Everwebinar Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

There are more than a few solid web conferencing software that aims to imitate the features of an in-person conference or event. Everwebinar is one of them.

Before you conclude on whether Everwebinar is the tool you need, read further in this Everwebinar Review article where we talk about the features, benefits and, all the things you need to know about this software.

What is Everwebinar?

EverWebinar is a software that allows you to create pre-recorded video conferences that when displayed, take the feel of a live event. By making use of automation, EverWebinar stimulates a live webinar experience for its users.


This is ideal for flexible scheduling, On-demand webinars, evergreen webinars, live chat, easy split setting and so much more.

Even better, all of these features are available on your browser so you don’t need to download an app to make use of the service.

Features of Everwebinar

Live Chat

With this tool, users can successfully communicate amongst themselves, in real-time. This is very convenient, as it allows users to share ideas. 


This feature allows you to get updates on projects, so as to know about the progress of projects or tasks. Interestingly, these notifications do not attract any extra charge.

Polls and Surveys

With these, you can quiz your audience. This is a good way of keeping your audience engaged and also interacting with them.

Just-in-time Webinars

With this software, you can easily set up automated webinars. This enables attendees to easily access the webinar almost immediately after the registration is done.

Other Features

  • Automated Integrations.
  • Multiple Hosts.
  • Evergreen Webinars.
  • Detailed Analytics.

Benefits of Everwebinar

  • Easily Share Files: With this software, you can easily and directly share files.
  • Customize your pages: It allows you to customize your pages with ease and convenience. 
  • Easy to Set Up: This is an under-rated benefit of this software. Everyone wants to easily set up without stress. With this software, you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary headaches normally associated with setups. 
  • Easily Poll and Survey Attendees: While already discussed, this benefit cannot be overemphasized. With these surveys, you can ascertain how great the skills of your attendees are. 
  • Easy to Use.
  • Integrates with Third-party CRM Tools.
  • Great Live Chat Option.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Confusions are bound to spring up, especially if you’re just starting up. This is where customer support comes in. It has amazing customer support to help clear up any doubts or confusion that users may have. 
  • Easily Include Call to Actions: You can easily include Call to Actions within the webinars. 
  • Amazing Trial Periods
  • Stimulate Live Events: You can stimulate live events through automated webinars. 

Why You Need Everwebinar

  • As a small or growing business, you can use EverWebinar to increase your sales by replying to existing webinars in order to attract potential customers.
  • If you own an online store, you can show your customers, a sneak peek of products you’re about to release.

Everwebinar Integrations

Google SheetsProof
Keep Max ClassicGoogle Analytics
ActiveCampaignGoogle Ads
KajabiMicrosoft Outlook
PardotZoho CRM
MarketoGoogle Contacts
SlackFacebook Messenger
TwilioMicrosoft Excel

Everwebinar Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans available with Everwebinar. They are:

  1. Installment plan.
  2. Annual plan.
  3. Biennial plan.


The installment plan means you’d pay $199 three times over the course of the year. Features include Automated webinars, advanced simulation tools, pre-made landing pages, and 24/7 support.

The annual plan costs $499 per annum and comes with all the features of Everwebinar and choosing this plan costs less than the installment plan. You can save up about $100 per annum with this plan.

Finally, the biennial plan is sufficient to sustain your virtual events and meeting for 2 years all for a flat payment of $799 per month. Get to save $395 by choosing this plan. Of course, for every Everwebinar plan, the features remain consistent and the only factor used as a determinant is the price of the plans.

Everwebinar Video

Everwebinar Alternatives

1. Adobe Connect

This is a software that supports large webinars. It has its rooms divided into pods, with each room performing individual functions. Adobe Connect has a host of features which include: Polling, Screensharing, Meeting Recording, Notes, Meeting Rooms which are subject to customizations, and many more. 

Adobe Connect has great security, is user-friendly, and is also equipped with robust features. Little wonder why this software is so amazing. 

2. Zoom Video Webinar

Zoom is a software that enhances presentation participation through its video and audio communication features. It grants unlimited access to the audience to watch your projects. It helps to improve audience participation thanks to features like Live Chat, Polls, Q & A, and many more. 

With this software, you can broaden your reach, record your sessions, and even create meetings without having any special knowledge. It also has great customer service. Essentially, it has great tools to help simplify workflow. 

3. Livestorm

This video communication software is great for persons looking to plan and promote their projects online. You can use this platform to host webinars. It has features like: Alerts, Collaboration Tools, Audio and Video Recordings, and many others.

With Livestorm, you can pre-record presentations, host webinars at no extra cost, and perform other functions with its easy-to-understand dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Everwebinar

What is Everwebinar?

It is a software that allows you to create pre-recorded video conferences that when displayed, take the feel of a live event.

Can you record a webinar with Everwebinar?

Yes, it allows you to pre-record webinars and create an experience for your viewers that mimics a live event.

What is the difference between Everwebinar and WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is designed to be for live webinars while EverWebinar simulates the live experience and looks the exact same to your viewers so they have no idea it’s running on autopilot. Both are products of the same parent company.

Is Everwebinar free?

No, Everwebinar is not free. To find out more about the pricing, click here.

Can I download Everwebinar?

Everwebinar is a browser-based video conferencing software so you do not need to download an app to make use of it.

Wrap Up

EverWebinar is sort of a spin-off of its predecessor; WebinarJam. What is does is give you the flexibility to pre-record your webinars and create live experiences for your viewers.

This is a great tool for presenters and event hosts that are looking for a less rigid approach to virtual meetings and events.

You can start with a free trial of EverWebinar and see if its services suit you and your team. If you have any questions kindly use the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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