoneyBook?

If you have a business that involves dealing with clients on a daily basis, then HoneyBook is the perfect software for you.

Regardless of the business, you prefer to dwell in, this tool will adjust and accommodate to suit the needs of the business throughout.


The primary focus of HoneyBook is to take care of all the bookings. In addition to that, it also helps other businesses with other tasks which are regular chores like payment collection and so on.

It is best suited for freelancers and business photographs who can keep a track of their daily assignments. Furthermore, they can also keep their appointments intact.

With HoneyBook, scheduling meetings with clients and sharing proposals is a nut crack. Therefore, it works really well with freelancers, small businesses, and so on.


If you have opted for the membership, you can either make a monthly or an annual payment depending on what suits you best.

If you don’t have a membership yet, consider using the 7-day trial to work around with this tool to see how this works for you.

Features of HoneyBook

Scheduling and Availability

If you efficiently set up rules for availability and make sure to block some time, this will help you to fill all the dates on your calendar efficiently.

This will help clients and associates to view your calendar and mark the available slots and choose the time that will be best for them and you to conduct meetings.

Easy Online Payments

With HoneyBook, it is easy to set up your payments. Invoicing or Contracting, all can be easily done and maintained from one place. Furthermore, to conduct payments for regular clients, you can set up automatic billing.

The platform has a flexible payment acceptance procedure. You can either pay through credit cards, debit cards, or even bank transfers. The payment interface is also intuitive and mobile-friendly. The instant deposit feature lets you have the amount credited to your account instantly.


Benefits of HoneyBook

Managing Work Effectively

HoneyBooks allows users to be on the top of their business game and to have a gist of everything that is happening around in their projects.

Everything is manageable. The dashboard contains the recent inquiries and also, displays the upcoming meetings.

There are multiple things that can be achieved with just a dashboard. Users also have all the documentation related to payments, invoices, etc in one place to access them whenever they want.

Quick Responses

What works better than automated messages? Yes, you heard that right. Clients get immediate responses with HoneyBook’s automation messages like Thank You, Greetings, etc.

Therefore, it saves time for users to instantly reply to clients. This great benefit helps clients and users to save time.

Why You Need HoneyBook?

There is much cloud-based software out there and HoneyBook being one of them is a big deal. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of space.

It’s effective, streamlined, and maintained which calls for the dire need of it. It maintains your records together, regulates payment flow, organizes projects, and enhances the way documents are stored.

Trust me, there is a lot more than this. Moreover, the time that you save to eliminate the extra applications is another reason why there is a need for HoneyBook. The dashboard itself is so intuitive and interactive that it leaves the users astonished.

Furthermore, it always ensures that brand awareness is maintained and customers are rewarded with the best.

These are some out of many reasons why and how HoneyBook makes life and business easy.


HoneyBook Integrations

Google DriveGoogle Sheets
StripeGoogle Contacts
Google CalendarFreshBooks

HoneyBook Pricing Plans

The pricing of HoneyBook is slightly on the higher side since it has a lot to offer to the audience. However, it’s not an expensive deal. Given the features and benefits that come along, it’s surely worth every dime.

The initial trial is of 7-days post which you can decide whether you wish to use HoneyBook in the future.

Moving on, for $39/month, billing annually, you get plenty of features like training sessions, a highly interactive dashboard, and scheduling. Also, you get ways to manage your operations like finances and sales.

It has three plans.

1. Starter Plan for $9/month.

2. Unlimited Monthly for $39/month.

3. Unlimited Annual for $390/year.

You get a free trial before opting for any of these plans, and the features, are unlimited except for the started plan which is just a lay-off.


HoneyBook Alternatives

1. Scoro

Scoro is a platform that works effectively in managing different aspects and workflows of how a business runs. Its extensive features includes identifying the key metrics and to ensure regulations in budgets and finance.

2. 17hats

An all-in-one business platform, also mobile-friendly that aims to organize and help in the growth of small businesses. 17hats takes the slightest note of vents and ensures required and needful action items are taken.

HoneyBook Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on HoneyBook

Who can use HoneyBook?

HoneyBook is designed keeping in mind small businesses and their needs to send out invoices so that they are paid on time.

Is there a way to get my money back if HoneyBook is not helpful to me?

To know if HoneyBook is going to be of any help or not, you can opt for the trial phase which is absolutely free. This will help you decide whether or not HoneyBook is a requirement.

In addition, it also gives you a money-back guarantee of up to 60 days.

What are the different payment options that clients get?

The tool lets you pay through
1. All major credit cards.
2. eCheck Bank Transfers.

What is the payment duration and how long does it take?

The processing payments time is the only thing you need to majorly worry about.
Here is how it works.
1. For credit cards, it is a 2-3 days process.
2. For bank transfers, it takes 7-8 days.

What are some of the integrations of HoneyBook?

Some of the most prominent integrations include: –
1. Quickbooks
2. Gmail
3. Calendly

Wrap up

HoneyBook is incredibly good and it is indeed tough to find a flaw. If you are looking for just a scheduling option, trust me you will be surprised when you figure out everything that this software offers especially the incredible features.

It has ease of everything and you can figure it out too if you use it for just 7 days that is until the trial ends.

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